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mr blur

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Chichester
Home country: U.K.
Member since: Tue Sep 2, 2003, 05:34 PM
Number of posts: 7,753

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SEPTEMBER 1st.>> So you banned me, as I expected, but after 13 years at DU is 'Troll' really the best justification you three mighty Hillbot brains could come up with? Troll? I thought that you were OK with trolls. Or is that just pro-Clinton trolls? Plenty of those at DU, some with 15 or more hides. Troll? So is this your idea of *punishment*? You don't think I wanted to stay, do you? If I did, I wouldn't have left. See how that works? You would all be funny if you weren't so...sad. -------------------------- SEPTEMBER 8th.>> Oh, and muriel_volestrangler - after all these years I thought we were on the same page. I guess I was wrong. You think: "for Mr Blur to do so with ignorant comparisons to Thatcher was misleading, as well (I suspect it shows an inability on his part to think of women as politicians, seeing them instead as some special exception to the norm of men being charge)." Congratulations: arrogance, stupidity, rudeness and condescension all in one (clumsily constructed) sentence. "He should stick to a far left purity site."? Well, certainly no danger of running into you NeoCons there. I guess you kept your eyes and ears closed back in the '80s, as you seem to be doing now. ------------------------------NOVEMBER 7th >> Want a treat here on Dramaqueen Underground? Slum it on over to the Religion Group and catch The rug Monologues; this miserable piece of shit is so toxic that not even the other religious loonies want to be seen talking to him. Even Prayer Warriors have some standards. I guess that's what you get for constantly (and desperately) propping up a cult of misogynistic bigots and child-molesters. ------------------------------- NOVEMBER 16th >>And now all you $hillary-worshippers can watch Dump trashing your country and tell yourselves, "I did this!" To borrow one of skimmer 's phrases: Sucks to be you. ------------------------------------------ NOVEMBER 30th> BainsBane, what a dumb fuck you are. One of the worst here. ----------------------------DECEMBER 23rd> b.t.w., Guillameb is Baby Justin with an eighth grade education. ------------------------------MARCH 5th> I see that the old shitstain rug tried to assuage his self-righteous sinful guilt by trying to deny himself the pleasures of exposing atheists for Lent. Sadly, he couldn't go forty days without showing his followers how smart he thinks he is and now he's back puking his bile over Religion. QED, eh?

Journal Archives

So, you all know those ludicrous Chick Tracts, right?

The badly-drawn hysterical "Save yourself and go to heaven with Jesus!" comics produced by this guy:

Fundies love to slip them into people's bags, into post boxes, bus seats, library books, Halloween gift bags etc. Very popular over at loony bins like Rapture Ready.

Anyhoo, one of my fave Chick Tracts is the infamous:

in which a group of naive college kids are led away from Jebus by the evil Dungeons and Dragons

You can read this tract here: http://www.chick.com/m/reading/tracts/readtract.asp?stk=0046

and some dissections of other tracts here: http://enterthejabberwock.com/category/dissections/jack-chick/

Believe me, some of these make you want to have your brain washed when you've read them. Bigotry, anti-gay, anti-women, anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish, anti-Arab anti-everybody right-wing nasty paranoid bullshit. But, of course, God Loves You! (it's Tough Love, but there you go).

Well, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment is making a movie based on my fave Dark Dungeons.
Freindly Atheist describes it as: "it wasn’t a Christian movie, per se. It was more like the movie atheists would make if they wanted to turn Chick’s work into a really shitty Christian movie."

It's more fun if you've read the original tract but, here's part 1:

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