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Name: Kasey
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: NC
Member since: Wed Dec 24, 2003, 05:52 PM
Number of posts: 38,096

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Effective today at 5:00pm, Gaston County Plans to Reopen.


How stupid can they be? Maybe I should not ask. They might do something even more stupid to answer.

ReOpen NC leader says she tested positive for COVID-19 CBS 17



This is how far we have fallen. Nothing ever gets done.

We keep letting Republicans lead this country and pillage and plunder our tax money for their own purposes for decades now. It sure didn't take long for America to fall under them.

Look at it this way. Clinton was harangued and harassed and put under an outright witch hunt for having an affair. All that just for having sex. Al Gore should have been president next, but couldn't get anywhere because of someone else's affair.

The Republicans have gotten us into numerous illegal wars, committed war crimes, hate crimes, domestic terrorism (that never gets called terrorism, even though it is) with the bombing of federal buildings, night clubs, women's clinics, etc. Republicans go off and shoot up malls, churches, and even SCHOOLS, killing people left and right with mass shootings. Black CHILDREN can be completely unarmed and be murdered by some random right wing lunatic and get no justice. Black CHILDREN can be MURDERED BY POLICE and get no justice. They have taken right after right away while we stood by and did nothing. Any time a Republican is president, he gets everything he wants, WITH the help of many in the Democratic Party. Any time a Democrat is president, we need supermajorities and have to put up with numerous special rules created by Republicans in Congress to hamper him from doing much of anything at all. Even with a Democratic majority in Congress, the automatic rule is that a Democratic president must have a supermajority to get anything at all done. Republicans never need those. Only Democrats.

We let Republicans raid, plunder, and pillage our Treasury to make themselves and their cronies richer, while we do nothing to stop them.

We let Republicans tell us the money we have been paying into Social Security and Medicare are somehow money the government is GIVING us. They call it entitlements and tell us we are not owed in return for doing our part in the deal. They cut our Social Security constantly, while we never rise up and fight it.

We let Putin get by with installing a despot as our president.

Republicans gerrymander our states. Republicans literally STEAL absentee ballots and get to run a new Republican when caught doing it. Republicans get to block many Democratic Party voters using numerous methods and nothing gets done about it.

This is why so many on the left are so pissed off all the time. The Republicans can do all of these things and do not even get a slap on the wrist. A Democratic president had sex and was raked over the coals and that impeachment has been used against us for decades since. The Republicans can literally kill someone right in front of us and nothing will be done to hold them accountable.

I don't know why the rest of the world is surprised. I've been watching it happen all along and knew it was infuriating and knew it was weakening the country. Most of us on DU knew and have been trying to say something, but half the time, we get told tough shit. Shut up about it. The double standard is something we have to accept.

We have been told that we can never hold the Republicans responsible for their own corrupt, criminal actions. Why the fuck not? Why are the rules changed JUST for us? Why do we squander opportunities to break their power and their control and their hold on our country like this? We HAVE had chances to do it several times. Nothing was done. We are FAR too lenient on them.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is STILL going so far as to campaign using faithful to their wife as part of campaign talking points, because sex is so much worse than hate crimes, domestic terrorism, war crimes, corruption, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, starving children, then complaining about a little government money going to feeding them breakfast in schools, pillaging our tax money to make the richest even richer, taking our Social Security money we paid in and telling us we will have to take cuts to money the government "gives" us from Social Security, and a whole host of other shit that is ALL worse than someone somewhere having some damn sex.

Don't compare us to the Puritans. It is an insult to the Puritans. We make the Puritans look like party animals. We let this shit happen. It's time to stop letting it happen and stop just barely slapping them on the wrist. This will continue until something gets done about it. It is this permissive parenting psychology that is allowing Republicans to continue to act like spoiled rotten brats and get away with everything without so much as a slap on the wrist.

This permissive, far too lenient nature of the Democratic Party has culminated in Republicans pitching temper tantrums at the state capitals and blocking ambulances from entering or leaving hospitals or in some cases even getting TO the hospitals, all while armed, which is something we are not allowed when we protest. That is yet another double standard and separate set of rules we have to endure that they do not. Meanwhile, Republicans are acting that way WHILE ARMED because they KNOW they will get away with it. Nothing ever gets done about it.

When are we Democrats going to quit letting the Republicans use someone had sex 22 years ago as a cudgel over our heads and hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity for decades? I'm tired of the fucking excuses and double standards and special rules JUST for Democrats. Nothing ever gets done about it. So, I am not the least bit surprised this country is failing to lead the world right now. We have a damn petulant, spoiled rotten, narcissistic rich boy brat who demands that governors in our country kiss his ass just the right way or they don't get PPE that WE, the TAXPAYERS, have already paid for and bought for them to have. We don't have a fucking country any more. It's NOT too soon to say it when THAT is openly happening. We don't have a country any more. Nothing is getting done about it.

I hope you are happy, Susan Collins and all of the others in Congress who gave Trump a pass instead of impeaching him. This blood and turmoil and fall of the country is all on your hands. Fuck you and your goddamn "concern." And don't forget how Gabbard voted. Yet ANOTHER reason nothing ever gets done. A sizable portion of our own party votes with them half the damn time. No damn wonder nothing ever gets done. It's our own damn fault for being too lenient on them and giving in to them too much. This is the outcome of continually doing that.

NOW, do naysayers see why those of us on the left are pissed off and tired of being told to STFU when we try to push the tiniest bit to stop these damn Republicans? It is never the right time to ask for equal rights. It is never the right time to stop police from having open season on black CHILDREN and adults. It is never the right time to push for any justice at all. It is never the right time for anything. It is never the right time to fight the damn Republicans. We never really fight them on laws that are passed. We never really fight them when they are caught outright breaking the law. We never fight them. We act like we need to cobble together a nominee who can just say they haven't cheated on their spouse. We act like battered women who have never had any therapy to overcome this abuse. We are still apologizing about someone having sex over 20 years ago. We are still being too damn polite and too damn permissive of their abuse. We will never get anywhere this way.

Now, it might be too late. This country is no longer a country. Some states, if led by Democrats, are being denied the very thing we need to fight this damn pandemic off, because some spoiled rotten whiny ass rich boy wants to be coddled more by Democratic governors or he refuses to give them what WE TAXPAYERS have already paid for.

This isn't a country. It's a fucking junior high melodrama centered around a selfish prick installed by another selfish prick in another country that is obviously STILL our enemy. Meanwhile, everyone is complaining about China, North Korea, and Iran still. It's Russia, stupid. Wake the fuck up. He is not even really our president. Why didn't we fight THAT? What the fuck does Putin have on our politicians that they let that MAJOR attack on our country's election slide only to try to get Trump on some entirely different actions he took later? Something about that is not adding up.

Something about all of this awful nightmare is not adding up and I am not even including the other nightmare that is Covid-19. I'm only talking about the nightmare of having an enemy installed president break up our country and incite violence against governors of several states right in front of us, all because they didn't coddle him and kiss his ass as much as Republicans are used to getting their asses kissed by Democrats. This is how far we have let the Republican Party go with their petulance and corruption. It is time we send their asses back to whatever part of the primordial ooze they oozed out of without evolving first. That is, IF, and only IF, we can have elections that get validated and get the fucker to leave.

I don't blame other countries for looking at America with a bewildered, confused look. It is a WTF moment in American history. I am bewildered, confused, sad, and in a state of total disbelief too. I think we all are. It is shock. We are all in shock. We need to get out of shock and find out what we can do to stop this Trump/Republicans/hate groups controlling America nightmare. When is the shock going to wear off so we can try to do something? As much as the rest of the world is sad and in disbelief, Americans are in shock. We need one of those 1940s movies face slaps to snap us out of it or something. FFS.

Are there any 24 hour phone numbers a person can call if they are not suicidal, but

have a bad phobia and panic attacks. I have a severe weather fear and it's the middle of the night. I have a feel this time I will see damage to my home. I have no one and no idea what to do if or when it happens. I have what feels like a cold chill going down my spine and an overall feeling in my body like out and out poison. I don't know how to describe it.

Anyhow, I was just wondering if there is any 24 hour phone line for people who are not suicidal, but do suffer from phobias that are this intense.

Why are people still voting for those who dropped out?

I could not help but notice that the results from the NC presidential primary had lots of votes for candidates who have dropped out. Why are people still voting for those who have quit? I have always wondered about that. I can see some being stubborn and doing a Write-In, because some people will just do that, if they feel strongly enough about a candidate, but voting for someone who has dropped out seems kind of pointless.

Have any of you ever voted for someone who has already dropped out? Do you mind sharing why? I'm curious about that.

Is there a "I voted on Super Tuesday" thread?

Or is this the right place to put one? I voted. I love getting it done ASAP. I was the third one to vote in the NC Democratic Primary this morning.

Would it be possible to cross breed a Carolina Reaper ghost pepper plant

with a regular cayenne pepper plant to get cayenne shaped peppers that still have more of the cayenne flavor but are hotter?

I have never tried cross breeding plants before. It is really hard to do? I would love any information on cross breeding too. So, if you have any experiences you are willing to share, I would love that too.

I-90 Adds Lane For Drivers Traveling Cross-Country To Stop Woman From Marrying Wrong Man

I-90 Adds Lane For Drivers Traveling Cross-Country To Stop Woman From Marrying Wrong Man
NEWS IN BRIEF September 4, 2014
Vol 50 Issue 3

WASHINGTON—The Federal Highway Administration announced Tuesday that it will construct an additional lane along Interstate 90 to accommodate drivers traveling across the country in order to stop the woman they love from marrying the wrong man. “We want to ensure that any motorist who finds himself frantically racing along I-90 to stop a wedding at the last minute will have access to a restricted, high-speed lane to prevent his soulmate from making the biggest mistake of her life,” FHWA administrator Victor Mendez said of the new express lane, which reportedly will run the entire length of the highway, from Boston to Seattle, allowing drivers to make an impassioned, last-ditch attempt to declare their feelings to the love of their life and make sure she doesn’t end up with someone who couldn’t possibly care for her as deeply as they do. “Once construction is completed, motorists will be able to scramble into their vehicles, peel out of their driveways, and speed down I-90 unimpeded in hopes that there’s still time. We also plan to construct a number of wayside areas along the shoulder of each exit ramp that, if needed, will allow motorists to ditch their broken-down cars and make their way to the wedding venue on foot.” According to sources, the new highway lane follows a decision by the Federal Aviation Administration last month to relax safety restrictions at all U.S. airports in order to allow individuals to bypass security and run straight to their beloved’s departure gate moments before she boards an international flight.

Link to article

Kim Davis makes KY lawmakers question ‘whether county clerks are worth the time and money’

Kim Davis makes KY lawmakers question ‘whether county clerks are worth the time and money’

Travis Gettys
14 Sep 2015 at 12:00 ET

Kim Davis wants Kentucky lawmakers to change the way county clerks issue marriage licenses — but she might not like how that plays out.

Davis returned to work Monday as Rowan County clerk after spending six days in jail for contempt of court when she refused to follow the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage.

After arriving at her office for the first time since her release last week, Davis read from a statement that indicated she would not violate a court order and interfere with her deputies — but she repeated her call for changes to state laws regarding her duties.

“While there are very many accommodations available, the very simple accommodation I have proposed is to remove my name and my title as the clerk of Rowan County completely off the marriage license,” Davis said. “These licenses can be issued under another authority, including perhaps the Commonwealth of Kentucky or Gov. (Steve) Beshear himself.”


Hasta la vista.

I love this! He changed his profile picture to the rainbow look. Someone posted a message that they were unfollowing him and blocking him. He replied:

Arnold Verified account ‏@Schwarzenegger

Arnold retweeted Russell

Hasta la vista.


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