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Name: Debbie Downer
Gender: Female
Home country: A republic if we can keep it.
Member since: Sun Oct 26, 2003, 05:06 AM
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Should the West take steps to unblock ports in Ukraine to prevent global famine?

The world is threatened by famine if Russia does not unblock the ports of Ukraine - the UN

Ukrainian repositories are overflowing with grain, which helps feed 400 million people worldwide in a typical year. But the supply chain has been disrupted by the war, and ports cannot function properly in the center of the war zone.

The director of the UN World Food Program, David Beasley, said that global food supplies were under threat because the Ukrainian ports of Odesa, Chernomorsk and Mykolayiv were blocked.

"We have not made any progress. This is where the international community must come in and make very serious decisions about protecting ports for humanitarian purposes and opening ports to the world. Because the whole world will pay the price if we do not open ports," he said. UN programs.

The UN spokesman warned that there was a shortage in the world food market and a further sharp rise in food prices would be a disaster for poor countries.
David Beasley explained that Ukrainian farmers can still reap a harvest that will help feed the world's hungry. But this requires that the war cease immediately and the southern ports and Black Sea routes be open.


Does the prospect of mass starvation in the developing world alter the calculus for anyone?

Alternate take.

I think it has more to do with it being a clear act of unprovoked aggression by a military superpower against a smaller and weaker country.

There is a clarity with the Ukraine situation that is lacking in these other ones which tend to be civil wars or insurgencies, or involve non-state militia groups. It's often far less easy to distinguish "good guys" from "bad guys". Oftentimes both, or all sides, appear to be equally, or similarly bad. They also tend to be more complex, with no easy solutions.

There's also the fact that these types of conflict are relatively common, and often very long lasting, and people kind of get used to them, almost as a status quo, while a conflict at this level has not happened in Europe since the end of WWII.

That said, there is just as much civilian suffering, and we should pay more attention than we do.

I believe that if/when China launches a similar attack against Taiwan, that we will see similar sorts of reactions, as it will be a similar type of conflict, despite the fact that the victims will not be white. I hope that my hypothesis on this won't get tested.

Soldier and wife who encouraged him to rape id'd, info and pictures released.




Total gaslighting. Dmitr Peskov accuses Ukraine of attacking Russian cities.


Russians whining on TV about Ukrainians sinking the Moskva.

Even though the official line is that it simply caught fire.


Russians intentionally planted mines and booby traps to kill or maim civilians.


Residents and authorities say that departing Russian soldiers have laced large swaths of the country with buried land mines and jury-rigged bombs — some hidden as booby traps inside homes. The explosives now must be found and neutralized before residents can resume a semblance of normal life.

Some of the explosives have been attached to washing machines, doorways, car windows, and other places where they can kill or injure civilians returning to their homes, according to residents and Ukrainian officials. Some were even hidden under hospital stretchers and corpses.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine this week called his country “one of the most contaminated by mines in the world,” and said that authorities were working to clear thousands in the areas from which Russian armies had retreated in recent weeks. He accused Russian soldiers of leaving the explosives in their wake “to kill or maim as many of our people as possible.”

He said that the tactic was a war crime and that Russian soldiers must have been acting on instructions from top officials, adding: “Without the appropriate orders, they would not have done it.”

The Russian military appears to be nothing more than a glorified terrorist organization.

Here's a better picture of him.


83 year old Ukrainian woman describes rape.

"I wish he had killed me instead of what he did"

The women of Ukraine are living under a constant threat, with growing evidence of sexual violence emerging as the war carries on. 

Vera, an 83-year-old retired school teacher, told CBS News that her village was occupied by Russian forces last month when she was raped.


Another excerpt.

But do you hope to see specific people brought to justice?

I hope that specific people are identified and charged. The question about whether they’re caught or not, this is not the goal in Ukraine ~snip~
our goal has become investigating and charging these people, and having a judicial process independent of the fact of whether this person is physically in Ukraine or not. So that will be our goal here: establishing facts. Plus I think Ukraine will form—or maybe it will form on its own—a group that will seek revenge all over the world, the same way Israel does.

I've been really hoping to see something like this emerge.

More: Russians steal ancient marble toilet from looted museum.

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