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I think we need some different words to describe our place in the Party.

I think we need to describe ourselves by the type of Democrat we most resemble. Instead of Third Way/DLC, liberal, social Democrat, Blue Dog, radical and so on. How about an FDR Democrat (that would be me), or a Wellstone Democrat, or an LBJ Democrat or a Clinton Democrat (Third Way), a Kennedy Democrat and many others?

It would put a finer point on what we actually believe to associate ourselves with the name of a famous Democrat whom we most closely identify with. It takes away much of the vitriol that can be heaped by Fox News and RW media on our labels.

For instance, I label myself as a liberal and I get all the usual Ann Coulter type diatribe about liberals flung at me. When I try to say that we want clean water, air and food for our children and good paying jobs they already have the Heritage Foundation lies and half truths at the ready. But if I say I'm an FDR Democrat, he's the guy who ended The Great Depression, brought us Social Security and ushered in a period of economic boom that Truman would expand on after the war. They are pretty quiet then.

What are your thoughts?
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