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H2O Man

H2O Man's Journal
H2O Man's Journal
December 17, 2021

Kim Potter Trial

Is anyone else watching the prosecutot cross-examine Kim Potter? On direct, she was very sad. On cross, the saddness is MIA,and she is hostile as can be.

December 11, 2021

True Detective: Binghamton


This is an outrageous local news story that my son is keeping me updated on. It has to do with the systematic sexual assault of young women in the work force. The facebook group, my son has told me, is accurate in its reporting about the three related businesses. He calls it "True Detective Binghamton."

I'm too angry to write too much here. I'll leave it at this: back in the early 1970s, there was a local businessman who engaged in repeatted assaults upon the young women in his pizza joint. It was apparent the guy was "connected," as local police never charged him. Late one night, when he was walking to his car, someone stepped out from between two buildings and threw a blanket over him from behind. He was thus pulled into the alley, and was subjected to a beating.

As I am older now, I recognize that it is better for the legal system to handle cases such as this.

H2O Man
December 9, 2021

Sin Semillia

" Man becomes, as it were, the sex organs of the machine world, as the bee of the plant world, enabling it to fecundate and evolve ever new forms." -- Marshall McLuhan

"Yours Truly,
"A hard working Middle Class Law Abiding Citizen who is sick of getting fucked in the ass and would rather be grabbed by the pussy." -- Jennifer Crumbley's 11-11-2016 letter to Trump

When I read Jennifer Crumbley's blog post -- an open letter to Donald Trump -- I was immediately reminded of the iMarshall McLuhan quote. This led to a para-crisis: how to communicate the connections in my mind, without creating anything that could focus on republicans-as-sexual-entities, rather than considering their relationship to the machine? For Jennifer's quote alone poses the risk of a disgusting mental image.

Thus, this may be hard. As the Supreme Court wades into Roe, for example, I remember back in the Reagan era, when "moral majority" leader Jerry Falwell spoke against abortion, because he recognized pregnancy as "God's punishment" for women enjoying sex. No doubt his wife was not at risk of orgasm, leading me to conclude that the pregnancy that reproduced Jerry Junior was to provide divine evidence of the normalcy of republican christian sexuality. For what else could it possibly be?

Surely an accurate model of the republican machine includes numerous sub-groups, such as the old testical christian right, the militia-minded, and those who watched Honey Boo Boo weekly. The HBB fans could not only relate to Honey, but are frequently related to her, as they have long occupied a small and shallow gene pool. Further, it is te advances in instant communications that has resulted in an outbreak of what social scientists recognize as the "Trump virus."

To fully explore this topic, and understand the ways in which the Trump virus spreads, we shall use the model of the human male penis. Indeed, many of the male species of republicans appear incapable of following the ancient proverb "think with the big head, not the little one." Perhaps if we said "tiny head"? Or might it be too late?

There are some republicans who we might accurately refer to as the republican glans. As such, we can appreciate how individuals such as Josh Hawley, MTG, Paul Gosar, and Lauren Boebert are attempting to stick the dickhead to democracy in such an unpleasant way.

Another group of soft pink tissue, known as the prepuce, are the republicans in various media positions. This includes, but is in no manner limited to, Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, and Steve Bannon. They are most closely associated with the spew of outright lies and conspiracy theories that cause the grass roots -- or corpus cavernosum, to become erect with excitement. Indeed, the grass roots are known for their rigid thinking.

This causes the scrotum, an old and wrinkled sack we can accurately call Trump due to it's relatively sparse hair, to tighten with glee. Then, the bb-sized nuts, known as the Stones, to spasm, thus releasing a toxic virus that sticks to its victims' brains. The resulting infection causes an incapacity to think in logical or rational manners. The sufferer instead shudders in perverse joy when exposed to those lies and conspiracy theories discussed earlier.

It would seem essential, at least in my humble opinion, to fully understand that these individuals poisoned by the Trump virus are not mere "conspiracy theorists." Indeed, the House Committee has documented a theory of conspiracy regarding the January 6 insuurection's point of ejaculated out of that old, dehydrated foreskin Donald Trump. This is essential for understanding if they seek to put in place a prophylactic capable of stopping another criminal attack on our institutions.

The Trump virus poses a very real threat to our country. It also threatens us as individuals. Many of us have been exposed to the virus, and not just in public settings. Masks alnoe do not offer adequate protection -- indeed, the mere sight of masks seems to energize this viral threat. In my next essay, I plan to focus on how we can achieve a herd immunity that protects us from this threat.

H2O Man

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