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Home country: England
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Excellent post.

The only thing that's been saving him from an "accident" is the need to keep
him from being a martyr - and yes, to the State-department warriors here,
that includes the "Why didn't the US snatch him from the street in the last
few years" option as well as the more traditional methods.

> Make no mistake, he angered the Gods. Sophocles himself couldn't have
> written a better script.

Not just the hubris of angering the modern gods but also the Cassandra effect
thanks to the ongoing undermining of his character. It's amazing how powerful
the word "rape" is in feeding the "no smoke without fire" bullshit artists. I guess
that it's only because they can't get hold of any computer that is demonstrably
Assange's that they haven't tried the "child porn images" frame as well. (Maybe
that's next month's installment?)

In an age where blatantly obvious scientific evidence is waved away for petty
political reasons, when a state will outlaw the fact of sea level rise, when the
refusal of a long-termexpert to doctor his evidence leads to his murder ...
how many of the ignorant sheep are really going to pay attention to the facts
of gross financial & political corruption, to war crimes by their own countries or
to admissions that serious global turmoil is not only ahead but proceeding
according to plan?

It's so much easier to just change channels to find comfort pap for their
underused minds, to place their faith in the con-men who fleece them for every
penny (in order to maintain their own luxury lifestyles) and to obey their
uncaring "leaders" by dutifully baying after every shiny distraction that is
thrown in front of them.
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