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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 41,847

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I was made "Cashier of the Month" for March!

I work as a cashier at a grocery emporium in northern New Jersey. Not a grocery store. Not a supermarket.

I took the job on impulse last July when I saw an announcement online they were hiring.

I sailed through the interview and was quickly hired.

I started to work around Labor Day after weeks of training which included memorizing the four-digit codes for fruits and vegetables and packing bags.

I was given an overloaded shopping chart with items to "return" to the shelves on my first day at work and I didn't know the layout of the store but I did it and found I was good at it.

I didn't see the "COM" coming. Matter of fact, I thought I was getting seriously canned when I was called from my register and approached a committee of seriously-looking supervisors. Instead, they made a big deal of clapping, cheering. I got a $30 gift card and balloons. And my store photo with a paragraph describing why I'm special is hanging up front at Customer Service.

My coworkers have been congratulating me as well.

Jesus, I needed this . . . . . I was happy enough to be thanked for coming to work during a pandemic by both superiors and customers.
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