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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 58,162

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"float like a butterfly sting like a bee"

mittens is going down in the second round and in the third round he`ll be counted out.

my two cents...i see what concern`s mittens wife

mittens is not used to facing someone anyone near the intellect of obama. he`s not used to someone that he feels beneath him to question or correct him. hint...you do`t talk to a moderator like they are the help. he was very nervous when questioned or told what he had to do within the "debate" format.obama was`t the best but from what i have read he`s not that good at debating.

i`m waiting for biden to make ryan cry or try to punch him.....

another facebook tidbit.....

he created 10.3 million jobs and he was a "failure"?

"Rita Crundwell and the Dixon Embezzlement"

not content be be the hometown of ronald reagan and the mumford and sons gentlemen of the road camping stop over ,dixon now has the claim of.....

the largest municipal embezzlement in us history!

yes ,my hometown is number 1! it makes me glow with pride knowing that the idiots who ran the city decided to get rid of the third person in the treasure's office thus giving lovely rita the keys to the kingdom. that cost cutting measure cost the taxpayers in dixon 52 million dollars.


this just in...my republican neighbor`s daughter is voting for obama!

her friend is also voting for obama because the republicans hate planned parenthood.

one voter at a time!

i`m sure mittens dad would NOT approve of this message

it`s from breitbart

another despair attempt by the racists in the republican party

"Les Miserables".."One More Day"...NO! "One Term More".....

i`m running this through a very nice old school stereo system and it totally rocks. no matter what set up you have this is worth listening to!

sorry there is no preview


i wonder if the republicans would be able to do anything as creative....


wow the hits just keep coming...vos`s wife voter fraud


ryan and his insider trading problem...


he`s the gift that keeps on giving.....

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