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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 46,179

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I want open borders.

I'm not sure I want to ban guns.

I don't like guns. I don't now, and never have, owned a gun. I wish people didn't worship them, and I wish people didn't, deliberately or in ignorance, misinterpret the 2nd amendment.

That said, I think that banning them...a "war on guns"...would work just as effectively as the "war on drugs." It would make the problem worse, not better.

I'd like stricter, and more strictly enforced, regulations. Hand in hand with that, I'd like a campaign to change this country's sick, dysfunctional addiction to fear, hate, rage, needy insecurity, and phallic inadequacy that feeds the gun culture. Somewhere in there, knocking the NRA off its damned pedestal would be good, too.

I've been put in mind

of that old story about the two wolves, and which one we feed.


Our culture thrives on hate. It shouldn't be a surprise to see the United States burning up with hatred. We've been whipped into a frenzy of hatred and its mirror, fear, over my lifetime.

It seems like every group, even those that supposedly don't hate, have at least one other group that their own culture tells them that they can legitimately, with permission, hate.

Liberals and conservatives hate each other. Capitalists and socialists. Democrats and Republicans. Right here on DU, Democrats and the Democratic Party are protected, but it's expected that one hates Republicans.

Racial and ethnic fear and hatred; religious hatred; gender hatred; sexual hatred, identity hatred, political hatred...the list is endless.

And it's augmented by our owned and controlled media. Even when we KNOW this, how many still legitimize that media by tuning in and then spreading the word?

Healing happens when we set hatred aside. We don't have to hate those we disagree with; more progress is made if we reach out to them, if we work to find and build on commonalities instead of keeping our focus on the differences that divide us.

That's true on the outside, in our country, and it's true within ourselves as individuals in our own little worlds.

Cancer is here to stay. Mend it, don't try to end it.

Got it.

You could substitute all kinds of ills for "free trade," or neo-liberalism. Disease. Violence. Greed. Fear. Hate. Ignorance.

Why would we not want to end those ills, any ills? Why the message of lost hope? It doesn't exactly motivate anyone to participate, to be active, to do anything but fearfully obey the overseers.

But then, that's the point.
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