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Hometown: Illinois
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Ten years ago today, I woke up from what was to have been minor

surgery to remove a benign lymph node, to be told they had discovered Stage IV cancer on both my tonsils. It was squamous cell carcinoma.
I was shocked as I had had no symptoms at all. I underwent 33 radiation treatments that also destroyed most of my saliva glands and taste buds, covered my throat with blisters, and burnt my neck. Didn't eat for 4 weeks.
But I survived and have been cancer free for TEN years!
Posted by sinkingfeeling | Wed Jan 16, 2019, 10:35 AM (69 replies)

Saw "On the Basis of Sex" today and I was crying like a baby at

the end. This is the story of my lifetime. When women were told who they could be and what they could do.

I was laughed at by the AF ROTC for wanting to join; told I'd be taking a man's place in vet school; worked in a place without a women's restroom; attended a conference where I was one of two women and 300 men; had to have my father co-sign for my first mortgage; and had to change my credit cards to my student husband's name.

And we fought back. I joined NOW, marched and protested, fought for abortion rights, equal pay, and the ERA.

I was so moved by the argument made by Ruth Ginsburg in the movie, I started to cry. And I kept crying as RBG made her cameo appearance.
I wish every college aged person were made to watch this movie. So many don't even believe the conditions women were in less than 50 years ago.
Posted by sinkingfeeling | Sat Jan 12, 2019, 06:39 PM (23 replies)
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