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Name: Jim
Gender: Male
Current location: Barkhamsted, CT
Member since: Sat Jul 3, 2004, 08:36 AM
Number of posts: 6,642

About Me

Gee - my profile info didn't migrate from the old DU I guess? The main thing - 90% refers to the maximum allowable percentage of nitromethane fuel permitted in modern NHRA Top Fuel and Funny cars. Which is what makes current "nostalgia nitro" so cool - you can still "tip the can" and run straight nitro, if you want to. I'm an aging northeast liberal with an overdeveloped justice gland. OUR INSTITUTIONS ARE INFESTED WITH GREEDY AND CORRUPT SOCIOPATHS

Journal Archives

Entitled little propagandist/corporate shill

Oh boy is that infuriating to suggest the fix to SS, which is unnecessary in the first place according to Thom, is now we all have to work until we’re 75? I have a friend involved with HR and he says many companies whisper to their recruiters that they are not interested in talking to any candidates over 40! So your career is over at forty these days and the fix to SS is to work until you’re 75? These people don’t know how to think! And why should they learn, they got theirs and screw us!

-90% Jimmy


Thanks for all the responses to my post. It's nice to say something that resonates with my fellow DU'ers. Most of my stuff goes over like a lead zeppelin around here.

Chris Hedges has had some excellent "what is it going to take to start revolution in America" videos and because he covered so many revolutions ans social upheavals in the middle East over his career. He really knows the confluence of factors that trigger revolution. It seems to take only one or two percent of the population to get active and protest and fight to trigger substantial change.

As 2014 has been deemed by some to be the year of the return of liberal progressivism, this will be a year of profound change, and I think for the better.

We have wonderful people like Alan Grayson, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and other remarkable politicians fighting hard for the bottom 99%. May the 2014 Elections replace all gerrymandered Republicans with Bill DiBlasio clones!

Once the lies and smears the right has directed at the ACA for the last three years are proven to be demonstrably false by the experience of millions of Americans, it will become more apparent to the aging Fox News Viewers that their beloved Republicans are liars that work aggressively against the best interests of the bottom 99%. And it will be more obvious to the entire country that the Republicans grovel at the feet of the wealthy Oligarchs they serve instead of the fools that vote for them.

It will become so apparent that perhaps the wealthy will get their children kidnapped by desperate Americans with NOTHING LEFT TO LOOSE. With our media, that could be a full blown epidemic happening at this very moment that our MSM is censoring desperately, lest they incur the ire of their masters. Looks for elites to start receiving more ears from their kidnapped children this year. If this fantasy is taking form somewhere, thank God we have reporters like Greg Palast, Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill, Bill Moyers, Thom Hartmann and even the MSNBC prime time line up to tell us about it.

I can taste the schadenfreude now!

-90% Jimmy


Really, haven't we as a species advanced beyond the way countries ran a thousand years ago? You could take a King from a thousand years ago and make him Defense Secretary and you' end up getting the same shit. Can't we think in terms of the good for all humanity? There happens to be big money in it and its all what we want for our chunk of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

-90% Jimmy


He's putting the interests of the country ahead of his own political interests. That's a very honorable thing for any modern Washington politician to do!

All the people running the country in Washington seem to do is create stuff for us to worry about, while we are all pretty horrified with the economically harsh way of modern life already.

We got enough to worry about struggling to hang on to what we've managed to earn for ourselves already. So many of us are closer to the brink of losing it all and giving up on our dreams of happiness and replacing them with a life of grey spirit crushing economic servitude.

On top of that, they make our lives even worse!

-90% Jimmy


Fifty years from now, there will probably be statues of heroic patriot Mark Klein peppered about the USA. Klein, you may remember, revealed the NSA's secret room in San Francisco and the man that helped trigger the dismantling of the overblown police state apparatus that had been under construction for many years prior. We honor a patriot that steered America back to check and balance Democracy.

-90% Jimmy

Cracked Mag - 6 weirdest things we've learned since 9-11


It is amazing that a humor magazine is more spot on about 9-11 than our entire main stream media.

Our governments continued over-reaction to 9-11 is like curing dandruff by decapitation, as my hero Frank Zappa has said in Senate Testimony about Rock Record Ratings.

Our government USED 9-11 to construct a totalitarian fascist police state. If they wanted to "keep us safe", they could have been not so criminally incompetent to let it happen in the first place.

In rational world, 9-11 would be discussed in a rational measured context. 3000 dead by collapsing skyscrapers and commercial airplanes auguring into the ground at 600 mph is truly horrifying, but.......

"That same year in the United States: 71,372 died of diabetes. 29,573 were killed by guns. 13,290 were killed in drunk driving accidents" *

America looses about 500,000 a year by heart disease alone. In terms of logic, our governments over-response is absurd. In terms of allocation of resources, shouldn't they work on stuff that kills 500,000 a year as a start? Terrorism on American soil, if you start at Dec 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor) and continue to the present, has produced about 7,000 casualties over a span of 74 years. That's 95 people per year for this time slice. If you had half a trillion dollars to solve a problem, would you direct it toward avenging and preventing the loss of 95 souls per year or would you spend it to try to prevent the deaths of 500,000 per year just from heart disease instead? Or for preventable causes like guns and drunk driving, would you spend that half trillion to bring gun deaths down from 29,000 per year to perhaps below 100, "saving" 28,500 lives a year from gun violence alone. If we want government "Run like a business" (which I don't advocate) then in terms of their mission "to keep us safe", they are doing an abysmal job.

-90% Jimmy


I'm not that partisan

I prefer aspiring to the higher principals they taught me our country was based on, back in my 1960 to 1972 public school days.

We have become everything they taught us was bad about communist Russia in those times. Who knew that 40 years later we would allow our country to take the form of communist Russia, totalitarian police state wise.

Sure, they aren't using this infrastructure in earnest, YET, but why the hell do they keep building it?

They also taught us that it's illegal for real good reasons to never use the military against it's own citizens. Boy has that changed.

I've never wavered in my revulsion to all the extra constitutional stuff the Obama admin has done not the least of which is to carry on with the Unconstitutional GWB train wreck of democracy policies.

I am repelled by the if Obama violated the Constitution it's OK because he's one of us memes.

Larry Summers? WTF? Why should I like that stupid plutocratic weasel just because Obama seems to? At least Elizabeth Warren and Alan Grayson are still fighting for progressive values in earnest.


Your fears are well grounded

In basic logic, facts and mathematics.


The chances of my own government wrecking my life are about 100,000% greater than my being a victim of a terrorist attack.


Rationally, there's a whole lot of other stuff that's going to get me before a terrorist attack. Hell, I'm overweight. That alone has got a tremendously higher probability of killing me than a fucking terrorist! Yet I still find myself going through the Burger King drive through now and then.

As I've seen Thom Hartmann quoted here, more Americans die in bathroom accidents each year than died in the 9-11 attacks. Where oh where are our government total safety awareness surveillance programs for the death traps that are modern American bathrooms?

I demand NSA operated helicopter drones hover outside my bathrooms 24/7 to monitor any potential dangerous activity happening inside my bathrooms!

After all, all our elected officials took an oath to keep us safe!

-90% Jimmy

An inspiration

Let this man be an inspiration to us all that we should publicly repudiate the totalitarian over reach of all our institutions.

All American Wars including the Revolution were supposed to preserve and protect our Liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. They have been stripping us of our Constitutional Rights since 9-11 and this is exactly what the Terrorists wanted. (I'm being facetious. Did the people behind 9-11 ever getting around to telling us why they did it in the first place?)

And a Totalitarian Fascist Police State is what our Government wanted. Just because they have been aggressively building all the mechanisms to have a police state completely in place doesn't mean they will ever use all this stuff against their own citizens, of course!

-90% Jimmy

Alan Grayson

is using his wits and intelligence to slowly and modestly recraft legislation to be favorable to dems and palatable to repubs. He's getting stuff passed in this era of Repub obstruction and sabotage of our government.

He is reinventing how to be effective in Congress, and without selling out his Congressman with Guts sound bites. Actually, he's not doing too many; Republican Health Plan: Die Quickly, stuff as much as he used to? Probably because he's a big thinker more focused on advancing a progressive agenda than getting unfairly edited in the evening corporate news.

-90% Jimmy
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