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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Oswego County, New York
Home country: USA
Current location: Lake Ontario Snow Belt
Member since: Fri Apr 23, 2004, 10:56 PM
Number of posts: 36,286

About Me

I've been a female working a "man's job" (mechanical engineer), stay at home Mom (6 kids), working Mom (6 kids to put through college), unemployed, underemployed, temporarily employed and now working from home! We live on an old, small farm with 2 dogs and 2 cats in the house, variable number of chickens out in the yard.

Journal Archives

The snow warnings you haven't heard yet:

I live in an area where the current Boston-type snow levels happen on a fairly regular basis. There are some hazards of deep snow that I haven't heard mentioned:

1. Children love to dig into the snow and make a snow cave. This can be bad news if the cave collapses. The same goes for tunnels.

2. It's easy to fall head first into a snow bank and get stuck. This can be very serious if the fallee can't breathe.

3. Kids love to climb up on top of mounds of snow and/or go sledding down them. This can be a hazard should the kid end up in the street in front of a car.

Just how is Ashton Kutcher qualified to be the new Secretary of Defense?


Never mind.

How many other Cosbys are out there?

By all accounts, Mr. Cosby had no difficulty in obtaining rape drugs. I doubt that he was the only one to use them.

Which is worse - the Brian Williams lied, or that

he started presenting kitten videos as news?

I'd like to install some tile in my bathroom and elsewhere in the house -

the problem is that we have very, very hard water and I don't want to spend the rest of my life scrubbing grout. I'm thinking of having the grout dyed gray to start with. Any suggestions?

Just how evil are potatoes, anyways?

They are the food of my people; I was 58 years old before I realized that potatoes weren't the default carb at supper for the rest of the world. ( I knew Italians ate lots of pasta, but I thought they were the exception!)

So now, I see potatoes listed with white rice and white bread as being full of bad calories. I wonder how much of this is due to how potatoes are prepared. For example, I loved boiled potatoes with a little butter, and increasingly leave the skins on. I love baked potatoes, and will often eat the skins as well. Mashed potatoes are for special occasions. (and I leave the skins on and serve smashed potatoes instead!)

Processed french fries sprayed with all kinds of preservatives are not my idea of a potato.

I think before potatoes are condemned, we need to look at how they are actually served. As I noted above, i generally eat potatoes with a little added fat. That has to be taken into account with considering how the meal is digested. They are also excellent sources of potassium, B6, fiber and an outstanding source of Vitamin C.


My plan for taking down IS and Boko Haran:

Convince people worldwide that the members joined because the only way they'd ever get near a girl is to kidnap her from her home. It shouldn't be hard, it's what I think. Make a joke out of them, and see how many they recruit then.

Red carpets and high heels: I take guilty pleasure in checking

out the dresses on-line the day after the awards ceremonies ( I don't have the patience to watch in real time). A lot of the feet that are in high heels look swollen and bent. I'm talking about some very beautiful women who presumably would have very nice looking feet if they were in a proper shoe. Isn't it time for designers to take on a real challenge? Instead of trying to see how much flesh can be exposed, ( I think Joy Villa took that prize!) how about designing a good looking, sexy but comfortable shoe for women?

Thank you for the hearts - it's nice to be noticed!

All the talking heads seem to agree that Greece will be forced to return

to austerity.


This could be Czechoslovakia 1968, or Germany1989. Don't forget, Germany 1989 led to the Soviet Union, 1991. This may be the first step to bringing down a financial system that supports the 1% and strangles the rest of us.
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