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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 11,012

Journal Archives

Discuss: Is this a real Nostrodamus quote or did someone make it up?

So, who is up to voluteering to start laying a pipeline to this new water source?

If Native Americans had our immigration laws:

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

A few days ago, someone posted that her dog had been caught in a trap.

I just ran across this graphic on how to free a dog from a trap on THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE Facebook page... http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-truth-is-out-there/290548914329395

I hope no one needs to use the info, but just in case:

Really cool optical illusion

but I'm seeing purple dots all over the place now...

Mystery of the Mayan Calandar Solved!

7.6 Million Dollar Pay Increases while filing for bankrupcy...

Meanwhile, it's all the Union's fault that Hostess is closing.

And Jon Stewart adds his fourteen cents...

Jacksonville, FL Reward for safe return of stolen Iraq War Veteran's PTSD companion.

Help Bring Adalida Home

11:25pm NOVEMBER 12, 2012.......Adalida has not returned home safely yet. I appreciate all of the help in seeing that she does. Thank you for all of the prayers, phone calls and genuine support for Adalida & myself. I will continue to up the level of this search as necessary and will not stop until wrong is made right. Information on Adalida or Adalida's whereabouts contact 904-463-2677 or 888-287-3864 anytime. All calls will be kept confidential. Thank you.
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