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Gender: Female
Member since: Sun Mar 7, 2004, 10:02 PM
Number of posts: 10,039

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If you were to move to a European country... Which would you choose?

Or you can blurt out any other country in the world you want to live in, but since I'm considering moving out of the U.S (I'm thinking Germany) someday, I'm curious to see where people would shoot for.

I need a party here for what I've just accomplished.

I'm learning Spanish and I have officially just learned how to Roll my R's.

I'm going to another country for the first time.

To learn Spanish! I've noticed that I know a lot already. No means no? Got that down pretty fast.

She died today on Memorial day, of all days.

My husband has known her for 39 years, so you could say she was a sister.

Usually in tragedies such as this, I'd turn to her as someone I can message online to work my feelings out. I can't really do that right now. She had her problems, but it gave her enough wisdom to be realistic about everything and had a sharp mind that helped me reflect on some things.

I knew her longer than her brother, my husbands best friend that passed away in 2009. Her mother has outlived both of them and I hope her mother finds some peace of mind somehow.

I'm not particularly good at tributes, so I looked back at what I wrote about her. When my college class required us to interview someone, I interviewed her. She really liked how I portrayed her, as it was a short biography of her life. But I decided posting any of that here would be too personal. Although she was never ashamed to tell her full story as a survivor of so many things, it reflects her as a person still alive with hopes of a better future with her new husband for years to come. Something that is not possible anymore.

Stigmatization of the mentally ill.

How do you attack it?

That question can be both seen as a question of how you do it here or elsewhere and a question of what can we do about it?

So, more mentally ill = violent psychopath threads in GD.

Come and rant here. I know I need a thread like this, but since no one has made one yet, here it is.

Friendly reminder to those interested in talking about mental health.

There's a forum that has not been taken advantage of: Mental Health Information group. It's not a safe haven like the mental health support group, it's a place to argue and inform. Questions can be answered better in a place where people know what they're talking about.


Oddworld: Abe's Odysee.

Available in PS3 stores! Hells yeah! I've been wanting to own this for the better part of a decade...got it!

2014: What are you reading at the moment?

College textbooks for me...

Anybody been on myspace lately? :O

Totally different than what I remember. And hey, steaming music, whoot!
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