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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 58,162

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lake michigan levels in 2009 and today

thank you jimmy carter's grandson , james carter 4th


sitting around listening to bob wills "for the last time"

1973 two vinyl recording released in 1973.....


ain`t nothing better than texas swing!

governor quinn in illinois just "terminated" the afscme unions contract with the state


we backed him against the teabagger republican and he pulls a walker on us. although it`s not a death sentence compared to walker`s it`s still a huge betrayal for the 40,000 afscme members.

there will be many "job actions" across the state against quinn and his backers in the democratic machine.

well.... illinois governor quinn just pulled a walker....

he terminated the afscme union`s contract...


nothing really changes but it`s a huge slap in the face to the union who backed and elected this son of a bitch.

i woke up this morning and thought...

it`s a grand day knowing that obama is still the president. i know at least my grand and great grandchildren will have a brighter future with obama leading the country.

the beer party put this up on my facebook page....

just read on afscme local 60 facebook page--congrats to tammy!


my wife and i just voted at the senoir housing center

paper ballot that took all of two minutes to fill out. drivers license for an id.

i have over 300 MIR notifications since the 24th of oct

i even deleted some during this time. i know it`s normal around election time but dam that`s a lot.

so here`s my

to everyone on the MIR team
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