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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Way too many people,

citizens and elected Congresspeople, allowed fear and anger to rule.

That's how we got the patriot acts.

That's how we got the war on terror.

That's how we bankrupted the nation. That's how we caved and regressed economically, politically, socially, and on civil liberties.

Some of us who knew it was a con said so. Many didn't, because "9/11 changed everything."

Too many people never saw, or refused to see, the way 9/11 was used to push emotional buttons, move people past rationality, and manipulate politics in favor of an administration that, until then, had no legitimacy and wasn't getting anywhere.

Too many people allowed themselves to be used.

In all fairness, even those who saw, who knew, never believed it could be taken as far as it was; as far as it still is.

The writing was on the wall with the 2000 Selection. 9/11 and the bogus "war on terror" distracted too many from that. Too many ALLOWED it, and allowed those who stood up, who spoke out, who tried to act, to be marginalized and ignored. AND THEY ARE STILL ALLOWING IT.
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