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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 109,917

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Angelina Jordan's voice brings another reactor to tears

This performance was in practice stage so she’s obviously glimpsing at the lyrics, yet, it’s still pure and masterful.

NC Senate: 14,000 small donors give $1.3m to Jeff Jackson campaign


North Carolina state Sen. Jeff Jackson had a sizeable fundraising advantage entering this month over other Democratic opponents in the 2022 U.S. Senate race, while a former Republican congressman running also has flush coffers so far, according to new campaign finance reports.

Jackson’s committee raised nearly $1.3 million between the time he announced his candidacy in late January and the end of March, and had more than $838,000 in cash on hand. He also outraised former U.S. Rep. Mark Walker, a Republican who announced his bid in December to succeed retiring GOP Sen. Richard Burr.

NC Republican bullies going after trans kids, again.


Must see: Jamel just posted reaction to Society's Child.

My reaction video pals, Jamel just posted Society's Child.

Returning Snowbirds, no doubt. Fl, Mi, NY, Pa, NJ lead current Covid surge.

We know Florida’s been hiding their real numbers for a year now.

"Case rates have risen especially in Michigan lately, averaging more than 6,600 cases a day over a week now against 1,350 daily cases five weeks ago. And elected officials and health experts have said highly contagious variants such as B.1.1.7 have helped spur increases there..."


Reminder:It was RightWing extremists lighting fires, shooting up buildings

under the cover of the Floyd protests. They knew BLM would be blamed. Most media and most of the public have been conditioned to believe the violence was BLM and Antifa. ALWAYS correct the record.
A far-right extremist has been accused of opening fire on Minneapolis' third police precinct and sparking violence during May's George Floyd protests.

Ivan Harrison Hunter, a 26-year-old from Texas, was charged Friday with one count of interstate travel to participate in a riot. An admitted member of the "Boogaloo Bois," Hunter opened fire on the precinct and later looted it and helped set it on fire, the FBI said in a sworn affidavit released Friday.

....police precinct....became the center of protests against police violence that devolved into the destruction of the precinct and buildings around it. Hunter is one of several far-right extremists accused of intentionally ramping up that violence. Armed with a mask and tactical gear, Hunter fired 13 rounds at the precinct while officers were inside and ran away shouting "Justice for Floyd," the FBI alleges. He later bragged about "help[ing] the community burn down that police station" on Facebook.

Hunter admitted he was member of the Boogaloo movement, a collection of far-right, anti-government extremists intent on sparking a second civil war. He was in contact with other self-described Boogaloo Bois who arranged a trip to Minneapolis. He also texted with Steven Carrillo, another Boogaloo member who later shot and killed a sheriff's deputy in California.




Putin would certainly prefer that to be believed

by the American wing he manipulates through the GOP.

I hope Biden stops acting like his foot's OK and goes back to wearing his walking boot.

Biden’s injury at end of November included a hairline fracture. It is not unusual for a fracture in the foot to take up to 6months to heal. He has been far too active for that type of injury, IMO, and I notice his limp has been more pronounced.

Biden doesn’t need to give a shyt what any RW rag thinks about putting that boot back on, but, he does need to heal properly this time.


Illinois Gov Pritzker donates $2.5mil to Dem Party of Wisconsin


The inside story on the top Illinois political donors: the who’s who of Biden’s fundraisers

With a donation of $2,525,000, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker is one of the top contributors to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.
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