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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2004, 06:21 AM
Number of posts: 7,926

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Just saw a sticker on a van: DeSantis 2024, Make America Florida.

Weíre in Florida for a surprise birthday dinner and I saw this sticker on a van my husband and I were flabbergasted.

Canít get back home too soon.

Is there a good place to donate to Sen. Warnock that won't cause a tsunami of other

requests for donations?

Our Chloe has bladder cancer, which is incurable.

She had one chemotherapy session, I'm not doing it anymore.

She tolerated it very well. What *I* won't tolerate on her behalf is:

1) An entire day spent at the vet oncologist for a 20-minute infusion where she's upset to be away from us. There are no appointments - just drop off and pick up.

2) The office is an hour away - that's a total of four hours in the car for me, two hours for her.

3) Three days of isolation in the crate after each chemo session every three weeks. She can't lick us, share a water bowl with our other dog Blake, or pee and poop in the same area as other animals.

Had I known I might have made a different decision initially. I don't want her to be in pain and will meet with our regular vet to know the signs to look for as we proceed. Right now, Chloe is excited to eat, go on a walk, and see our granddaughter. We had to be sure she didn't lick the baby especially - she likes to give a quick lick on the ear. She's happy by our side and playing with Blake. Except for wanting to go out a little more and multiple pees on walks, you'd never know she had cancer.

Whether Chloe has another day, week, month, or year, we will make that time as happy and comfortable for her as we can.

I hate hate hate so-called pro-lifers. I hate hate hate anti-choicers.

Our 30-year-old daughter has avoided possible disaster or death because we live in Virginia, where abortion care is legal (for now).

Over Labor Day weekend, our youngest daughter joyfully told us she and her husband were expecting. We were all overjoyed. Then she started spotting. Went to the doctor who ordered labs, and her HCG was within normal limits for how many weeks she was pregnant (about 5). Nothing could be seen on ultrasound.

Next week, continued to spot. Six weeks pregnant. Another HCG blood level - continued to rise. Nothing was seen on ultrasound. The doctor said he was hopeful the pregnancy would continue.

Long, long, long story short, more blood tests, more ultrasounds, and they assumed she had a pregnancy somewhere but couldn't see anything. Nothing was visible in the Fallopian tubes. Nothing in her uterus. They gave her a shot of methotrexate which would end the pregnancy since they knew there were embryonic cells still growing somewhere but not where it was supposed to be. HCG started going down, but very slowly.

Yesterday she had abdominal pain. She went to the ER, was admitted, and had another ultrasound which showed blood in her abdomen. She ended up having emergency surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy and one Fallopian tube.


Wow, everyone on MSNBC is

already wearing black, even though thereís no news of QEIIís passing.

We lived near Dulles Airport on 9/11. My school was actually soundproofed because we were right

under the flight path.

Our three daughters were in school - elementary, middle, and high school - and I worked at a different elementary school as a speech therapist. I watched the plane go into the second tower on a small TV in our principal's office. I worried about my brother who had a meeting in the second basement of one of the towers. He was fine - missed the meeting because he had to discipline an employee. All his other employees got out safely.

At my school, since I didn't have a classroom to manage, I manned the door (which was locked) and let parents in. One by one, parents came to get their kids. We were instructed to say nothing to the students who remained. By the time I got home, my children were there waiting for me, and our middle one asked, "All the other parents came for their kids - why didn't you come for us?"

I answered, "Because just like I was taking care of other people's children, I knew your teachers were taking care of you."

My heart breaks for all the wonderful school teachers who take care of other people's children.

Do we know who provided the McCarthy tapes to the NYT?

Iíve been away for a few days. Is the popular assumption that it was Liz Cheney or was it someone else?

Ninety-four-year-old neighbor died last week of

Covid pneumonia. I have no idea of she was vaccinated or not.

Itís not gone away. I will continue to mask and distance.

"Ukraine war: 'My city's being shelled, but mum won't believe me'"

(Looks like some Russian people are like Trump supporters - believers in "fake news" and propaganda):

"When I heard the first explosions, I ran out of the house to get my dogs from their enclosures outside. People were panicking, abandoning their cars. I was so scared," she says.

The 25-year-old has been speaking regularly to her mother, who lives in Moscow. But in these conversations, and even after sending videos from her heavily bombarded hometown, Oleksandra is unable to convince her mother about the danger she is in.

"I didn't want to scare my parents, but I started telling them directly that civilians and children are dying," she says.

"But even though they worry about me, they still say it probably happens only by accident, that the Russian army would never target civilians. That it's Ukrainians who're killing their own people."


My Colombian friend, an educated, wonderful

woman, cannot get a visa to travel into the United States. Why canít we prohibit Russians from coming in and kick out those who are here now? Iím specifically thinking of the pregnant women who come here to have their babies so that the babies are automatically Americans citizens.
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