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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 62,808

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my segundo sent me this last night. got his heart broke. again.

i'd heard this song before, but never rly listened.
it's pretty poignant. i've worn those shoes, and never rly looked at it like this. i still have a soft spot for the couple of guys who didnt play that game.

thoughts from a sad mom on md.

i'm one of those moms who is included in the wishes of the day from those who realize that for many of us, it's not a happy day. the messages are usually general, tho, because for those that havent worn the shoes, it's hard to know what to say.

so, here's a tip- dont say happy. we are not happy. the only ones we want to hear those words from are our kids. some are gone, some are broken, some are righteously angry.
happy is not one of the available options.
for those of us w a helping of blame and/or guilt on top, well, just dont be surprised if you get bit.

if you know someone, and dont know what to say, try-
how ya doin today?
you okay?
do you need want to go have a drink?
do you want me to being wine?
do you have any chocolate in the house?
go ahead and cry, honey, i'm here.

feel free to add your own.

and please no sorrys for me. that's not my point.

eta this addendum. i also posted it on fb, and this happened-

addendum- another sad mom reached out to me, and we think next year we should form a sad moms club, and get together and get drunk. yes?

here's somethin you dont see every day-

fun start to your day-

can we talk about singers?

ok, i've prolly bored most of you talking about learning to sing in my 60's.
but if i havent, i am here to preach about it. i truly believe that if you keep learning new things, you never get old. a small medical miracle fixed the muscle cramps that made me a flat alto all my life. my kids wouldnt let me hum.
but here i was w a clear voice. and as it happened, a dear friend whose hubs is a voice teacher.
now, the friendship of that man is a big part of this story. our hour facetime lesson, plus time spent gabbing, is why i'm still on the right side of the grass. but aint that how this whole music thing works?

anyway. it's been 2 years, and i've gotten acceptably good. i went to catholic school for 12 yrs, so this is not the 1st of my voice training. i was in the freshman choir, and invited to NOT be in the soph choir. but my ear is good, despite a genetic tendency to tone deafness. and i love that my voice now has more power as i shrink into a little old lady.

teach and i have been talking of late about what makes a voice worth sharing. and it boils down to what they taught me in art school- style.
but a couple weeks ago, he let me in on a little secret. we've talked a lot about placement of the voice, of course, but in particular in relation to irish singers. that distinctive irish sound is in the nose. but what he told me is- the best singers all put an overlay of that nasal voice over everything. i feel like i just graduated from charcoals to pastels. i found the color.

so i've been watching singers, and trying to sort out how they use that color. i'm basically a pretty emotive person. this is obviously where i want to go. i want the color of my voice to match the look on my face. does that make sense?

so, if any of this makes sense to you, please share who you think is the best at this. ftr, steve earle is already my god, so, dont say steve.

ftr, i'm doing this strictly for fun. to sing w friends, to sing in irish pubs and hope someone buys me a pint. music has always been the backdrop of my life. i'm so grateful to have it in the foreground now, cuz i fucking needed it.

enjoying steve earle's 'ghosts of west virginia', esp this one-

this might be a bit crazy, but- impeach clarence thomas.

they all should be called on the carpet about their lies in their confirmation hearings, for starters. joe should blast them loud and hard.

but thomas absolutely should have recused from the papers case, and lawrence tribe says the federal law applies. start there.
i'm sincerely hoping there's more to come on the thomas' involvement that will come to light in the j6 investigation/hearings.

ok, unlikely we'll remove him. maybe he'll resign.
but can you just see sheldon whitehouse leading the trial in the senate? laying out the whole dark money scheme for the world to see.
proving that half the court is absolutely illegitimate. showing how these cases even get before the court.

something HAS.TO.HAPPEN.

eta- please spare me the- nothing's gonna happen- schtick.
sooner or later, something will happen, must happen.
failure is not an option. the timeframe might be long, but we must persist.

this is peak beau- Let's talk about how Russia could do things differently

the electoral college act- dont fix it, dump it.

listening to lawrence tribe on joy reid, talking about how sloppy the electoral count act is, and how it needs to be fixed.
fuck that. dump it.

i'm trying to imagine american elections w/o it. it would be soooo different.
would there even be a rural/urban divide w/o it? i dont think so.
could the thugs divide us, state by state, if all our votes went in the same pot?
would there be ANY room to manipulate the results w/o that stupid device?
i really dont think so.

one person, one vote. period. amen. close quote.

Watch The 11th Hour Highlights: April 28

love or hate stephanie ruhle, she is the BEST on big money.

ok, i have the 1st of the purple asparagus, and lots of fresh eggs

what do i make for supper? something simple.
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