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The Apparition of Arran!

A wee, old lady called Mary Henderson had lived her entire life on the Isle of Arran. She may have been small, but she was packed full of wits and courage. Late one night, Mary was traveling home when she realized her route would take her over the haunted bridge.

Mary was brave but more to the point, she was tired and this was the quickest way home! With a deep breath, she started along the path. As she grew closer, an eerie blue light began to shine on the bridge and a cold sweat pricked the back of her neck.

A terrifying specter materialized directly in front of her. Of course, Mary was shocked and more than a little frightened of this shadowy creature, but she wasn't the kind of person to run away.

With only the faintest tremble in her voice, she called out a greeting to the apparition who replied in kind. As she got closer, it seemed to take more of a human form, until Mary thought it looked a bit familiar. It was Findlay! A lad who had died after an accident during the prime of his life.

Findlay explained that he had appeared to several big, burly men who had tried to cross the bridge, but every one of them just ran away. Mary was the first person to stand her ground and actually speak to him.

Just before Findlay had died, he had stolen a plow and his tormented soul was now unable to rest. He told Mary where to find it and asked her to leave it outside the house of its rightful owner. In return, Findlay would tell her all manner of things yet to come that could benefit her and her family.
Even without the reward, Mary would have done the right thing. The plow was returned, Findlay could finally rest and there would be no more fear of the Apparition of Arran.

All because a little old lady was brave enough to stop and ask how she could help instead of running away!

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