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Nihil's Journal
Nihil's Journal
September 18, 2015

Harrington was a stupid example to use but doesn't negate the real issue being flagged here.

Corporations, banks & billionaires are deliberately buying up water around the world,
whether by use of "water rights" or land purchases or infrastructure takeovers.

They are doing this purely for greed: personal profit through corruption, organised theft
and gross exploitation.

THAT is the crime against humanity that is being waged every day and which needs
to be shut down immediately.

September 7, 2015

Purely & simply to maintain the centralised fossil fuel industry profit model.

The hydrogen industry isn't interested in efficiency, just maintaining the
status quo ...

The first hint that this is just more hype from the usual suspects comes in the
first sentence of the post:

> Kawasaki Heavy Industries is working to create a supply chain for liquefied hydrogen,
> a fuel it sees as a major new energy source.

*BUZZ*! Hydrogen is not and cannot be an energy source on this planet.

Still, that blatant lie should prepare you for the bullshit that followed it ...

> The Japanese company is joining forces with Electric Power Development,
> known as J-Power, to produce hydrogen. ...
> (nice hand-wave about future technology to transport the hydrogen using an existing
> fossil fuel energy company comes here) ...
> It has also begun a "smart community" project with Obayashi, a construction company,
> aimed at generating electricity from hydrogen and supplying it to the community.

So, this particular scam uses one fossil fuel company to produce the hydrogen from
coal-fired electricity, another fossil fuel company to transport it and finally produces
electricity from the transported hydrogen for use by consumers - naturally quite a bit
less of it than was used to create the hydrogen in the first place.

Best of all, the ships transporting the useless, redundant hydrogen over
the oceans are powered by fossil fuel ... win-win for the coal/oil/gas folks.

Overall effect: Maintaining Business As Usual for the fossil fuel industry.

> In the mines of the Latrobe Valley, in southeastern Australia, brown coal is piled
> high as far as the eye can see. Kawasaki Heavy is testing technology here to
> produce hydrogen from the coal. As early as 2017, it will begin construction on
> a pilot plant that can produce 20 tons of hydrogen a day...

... from coal that should be being left in the fucking ground.

BAU + $$$ whilst continuing to trash the planet.

And *some* people around here still try to claim that the hydrogen scam is "green" ...

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