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Tree Lady

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Gender: Female
Current location: Southern Oregon
Member since: Tue May 25, 2004, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 10,255

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Boomers check in!

I was born in the fifties I guess that is mid or late boomer…

Don't ya love how all the kids blame us for everything say our generation is spoiled…I would say no, our parents were the first to read Dr Spock and raise us that way. My mother wanting to do the opposite of her mom who would make her sit for hours to eat a vege, or give the white glove treatment to see how she cleaned, didn't make me do anything around the house.

I learned to clean working as a maid in Reno at Harrah's when I was 18. Learned to cook living communally with some jesus freaks in the mid 70's.

I like our generation, old enough to remember carbon paper for copies and princess phones, and still young enough to have fun with computers, ipads and texting.
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