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Member since: Wed Jul 14, 2004, 01:27 PM
Number of posts: 20,234

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There is Pea sized hail at my house now /nt

Chained CPI? Call 202-456-1111 Nicely Tell the Comment taker We Know SS

has nothing to do with the Deficit.
SS should not even be in any conversation about the Budget.
We know PBO knows these things too.
We Want to hear PBO say that if SS is a problem long term ELIMINATE the CAP.

The fix for SS is more good paying jobs.

Call be nice and kick this thread.


Does anyone know where I can buy NON GMO seed (Corn and Soybeans)? I need to plan next years crops

Preferably they should be located in NW Iowa. Please respond with any source web page or phone.


Does anyone know where I can buy NON GMO seed (Corn and Soybeans)?

I need to plan next years crops and need to cost out kicking Monsanto out of the loop.

Resolved: The candidate Rmoney shall no longer be referred to as "Mitt" only Willard.

The name "Mitt" conjures images of baseball picnics and apple pie.

"Willard" on the other hand invokes images of a RAT.

By referring to Willard the RAT as "mitt' or "mittens" is to personalize and humanize the automaton.

It will still be ok to refer to "Mittwits" as well as RobMe as you wish.


Hello and WELCOME to DU. Please feel free to ask about anything and have fun.

Occupy Iowa, Sign this petition to kick the corporations out of our elections.

Sign this Move On petition to get Iowa's house to pass a bill kicking the corporations out of our elections.


Rock on.

Sign the petition to get Iowa's house to pass a law that Corporation are not people

If you would like Iowa to outlaw corporations buying our elections click the link and sign this petition.
It could not hurt.


Please cut and paste. The LINK button does not seem to work.

Thanks and give this thread a kick if you want to.

American exceptionalism. I see it discussed. What I believe it is

I believe what "American exceptionalism" is is the fact that anybody born in the USA is a citizen of the USA.
This is exceptional in that there are countries that do not allow you to be a citizen just do to the location of your birth.

That is why France (in my opinion) is having so much problem with muslim "immigrants" who are actually 2nd or third generation
"French" but have no citizenship because France only wanted them for their labor.

Much the same way the USA wants Brown people to come do the stoop labor of agriculture and then wants them to "go home".

My point is that this 'anyone born here is American" is what made America exceptional. It is why we have been able to assimilate wave after wave of immigration and still remain "American".

Some posters seem to feel American exceptionalism implies some benefit bestowed by God,
or is some moral or character attribute allowing the USA global hegemony.

I thought I would offer my opinion and solicit your feedback.

The 99% Spring. Force the country to work FOR us

Here is a link to find (or sign up to host) training this spring so that we can have a "American Spring"

I signed up to go to Des Moines.
I hope to see you there.
Please sign up kick and rock on.
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