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Kelvin Mace

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 17,469

Journal Archives

Senate leader to attorney general: Defend LGBT law or resign

Source: Greensboro News & Record

A top legislative Republican says North Carolina's Democratic attorney general should resign if he won't defend a far-reaching new state law that in part voids Charlotte's anti-discrimination ordinance.

Senate Leader Phil Berger said Tuesday that Attorney General Roy Cooper appears to be pandering to left-wing backers as he runs for governor against incumbent Republican Gov. Pat McCrory. Berger says Cooper's campaigning is making it impossible for him to fulfill his duties as attorney general.

Berger issued a statement after Cooper said he won't defend in court the new state law that prevents local governments from adopting anti-discrimination measures for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Cooper says in response to Berger's comments that he's doing his job and will keep doing it.

Read more: http://www.greensboro.com/news/government/attorney-general-cooper-won-t-defend-transgender-law-in-court/article_ba5c8e64-85cc-525e-a229-ccd2ac1f8e7e.html

This will get interesting. Maybe this will help us break the state free from Art Pope and his employees this November.

Alabama's creepy governor denying a sexual relationship with aide he totaly had a relationship with

Warning, brain bleach may be needed.


This is why we are not about to be replaced by robots

I have seen and commented on a number of stories in the last few weeks where people were posting stories about the imminent replacement of humans in manufacturing by robots.

Folks, it is not going to happen any time soon, and by "soon", I mean any time in the next century. People constantly undervalue the marvel of engineering that is the human body and the human brain. Humans are flexible, agile and clever, something robots simply are not.

And here is an article from Popular Mechanics underscoring my point precisely. Here is the world's most powerful computer, trying and failing at a task a five year old can pull off without breaking a sweat: Identifying objects from a picture. Watson, IBM's genius computer that won a game of Jeopardy against human champions, fails epically when asked to "look at" pictures and identify what's in them. My favorite one is where it identifies a John Deer tractor as a "gazebo" with 61% confidence.

Robots have a use in the world, but at this time, and for some time to come, it will be in very specific tasks, in very controlled environments.

Humans rule!

(P.S.: Actually, the biggest fail is where Watson cannot identify a picture of itself.)

Nate Silver at 538 said Bernie's chance of winning MI was <1%



Hey, maybe Christie is going to pull a "Game of Thrones" move on Trump?

Go all Red Wedding on him at the convention.

Maybe I can pitch it as a new reality TV series....
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