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sinkingfeeling's Journal
sinkingfeeling's Journal
April 3, 2019

Good God almighty, where are we headed? (Rant)

I have not selected a candidate as yet, but the nonsense that is going on about Joe Biden is making me terribly angry.

I am "old school", a 71 year-old woman. I was young and pretty good looking when the sexual revolution took place and women found birth control pills could allow them as much sex as the guys. We went to bars and night clubs hunting for "Mr. Goodbar". And, oh, the pickup lines and moves guys made back then.

I was a 'feminist' way back in the early 1970s and active in NOW. I faced real discrimination, in wages, mortgages, credit, promotions, etc. I had men force themselves on me and I handled them on my own. I truly believe the women of #metoo. I'm glad younger women do not put up with the crap I did.

However, it appears we are erasing our humanity at an alarming pace. There was a thread a couple of weeks ago about automation as progress. Some love self-checkout and buying anonymously online. I posted why I think we've lost a piece of ourselves here: https://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=11949106

I feel the same about someone, including strangers, touching. I'm appalled that kindergarten teachers can no longer hug and comfort an upset child. I know that the level of nurses' compassion has dropped greatly over time. I can compare the care, concern, and comfort exhibited during my hysterectomy surgery in 1988 and that displayed during my cancer surgery in 2008. The latter was so bad, I told my doctor to either release me early or I would jump from the fifth floor window. He released me and I swore I'd die before ever going back in that hospital.

People here are condemning anyone who touches them as if it were a violent crime. If one is uncomfortable, they have the right to remove a hand or to say "stop", but give me a break. I love pats, hugs, a hand on my arm or a kiss on my cheek.

Are we going to be a society totally isolated from our humanity? We will soon only speak to machines and have no human contact expect for our immediate families. I would love to have an unsolicited hug from Joe Biden or Al Franken. I welcomed the hugs I've received in foreign countries and hope they continue to my dying days.

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