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Member since: Thu Aug 12, 2004, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 40,416

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Home town: Detroit, MI Current residence: Paris, MI. Manistee Nat\'l Forest.

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Detroit reliefer cannot pitch a strike.

So why does manager leave him in.

Loads bases. Gets out of it with only one run. But pitches only one strike the entire inning. Now the next inning, he walks the first batter.

Pull the bum!

Mayo Smith would have pulled him last inning.

"You talkin' to me?"

'nuf said?

Nota bene: On edit: the video clip was over the top for DU SOP. So I detract it.

Movie allusion.

Which DUer predicted Biden would say "malarkey" nt


He's losing it.

Interrupting!! Trying to monopolize.

Now he's going to cut out PBS!!! Big Bird! Killed by President Romney!!

First zinger: Trickle down government!

It is newspeak, twisting TDE against Dems.

Very Orwellian.
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