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Gender: Female
Hometown: Kansas
Home country: USA
Member since: Sun Jul 11, 2004, 03:53 AM
Number of posts: 53,840

Journal Archives

EXCELLENT article about OWING one's vote to help the poor & about the reality of poverty for

the working poor <emphasis added throughout excerpt>.

[font color = "red"]***I have cross-posted this to "General Discussion" because I think the article makes important points, and I want to make it visible even for people who never come to the "Good Reads" forum. BTW, the commentary from The Young Turks that comprises much of the length of this embedded video is also excellent and worth watching, but the video itself is only few minutes long at the start of the longer video, and it ends at the 1:37 mark, in case you don't want to commit to watching the entire 11:57 of the commentary.[/font]


Ketchup sandwiches and other things stupid poor people eat


America loves helping the shoeless, iphoneless, voteless, bug-infested Street Jesuses. These are the lost-cause poor; all they want is your pocket change. (Bless their hearts.) But the working poor? Those who claim to not have enough money for food because they also need clothes for work, water for bathing and laundry, rent for housing, heat in the winter, money for daycare, a smartphone for their job, car insurance and gas ó those are some shifty motherfuckers.

If youíre on food stamps America has every right to hate you, as evidenced by this angry conservative yelling at a father and child for using food stamps. This lady proves conservatives love a good hate like they love a good steak. I assume she thinks of herself as a nice person, a good person, a church-goer. We all think everyone else is the asshole, right? There isnít a lot of self-directed road rage out there. How often do we key our own cars? Itís always okay to hate the other guy when the hate is justified ó like child predators, rapists, and food stamp users.


Donít confuse aid with charity. Charity is old coats. Donating a coat doesnít make you a good person but I bet it makes you feel like one. You didnít even want that coat anymore, what you wanted was the closet space. Sure, you could have sold it at a garage sale and made, like, twenty bucks. It was an expensive coat, damn it. But you, with your heart of gold, gave it away. Thereís a twinkle in Godís eye just for you.


Vote for a Living Wage for others. Vote for health insurance for others. Donít get in the way of food stamps for others. Understand how important $17 might be to others. That poor stretch of Atlanta is quiet because people are working and paying for day care. Theyíre clocking the same hours youíre clocking, but they make a shit wage.


MUCH MORE AT LINK! https://thinkprogress.org/ketchup-sandwiches-and-other-things-stupid-poor-people-eat-41617483b497#.p23g4ih1z

[font color = "red" font size = "+1"]***NOTE: This line from one of the paragraphs I did not quote is too important not to include here:[/font]

[font color = "blue" font size = "+1"]Whatís scary about the woman in the video is that she sees whatís in the dadís cart (food for his kid) and she hates him for it.[/font]

And right here is that video of the hateful woman screaming at the father for daring to use food stamps to feed his kid:

<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

And the dog is cute. nt

Thanks to his destruction of the Louisiana budget, that state cannot

afford the lawsuits the Phelpses will file. The reason Fred had his kids become lawyers is that suing people whose buttons they press enough to goad them into doing something that even slightly crosses the line is a (perhaps THE) major source of their funding.

The LA taxpayers will have to pay again for this fool's grandstanding.

FOUR young hawks were just standing around together in my backyard!!

Wow! I was just looking out the window while on the phone, when I spotted FOUR gorgeous young hawks, each about the size of a cat (though undoubtedly not as heavy!), standing in a fairly tight group in my back yard. They just stood there looking around, then looking at each other, then looking around some more, like a bunch of confused kids who were curious but not at all clear about what they were supposed to do or where they were supposed to o.

After several minutes, they all flew to sit in a row on my neighborís tall wooden fence (see picture, which shows 3 of them), with about a about the same amount of space between each two birds.

They sat that way for a while (and I took some useless, too far away pics and video while they did so, for fear of scaring them away if I tried to get closer), and then one flew to a tree nearby. Then another flew to the same tree, and then another, leaving just one on the fence.

I am thinking maybe they were fledglings that were hatched in the tree they all decamped to.

But how cool it was to see them standing there together for so long in my back yard, no more than 10 feet away from where I watched at my window.

You can barely see three of the hawks in this zoomed image:

<a href="http://www.freeimagehosting.net/commercial-photography/texas/houston/"><img src="" alt="Houston commercial photography"></a>

***The picture is pretty useless, but if anyone here is both a bird expert and sharp-eyed enough to make sense of this image, Iíd love to know which type of hawk these guys are.***

His work is beautiful. He is a great loss to DU and to photography. nt

Refuse to consider Indiana for future Fina Four tournaments. nt

Cute ol' guy! nt

I was surprised that Lemon died so young--cancer would be my guess. I was assuming

that Honey had died, since Great Danes, like other big dogs, tend to have terribly short lifespans.

They are both darling, and watching them makes me squeeze my 3 kitties even tighter!
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