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Families aren't the enemy.

Families come in all shapes and forms, and my family means more to me than anything else on the planet. Yet I didn't come from a traditional family, grow up in a traditional family, raise my kids in a traditional family, and our family is a wonderful, if small, eclectic mix today.

I think that's the OP's point; the Pope's statement that was quoted is general enough to include all kinds of families. It's open to interpretation. I don't know if that was deliberate or not, but I suspect it was.

I am not Catholic, not Christian, but I'm watching this Pope with interest, because he carries weight across the globe. I don't expect that any Pope could step into his office and immediately turn thousands of years of doctrine and policy on its head, but he's certainly moving in that direction, one step at a time. Whether that will eventually include doctrine involving women and sexuality is still to be determined. It's early days yet, so I can hope it will, for now.

He's begun by reminding people about the socialist nature of Christ as recorded. That's a step in the right direction.

I don't remember, in my two full readings of the Christian Bible, Jesus teaching people to subjugate women or to see homosexuality as a sin. If the Catholic Church were evolving to become more like the recorded Jesus, real or not, the Church, and the world through its followers, would be a better place.

I've been listening

to the "radical" left. I usually do, since I agree with them more often than not. In most cases, I don't really consider them radical, which is why I put the quotes around it. The only thing I really see that might be spun by some to be "radical" is that they exist outside the two-party system; rogues, as you will.

Many of those "radicals" are going to vote for Sanders in the D primary. In states with open primaries, they'll vote for Sanders and then vote for someone else in the GE if he doesn't get the nomination. In states with closed primaries, they'll register D to vote in the primaries, and then vote for someone else in the GE if he doesn't get the nomination.

That's what I'm hearing.

It tells me two things: First, Sanders, based on this and on other reports on other groups that don't usually support the Democrat, will pull many more crossover votes from outside the party than Hillary Clinton can ever hope for. The biggest challenge for the Sanders campaign is to get the nomination. If he does, I think he's got the GE.

Secondly, his primary campaign is bringing people back to the Democratic Party, and bringing in new people. He's growing the party. If he's nominated, then the hope he's offered, that people are coming to the party to find, will keep many of them here, strengthening the Democratic Party in the long term. If he's not nominated, then it's a short term gain that won't be sustained.

Given these two things, one has to question why the Democratic Party establishment is so determined to shoot him down. A win in the presidential election, a growth in people coming to the party...those are positives. The only reason I can think of that they might not WANT this is that they don't want the Democratic Party to be the people's party; they wan't to please their corporate masters.

And THAT is the third big reason Democratic voters should be determined to nominate Sanders. It's a chance to reclaim our party for the people it is supposed to represent.
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