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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 58,162

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"why walker did`t win in wisconsin"


according to this article this fight is far from over.....

so is this what we have been waiting for or old news?


will this actually go anywhere? it seems this is a reputable source.

it`s official! wanda rohl is recognized by the democratic party in illinois

she`ll be on the ballot in the 16th. she truly is the people`s candidate.


"Police: Women bites dog"


she bit her mother and the dog...the dog bite her back .the dog was not charged

wanda rohl made it to big eddie`s radio show today!

maybe the democratic party in illinois will get on board......

wanda rohl is running for the 16th congressional district if....

we can get her on the ballot. so far the democratic party of illinois has not said anything about her . i have a funny feeling they hope she goes away. this is a facebook grassroots campaign so far. no money and not a lot of time to get signatures. who knows maybe the democrats in the new 16th can at least vote for a democratic candidate. next up is getting the unions to endorse her.


we might have a democratic candidate in the 16th....!

if the state party does`t care if we have a candidate it looks like we will have to get our own.

a democratic candidate for the Illinois 16th?.......

the peoples convention for the illinois 16th

saturday april 21th


unitarian church 158 north 4th dekalb il.


"god loves kind atheists.....

more than hateful christens" from youtube member matt short.

illinois afsmce union is going to welcome walker to springfield....

my wife and i are going ....

here`s the info...http://www.afscme31.org/news?id=0344

we will give him a warm illinois welcome!

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