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Gender: Male
Home country: England
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 13,508

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I can see how this is a good, valid and honourable action by the veterans of
Vietnam, Cold War duty, Bosnia et al but it is pure two-faced American exceptionalism
when the people saying it have been - or are still - in active service in Afghanistan,
Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, ...

It's terrible that the poor girl was/is so terrified of the threat of Trump & his brownshirts
but the response of the rest of the world at the thought of the US military "protecting"
anyone but themselves & their paymasters is black humour indeed.

... thus proving that "Reality TV" has finally jumped the shark.

It's bad enough that there is a whole field of "entertainment" built up around
the concept of taking a completely incompetent moron and throwing them
into an environment that their every action makes an intelligent adult cringe
(and the target audience erupt in laughter) but this?

This is just cruelty to the mentally retarded - a vicious "Truman Show" for
the 21st Century.

Sea salt is to be expected (sadly); the others not so much ...

> also found tiny particles of plastic in salt sourced from briny lakes, briny wells,
> and salt mines, although at lower levels

The first two of the above depends on the source of the "brine" in the first place
(i.e., is it a seawater replenished liquid or produced through groundwater rise?
If the former then yes, the marine liquid will carry in the same microparticles
that are found throughout the sea).

The last one is proof that it is in the *fresh* water being used to extract the salt
as there was absolutely no plastic around when those salt beds were being laid down.

The microplastic pollution is being introduced to a pristine environment by the
extraction process. This means that it is also being consumed by people & animals
in the belief that the fresh water is, well, fresh and unpolluted.

(ETA: Alternatively, given that this is China, it might be evidence that the supermarkets
and/or producers are mis-labelling marine salt as mined salt ... anything is possible in
that environmental wonderland ...)

You fail to perceive the gravity of the situation.

The people who are closing the doors - because they are *full* - are not going to
care about niceties as "back to where?". Those are the luxuries expressed by the
vocal (but unhelpful) armchair "activists" from thousands of miles away.

The thing about triggering a "door shutting event" is that it cascades to the next
nation, the one who can no longer stand aside in order to let people pass through
to "somewhere else". That, in turn, triggers the door to be shut in each poor,
increasingly nationalistic nation: the doors that were only remaining open as long
as the exit doors were equally open. Once the exit door closes, the danger from
the combination of frustrated migrants and frustrated nationalists hits ignition
temperature very quickly. All that government can hope to do - in order to maintain
any form of public order - is close the "IN" door.

This will inevitably lead to two things: the first is that the accumulation of migrants
causes border issues; the second is that the strain on the country's structure exceeds
the ability to meet demands. The first issue allows the nationalists to have a free
target of "others" to blame for problems - law breakers from "out there".
The second issue gives the support for the growth of the nationalist response - the
increasing number of innocent citizens who are being impacted by the migrants.

Those people simply will not care about the "where" to send them "back" to.

If there is not a voluntary "retreat" by the people perceived as an "invading army"
then the "where" will be a bloody mess to be talked about by future historians.
(cf. Balkans, Rwanda, etc.)

"Where" at this point resolves to "away", not to a useful destination.

The ISIS revisionism covers over the fact that NO-ONE knows WTF to do.

The people who were blaming Assad for this (who were, "coincidentally", the people who pounced on Saddam
for running his country too) are now stuck in a very nasty cleft stick: They have been actively destroying a
sovereign country (= "regime change" and have - in that very process - been supporting the most savage and
radical Islamic terrorists that the world have known (so far). Now, after all that time and despite all of the
warnings, they are starting to realise that maybe Pandora's Box should have remained closed after all.

Too late.

The situation is currently out of control.

The radical fanatics have been given not only arms & funds (standard CIA behaviour) but also the opportunity
to recruit at a scale that they couldn't have dreamed about a few years ago.

No matter *who* delivers the counterstrikes - US, Europe, Russia - the recruiting machine will be reinforced and
fed with grieving relatives of the "collateral damage". No-one will strike at the source of the problem - Saudi
Arabia & cohorts - but everyone will strike at the people who are dropping the bombs, firing the missiles,
providing the weapons that are killing, maiming & orphaning so many in the Middle East.

September 2001 should have been a wake up call.
It wasn't.

It turned out to be a rallying call for the war-pigs to continue to spread death & destruction across the globe
for the sake of profit.

Welcome to blowback world.

That one sentence says so much:

> Ractopamine is banned in the European Union, China, and more than 100 other countries,
> and it faces mounting criticism here in the United States.

Banned in the EU? Yeah, they're sensible about that sort of stuff.

Banned in more than 100 other countres? Fair, some will be tinies but probably includes the
usual Norway, Sweden and other European-but-not-EU ones as well as a number of their
ex-dependencies who have inherited sense from their previous colonial rulers.

Banned in China? Wow ... that shit *must* be bad.

Still in use and only getting "mounting criticism" in the US?

Wonder if they will pro-rata it for the extra 8 dead?

Apparently you get the Navy Commendation Medal for directly killing 290 civilians
and the Legion of Merit for being the commander who gives the order so what medals
do you think the commander & crew of the missile battery will get for MH17?

Harrington was a stupid example to use but doesn't negate the real issue being flagged here.

Corporations, banks & billionaires are deliberately buying up water around the world,
whether by use of "water rights" or land purchases or infrastructure takeovers.

They are doing this purely for greed: personal profit through corruption, organised theft
and gross exploitation.

THAT is the crime against humanity that is being waged every day and which needs
to be shut down immediately.

Purely & simply to maintain the centralised fossil fuel industry profit model.

The hydrogen industry isn't interested in efficiency, just maintaining the
status quo ...

The first hint that this is just more hype from the usual suspects comes in the
first sentence of the post:

> Kawasaki Heavy Industries is working to create a supply chain for liquefied hydrogen,
> a fuel it sees as a major new energy source.

*BUZZ*! Hydrogen is not and cannot be an energy source on this planet.

Still, that blatant lie should prepare you for the bullshit that followed it ...

> The Japanese company is joining forces with Electric Power Development,
> known as J-Power, to produce hydrogen. ...
> (nice hand-wave about future technology to transport the hydrogen using an existing
> fossil fuel energy company comes here) ...
> It has also begun a "smart community" project with Obayashi, a construction company,
> aimed at generating electricity from hydrogen and supplying it to the community.

So, this particular scam uses one fossil fuel company to produce the hydrogen from
coal-fired electricity, another fossil fuel company to transport it and finally produces
electricity from the transported hydrogen for use by consumers - naturally quite a bit
less of it than was used to create the hydrogen in the first place.

Best of all, the ships transporting the useless, redundant hydrogen over
the oceans are powered by fossil fuel ... win-win for the coal/oil/gas folks.

Overall effect: Maintaining Business As Usual for the fossil fuel industry.

> In the mines of the Latrobe Valley, in southeastern Australia, brown coal is piled
> high as far as the eye can see. Kawasaki Heavy is testing technology here to
> produce hydrogen from the coal. As early as 2017, it will begin construction on
> a pilot plant that can produce 20 tons of hydrogen a day...

... from coal that should be being left in the fucking ground.

BAU + $$$ whilst continuing to trash the planet.

And *some* people around here still try to claim that the hydrogen scam is "green" ...

Crap headline Reuters ... desperately spinning for the corporations again.

> U.S. House committee approves anti-GMO labeling law

It is *not* an "anti-GMO labelling law" (bill), it *is* an "anti-GMO-labelling law" (bill).

The difference between the two is 180 degrees apart so stop LYING Reuters!

> U.S. food companies and other opponents of genetically modified food labeling
> notched a key victory on Tuesday as the House Agriculture Committee approved
> a measure banning mandatory labeling as well as local efforts to regulate
> genetically engineered crops.

The Monsanto Rubber Stamp Committee are traitors to America and humanity
in general.

Ms Pamela Bailey can shove her lies up her arse and so can the slimy scum who
pretend that a bill to ensure that Americans are poisoned without noticing should
be called "the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act" ...

The misuse of journalism as an instrument of propaganda is one of the primary
threads in George Orwell's "1984"




It appears that "our leaders" have been using that book as a training guide.
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