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Member since: Wed Jul 14, 2004, 01:27 PM
Number of posts: 20,234

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The BLM MOVEMENT is not the problem, A few agitators are.

I have a Black Lives Matter sign in my yard.
Those women throwing their temper tantrum in Seattle don't speak for me.
The problem is that we are allowing the discussion to proceed as if they did.

The whole thing is the swift boating of Bernie Sanders.

Just as the Swift Boat Liars managed to turn Kerry's honorable service into a liability
The faux few "protestors" want to negate lifetimes work by Bernie.

Before the majority of POC allow themselves to be deluded into opposing Bernie's campaign
they need examine the records of the candidate they would support instead.

We Bernie supporters need to refrain from being tricked into attacking BLM.
WE don't want to negate Bernie's lifetimes work either.

The whole damned MEME just smells like a Rovian shit storm.

It helps nothing.

Sign this pettition calling for more Debates. Feel the bern

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