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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 58,162

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nothing better than eartha kitt on christmas eve

who took the merry out of christmas???

"china teaches its kids to sit exams,sweden its kids to think"...

from the Local..


wisconsin has a higher percentage of eligible people enrolled in ACA than illinois?

certainly seems that way....


is this for real?... really.... is this for real?


if it is..... i`m not sure what to say!

it`s a sign!!

patti smith meets the new pope.....! i wonder if he has a clue who she is...

"obama to the nation...keep your fucking plans"..yes it`s the rude pundit


loser walker loses another one


so does he still think he could run for president or even get reelected?

cory booker won......!


nixon`s plan for health reform,in his own words-kaiser health news

i have`t the time to go through the details but it seems nixon`s and obama`s plan are similar.


just think how far to the right the republican party has gone..
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