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There is no label of severely mentally ill in the mental health community.

That's why it doesn't fly in court. And it's a complete judgement by the people that say it. Am I "severely" mentally ill? You cannot say either way whether or not I am with any information I might give you. Am I mediocre, or in high need? Again, even I can't even say.

This is what it sounds like to me, just to give a little perspective...

'Too many people have cancer, we should stop treating them so much.' Or 'way too many people have heart surgery, we should find other options for clogged arteries.'

Without trying to see if a medicine does work or not. Without even trying to diagnose and find the proper treatment that will work. You do not walk in the same shoes as others when it comes to your depression. Each is a case by case basis. Why even mention the vitamin D thing as a "it could work for you!" type message? It does look like a message for all depressed people just in case, as if we don't get enough of false hope. This is the part I see most, "but generally the cure is sunlight and vitamin D" along with the word depression. I'm surely not the only person who misread it.

But I just have to say. You'd think you'd know already. You know there is out-patient groups that take the entire holistic approach? Right?

Surprise! They already do holistic approaches. Gah. I didn't go to out-patient and was forced outside to "be mindful" for nothing. They also had a cardio group in psychward, as well as doing art, boardgames and so on. NAMI groups generally helps you figure how things are amiss. They don't believe that only pills work. Can I make that clearer? People usually go to therapists before ever going to a doctor for their struggles. What do therapists do? I'll just let you guess on that one.

The Japanese have a word on book hoarding.

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