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Gender: Female
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Member since: Mon Sep 6, 2004, 09:54 PM
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The Most Important Statistic of the Biden Presidency


Letter from Biden’s Washington
The Most Important Statistic of the Biden Presidency
One in five hundred Americans has died in the pandemic, and Republicans are actively rooting for the country to fail.
By Susan B. Glasser
September 16, 2021


The partisan split has also translated into a deadly divide in vaccination rates—a tragedy given that vaccines are, for now, the only real way out of this mess. And no wonder this divide persists. It is not an accident or an immutable fact of American political life; it’s a fire built and stoked by Trump and his supporters. Among the top stories on Fox News’ home page on Thursday, I could not find a single reference to the pandemic, and little sense that COVID even existed, beyond a link to a video headlined “Liberal host torched for labeling GOP ‘COVID-loving death cult’ in bizarre rant.” As I was writing this column, I received an e-mail from one Donald J. Trump. The subject was “Biden’s vaccine mandate.” “I totally OPPOSE this liberal overreach that requires Americans to be vaccinated,” Trump wrote. “The Left is working overtime to CONTROL you, Friend,” he warned. Biden, he added, “doesn’t care about you or your freedoms.”

As a matter of politics, of course, this is not necessarily a winning strategy for the Republicans. In California on Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom defeated a Republican effort to recall him by running a campaign painting the G.O.P. candidate as a Trump-loving extremist who would undo public-health measures to fight the pandemic. In Washington, Biden quickly released a statement proclaiming Newsom’s victory a vindication of his national policies. It was, the President said, “a resounding win for the approach that he and I share to beating the pandemic: strong vaccine requirements, strong steps to reopen schools safely, and strong plans to distribute real medicines—not fake treatments—to help those who get sick.” Even some conservatives have come around to the idea that, as Rich Lowry, of National Review, put it, “the stolen-election myth has become an albatross for the GOP.”

Then again, California is consistently among the most Democratic of Democratic states. Imagine Trump putting out a statement declaring a Republican victory in Alabama or Mississippi as evidence of a national trend. The tragic triumph of Trumpism is not that he has persuaded all Americans, or even a majority of Americans, to reject their way out of the pandemic; it’s that he has persuaded just enough of them to keep the disease wreaking havoc on the country.

The G.O.P.’s desire to see Biden fail has become a willingness to let the country fail. Nine months into Biden’s Presidency, the bottom line is that the Republican war on Biden’s legitimacy and the war on Biden’s COVID policies are now inextricably linked. The consequences of this are so hard to contemplate that we often do not do so: a politics so broken that it is now killing Americans on an industrial scale.
Posted by babylonsister | Thu Sep 16, 2021, 11:28 PM (3 replies)

"Misinformation Killed Her" -Friend Of 29 Year-Old Kentucky Bride To Never Be, Dead Due To Covid


"Misinformation Killed Her" -Friend Of 29 Year-Old Kentucky Bride To Never Be, Dead Due To Covid
Rule of Claw
Community (This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication.)
Thursday September 16, 2021 · 9:00 AM EDT

There are roughly 332 million people in the United States today. I would say give or take, because we are about 600k short, as Covid has killed one in every 500 human beings in the country. That is sobering. I know hundreds of people, most of them, but not all, still alive after Covid. But I have never computed it until CNN did it for me.

Early on the mainstream media did a tremendous disservice by plastering headlines about how the disease was much less likely to affect the young. So the young, naturally, thought “So what?” This woman, a 29 year-old bride to be named Samantha Wendell, probably thought something similar. She probably thought she was young, so she was safe. But Delta is a game changer in that department.

Samantha Wendell could not wait for her wedding this summer. For nearly two years, the 29-year-old surgical technician had been meticulously planning every detail, from the seating chart to the Tiffany blue floral arrangements, her fiancé, Austin Eskew, said. Wendell and Eskew wanted to start a family as soon as they got married, Eskew, a correctional sergeant, said. The couple, of Grand Rivers, Kentucky, hoped to eventually have three, maybe four, children.

So when the Covid-19 vaccines came out, and some of Wendell’s co-workers said the shots caused infertility — an unfounded claim that has gained ground despite top reproductive health groups refuting it — she “just kind of panicked,” Eskew, 29, said.

Now here I will take a detour and skip to an ESPN reporter named Allison Williams, who is probably going to be mentioned more and more as we hear about the expectant moms and those trying to start a family suffering from Covid. Because you see, she is high profile, and woefully misinformed.

This woman said in public that she is putting her family and health first by not getting the vaccine, because she wants another child. (Yes my head hurts too) But there is zero evidence whatsoever to suggest that the vaccine would compromise any potential pregnancy.

So let’s return to the story of Ms. Wendell. She had co-workers, that, and this is just a guess, had Doctorates in Biochemistry from Facebook University spout off in her ear about how vaccines are bad for fertility. She listened. She hesitated.

And then she was gone-just like that..

..“Misinformation killed her,” said Maria Vibandor Hayes, 39, a cousin who lives in New Orleans and said goodbye over FaceTime before Wendell died on Sept. 10. “If we can save more lives and families’ lives, then this is the gift that she left for us to deliver.” Despite her initial hesitancy, Wendell herself had recently changed her stance on the vaccine. As the delta variant spread, causing cases to rise, and restrictions were instituted for those who were unvaccinated, she concluded in early July that it made sense to get vaccinated ahead of the couple’s honeymoon to Mexico.

She and Eskew got vaccination appointments for the end of July. In the meantime, wedding preparations continued: dress fittings, menu tastings, and a bachelorette party in Nashville, Tennessee.

She would come back from Nashville sick. She began to uncontrollably cough. She got weaker. The disease took her over. Last Friday, after being informed that her situation was hopeless, her family disconnected life support. She was so close to getting the vaccine. She had put aside the rantings of her co-workers, and chose science over rumor. She was this close.

But thanks to rumor, and misinformation, and lies, and ignorance, she was influenced just enough, just long enough, to let Covid into her body and end her life.

How do those co-workers feel do you suppose? Do they understand that their mouths, and the spouting off of them, and likely, lets face it, their insidious addiction to social media and susceptibility to miscreants likely contributed to Samantha’s death? Do they understand what they have done? Will anybody ever charge people with deliberate spreading of misinformation on social media with manslaughter?

And how many more families have to be destroyed, marriages cancelled, lives ended, tears shed, before the truth about the consequences, and the protection, finally seep in?

Or is it still just about the notifications button, and the temporary endorphin boost, the digital drug we call social media provides?

America is underdosing against Covid by overdosing on Facebook and the like.

And yes, it is deadly.

Samantha Wendell planned her whole future that never came, because the lies landed in her brain faster than the truth.

Then it was too late.

Social media misuse is undermining efforts to end this pandemic.
Posted by babylonsister | Thu Sep 16, 2021, 09:24 PM (50 replies)

After failed Larry Nassar investigation, Sen. Whitehouse questions FBI probe of Kavanaugh


After failed Larry Nassar investigation, Sen. Whitehouse questions FBI probe of Kavanaugh
Aysha Qamar
Daily Kos Staff
Wednesday September 15, 2021 · 8:36 PM EDT

Talk about perfect timing. During a hearing on the FBI’s mishandling of allegations against Larry Nassar, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse raised questions about whether the Nassar investigation was the only FBI case that was bungled. Whitehouse used the investigation of former USA Gymnastics team doctor and convicted pedophile Nassar to question the legitimacy of the FBI’s 2018 background check into Brett Kavanaugh, wondering if that investigation might have been “just as flawed.”

“It strikes me very strongly as we sit here today, and as we heard the powerful testimony earlier this morning, that the last time a woman came forward in this committee to testify to her allegations of sexual assault in her childhood, the witness was Christine Blasey Ford,” Whitehouse said.

“It appeared to me then, and it appears to me now that her testimony was swept under the rug in a confirmation stampede,” he added. “It is very possible that the FBI investigation of her allegations was just as flawed, just as constrained, just as inappropriate, as the investigation in this case.”

Whitehouse demanded answers regarding the non-investigation of then-Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh and called out FBI Director Christopher Wray over the bureau’s investigation of Ford’s allegation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were teenagers.
Whitehouse noted that he repeatedly requested more information about the FBI’s investigation into Ford’s allegations but had been ignored for two years before finally receiving a response yesterday.

“Not coincidentally, I suspect, on the eve of your appearance today,” Whitehouse said to Wray.

During the testimony against Nassar, Wray said that he felt "heartsick and furious" once he learned of the agency's failures toward pursuing justice. However, he didn’t acknowledge the fault he or the agency as a whole had in the botched investigation and blamed individuals who "betrayed the core duty that they have of protecting people." But he did vow to "make damn sure that everybody at the FBI remembers what happened here in heartbreaking detail."

Whitehouse took this as an opportunity to raise questions about Kavanaugh.

“Let’s just make sure there’s wasn’t also a botched handling of another allegation in this committee with regard to Dr. Ford,” Whitehouse said after questioning the legitimacy of investigations in the case.

But Whitehouse was not the only one. Other lawmakers also questioned Wray over the bureau’s handling of the Kavanaugh probe, including the claim that the FBI lacked the authority to conduct a deeper background investigation into the then-nominee.

Kavanaugh was confirmed to his lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court in October 2018 by a vote of 50-48, helping secure a conservative majority on the bench.

According to The Guardian, the bureau claimed that a 2010 Memorandum of Understanding prevented it from performing a deeper investigation into allegations of misconduct. According to a letter to Whitehouse and Sen. Chris Coons at the time, the FBI said that it did not have the authority under the MOU to “unilaterally conduct further investigative activity absent instructions from the requesting entity.” It claimed special instructions were needed from then-president Donald Trump under 2010 guidelines on how such investigations could be conducted.

But despite this, Whitehouse has stood his ground and even told The Guardian he would not stop asking questions until the director answers them.

“In its years-late response to our questions, the FBI leaned hard on the notion that this MOU limited its authority to be the FBI and investigate wrongdoing. Now that we have the MOU, it’s even harder to understand the Bureau’s excuses for ignoring credible information it received. Director Wray ought to be ready to answer my questions about this episode – I won’t stop asking until he does.”

Whitehouse made a promise to Ford in 2018 following Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation to pursue the thorough investigation of her sexual assault allegations. He said he would do “whatever’s in my power to make sure your claims get a full and proper investigation.” Whitehouse was suspicious that the tip line set up for information about Kavanaugh’s background was “not for real.” After issues found in Nassar’s investigation, his suspicions grew stronger.

“This wasn’t a tip line — this was a tip dump,” Whitehouse told the Boston Globe in July. “It was a garbage chute from the tip line to the White House counsel’s office, where they had no interest in conducting an investigation.”

“For those of us in the Senate, it raises questions about the trustworthiness of FBI background investigations for nominees. If this is going to turn into a situation where the FBI can tank a background investigation by sending derogatory information to the White House and Congress never finds out, that is a poor setup for Senate trust.”

Whitehouse added that the issue is still relevant three years after Kavanaugh’s confirmation because that’s how long it took for the FBI to respond to his questions. “It’s not my fault — it’s their fault,” he said. “This should have come out immediately.”
Posted by babylonsister | Thu Sep 16, 2021, 07:33 AM (36 replies)

Psaki Drills Context Into Thick Heads Of Beltway Media


9/15/21 3:11pm
Video @ link~

Psaki Drills Context Into Thick Heads Of Beltway Media
No, GOP stenographers, I mean reporters, President Biden is NOT the same as The Former Guy. Gen. Milley doesn't have to worry about, ya know, military coups with Biden.
By Aliza Worthington

I lost count of how many times Press Secretary Jen Psaki needed to explain the context in which Gen. Mark Milley went outside the official chain of command to talk to his counterpart in China, and also his fellow commanders at the Pentagon.

The context, of course, is that when that happened, he had very compelling reason. The Former Guy had just incited and given the blessing for an insurrection that saw thousands of MAGAt psychos attack the Capitol, wherein they attempted to take legislators and the Vice President of the United States hostage and kill them. All in a futile attempt to maintain power.

So, there's that little piece of important context.

You'd never know that context existed, though, from the way the press asked questions today, behaving as if Milley's actions under Trump might carry over to his service as Biden's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The compilation video above are only the second and third time Psaki was asked if Gen. Milley still had Biden's confidence, if he should be investigated, if Biden was worried Milley would do the same thing to HIM, etc. Each and every time, Psaki explained said context. You'd think it was perfectly normal for what happened under Trump to happen under Biden and every other president, from the way the press was behaving.

The first reporter in this video (the second to bring up Milley) asked, as if bewildered, what on earth will Pres. Biden do should his Joint Chiefs go outside the command structure, or decide the president is doing something unlawful?

(Remember. Trump actually was doing things that were unlawful and unconstitutional and demanding others also do those crimey things, and he was considering using the military to maintain power.)

Psaki told him, "Well, beyond this president, or any president, it's the obligation of every Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to follow the constitution to prevent unlawful military action. This president has no intention of fomenting unrest or insurrection. He has no intention of moving forward or recommending unlawful military action. He has no intention of working in a way that is outside of what his national security team, what his military commanders are aligned with him on....He has no intention of working outside of what is legally allowable. So I don't think that's gonna be an issue for this president."

Unlike The Former Guy, who held the constitution in disdain, regarded the rule of law as no better than dogsh*t on his shoe, and treated the military like his personal bouncers at Studio 54.

Another reporter asked, "Is there a point at which the criticism makes General Milley unable to continue in this role, because it is a new administration, it's a new day, and there are some questions about if he exceeded his authority?"

"Well, AGAIN, the president has complete confidence in his leadership, his patriotism, and his fidelity to our constitution," answered Psaki. "I can't speak to the former president's experience with him, or the former president's views of him. But THIS president, this CURRENT president, who FOLLOWS the constitution, who's NOT fomenting an insurrection, who FOLLOWS the rule of law, has complete confidence in Chairman Milley, and his continuing to serve in his role."

The reporter brought up criticism of Milley from Republicans, and Psaki shot her down, saying, "I don't think the president is looking for the guidance of members of Congress who stood by while the president of the United States and the leader of their party fomented an insurrection and many of them were silent."

Amazingly, they continued asking her some version of the same question about Gen. Milley fitness and Biden's faith in him. Did they think they'd wrest a different answer from her? Did their brains refused to accept and absorb the truth of the context Psaki had already provided?

Frankly, this is context their own educations and experience should have already ingrained in them — context that would have prevented them from embarrassing themselves with this stenographic repetition of GOP talking points, as if they were legitimate concerns.

It's astonishing that Psaki continues to go out there daily and treat these reporters as professionals. They very clearly are not.
Posted by babylonsister | Thu Sep 16, 2021, 07:25 AM (3 replies)

'Exit TX': Republicans' extreme politics send Texas-based tech companies into crisis mode


'Exit TX': Republicans' extreme politics send Texas-based tech companies into crisis mode
Kerry Eleveld
Daily Kos Staff
Wednesday September 15, 2021 · 1:55 PM EDT

Earlier this month, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott took to bragging that—contrary to popular belief—the state's fringe right-wing politics were actually super popular with the business community.

“People vote with their feet, and this is not slowing down businesses coming to the state of Texas at all," Abbott told CNBC’s Squawk on the Street. "In fact, it is accelerating the process of businesses coming to Texas."


Just a week later, as Tomlinson suggested, we're starting to see that the GOP's extreme politics could effectively end the state's tech industry boomlet right as the region was turning into a bona fide tech hub.

Tech companies that have already relocated to Texas are now fretting over the possibility that the state's extreme politics will hamstring their ability to recruit top talent. As the Washington Post writes, "In August, Texas had 33,843 tech job openings — the second highest in the United States after California — according to a report from the Computing Technology Industry Association. That’s up 56 percent from a year earlier.

Vivek Bhaskaran, chief executive of an Austin-based software company that produces online surveys, told the Post the company was already finding it "extremely challenging" to attract tech workers to the state. The abortion ban, Bhaskaran said, "seems like an extremely unnecessary conversation we’re going to have to have."

In fact, just two days after the ban went into effect, Bhaskaran convened a virtual town hall for female employees of the company, QuestionPro, and told them the company would pick up the cost of any abortion services they sought out of state.

The company's director of marketing, Crystal Wiese, said the town hall was comforting on one level but disconcerting on another.

“There was a reassuring feeling, but it’s not the kind of conversation you expect to have with your CEO," she said.

Similar to Bhaskaran, the chief executive of the Dallas-based dating app Match is working to cover employee costs for anyone traveling out of state for abortion services. Chief executive Shar Dubey, who immigrated to America from India a quarter-century ago, circulated a company memo blasting the abortion ban.

"I am shocked that I now live in a state where women’s reproductive laws are more regressive than most of the world, including India,” Dubey wrote. “Surely everyone should see the danger of this highly punitive and unfair law.”

The Texas abortion ban also prompted Salesforce chief executive Marc Benioff to send a Slack message to employees nationwide saying the company would help employees and their immediate families move to another state if they felt reproductive healthcare wasn't accessible enough where they lived. Benioff later explicitly invoked Texas in a tweet offering to help staff "exit TX."

The Post also talked to workers who have either moved to Texas or considered it. To say that GOP governance of the state isn’t exactly a draw would be an understatement.

Valerie Veteto, a freelance copywriter specializing in tech writing, relocated to Austin from San Francisco just last fall. Guess what? The hip vibe and lower cost of living aren't worth the tradeoff for the state's right-wing bent and governmental incompetence. Between the great power grid freeze earlier this year and fringe GOP politics, Veteto and her boyfriend are hightailing it to New York City.

San Diego-based David Panarelli, a user experience designer, had also considered making the move with his wife. But they balked at the Texas GOP's handling of the pandemic, immigration, and other issues. The abortion ban was the final nail in the coffin.

“If I’m in a situation where I have to make an extremely irreversible decision, I don’t want anyone making that decision for me,” Panarelli told the Post. “It’s not about women. It’s about human rights.”

Seems like banning abortions, targeting voters of color, freezing your constituents to death, and ensuring the pandemic would flourish in your state isn't the hot seller Abbott says it is.
Posted by babylonsister | Wed Sep 15, 2021, 06:38 PM (6 replies)

Trump Aides Aim To Build GOP Opposition To Afghan Refugees

09/15/2021 08:33 am ET
Trump Aides Aim To Build GOP Opposition To Afghan Refugees
The former president has insisted that the refugees are a threat. Trump adviser Stephen Miller said his focus is on convincing members of Congress.

WASHINGTON (AP) — As tens of thousands of Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban arrive in the U.S., a handful of former Trump administration officials are working to turn Republicans against them.

The former officials are writing position papers, appearing on conservative television outlets and meeting privately with GOP lawmakers — all in an effort to turn the collapse of Afghanistan into another opportunity to push a hard-line immigration agenda.

“It is a collaboration based on mutual conviction,” said Stephen Miller, the architect of President Donald Trump’s most conservative immigration policies and among those engaged on the issue. “My emphasis has been in talking to members of Congress to build support for opposing the Biden administration’s overall refugee plans.”

The approach isn’t embraced by all Republican leaders, with some calling it mean-spirited and at odds with Christian teachings that are important to the white evangelicals who play a critical role in the party’s base. The strategy relies on tactics that were commonplace during Trump’s tenure and that turned off many voters, including racist tropes, fear-mongering and false allegations.

And the hard-liners pay little heed to the human reality unfolding in Afghanistan, where those who worked with Americans during the war are desperate to flee for fear they could be killed by the new Taliban regime.

But the Republicans pushing the issue are betting they can open a new front in the culture wars they have been fighting since President Joe Biden’s election by combining the anti-immigrant sentiment that helped fuel Trump’s political rise with widespread dissatisfaction with the Afghan withdrawal. That, they hope, could keep GOP voters motivated heading into next year’s midterms, when control of Congress is at stake.


Posted by babylonsister | Wed Sep 15, 2021, 10:48 AM (10 replies)

Eric Boehlert: Zero lessons learned --New York Times gives GOP a pass on election lies

Zero lessons learned —New York Times gives GOP a pass on election lies
Words matter
Eric Boehlert
1 hr ago


Last winter, even as Trump actively tried to engineer the open theft of a presidential contest, and held White House discussions with deranged, conspiracy-peddling advisers, news outlets kept producing ho-hum updates about Trump’s “tactics,” his vague “moves” and “chicanery”; his “quixotic” legal “strategy,” and how he was “sulking” and “brooding” inside the White House. One Politico dispatch even dismissed Trump’s erratic post-election behavior as little more than “bad sportsmanship."

Except that “chicanery” and “bad sportsmanship” soon led to a deadly coup attempt at the U.S. Capitol, as violent Trump fanatics tried to overturn the election results.

The Times California recall article last week was a textbook example in how not to cover obvious blatant lies, but at least the report addressed them. Days later, in its California recall election page-one finale, the paper made no mention of the fact that the leading Republican candidate in the race was actively spreading doubt about the election results being trustworthy. Somehow that did not garner a single mention.

The Times has hardly been alone in falling down on this story. The Washington Post recently announced, “California’s Recall Becomes the New Epicenter of Unfounded Fraud Claims,” and refused to call the lies “lies.” CNN highlighted “voter fraud fabrications” in California, “baseless election fraud claims,” and “debunked claims.”

This media malfeasance — the downplaying —unfolds as stunned scholars warn us that Republicans are putting American democracy at risk with their unprecedented and brazen attacks on free and fair elections.


Posted by babylonsister | Wed Sep 15, 2021, 09:13 AM (3 replies)

Democratic Combat Vet Running Against Madison Cawthorn Calls Him A Traitor


Posted on Tue, Sep 14th, 2021 by Jason Easley
Democratic Combat Vet Running Against Madison Cawthorn Calls Him A Traitor
Josh Remillard, a combat veteran and Democrat running against Rep. Madison Cawthorn, called insurrection inciter a traitor.

Remillard said:

I’m sick of politicians who send us to war and don’t take care of us when we come home. And I’m sick of people like Madison Cawthorn who betray the democracy that I fought to defend and that my friend Brice died for. Madison Cawthorn is a traitor, and I’m the guy to get him out of Congress.

Look at what Madison Cawthorn has done. He incited violence and hate by encouraging insurrectionists, admiring Hitler, and calling for ‘bloodshed,’ and now we have Swastika- and machete-bearing criminals at the Capitol and a second rally this week. This is not a coincidence, and he’s got to go.

Rep. Cawthorn is planning another attack on the Capitol. The freshman congressman is one of Trump’s most loyal devotees and betrayers of democracy.

Josh Remillard is one of a number of Democrats who are vying to face Cawthorn next year.

Remillard lived in foster care, was adopted by his grandparents, and then served his country in Iraq and Afghanistan.

His patriotism and willingness to defend his country has already been proven in war, and if he becomes the Democratic nominee, he will offer voters in North Carolina’s 11th District the choice between a combat vet and a domestic terrorist.
Posted by babylonsister | Wed Sep 15, 2021, 08:45 AM (63 replies)

Florida woman faces five years in prison for threatening to kill {Vice President} Harris

Florida woman faces five years in prison for threatening to kill Harris
By Cameron Jenkins - 09/14/21 09:37 AM EDT

A former Florida nurse is facing five years in prison after pleading guilty to threatening to kill Vice President Kamala Harris.

Niviane Petit Phelps, a mother of three, made multiple threats to Harris's life just days after she and President Biden were sworn into office. She created and sent several videos to her husband in prison in which she said she was paid to kill Harris and that the vice president's "days are numbered."

"Kamala Harris you are going to die. Your days are numbered already. Someone paid me $53,000 just to f--- you up and I'm gonna take the, I'm gonna do the job, okay," Phelps said at the time.

She was arrested in April after a criminal complaint was filed against her. On Friday, Phelps pleaded guilty to six counts of making threats against the vice president, according to the Washington Post.


Posted by babylonsister | Tue Sep 14, 2021, 10:08 AM (16 replies)

US steps up effort to unite families separated under Trump

US steps up effort to unite families separated under Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration is expanding its effort to find and reunite migrant families who were separated at the U.S.-Mexico border under President Donald Trump as part of a zero-tolerance policy on illegal crossings.

A federal task force is launching a new program Monday that officials say will expand efforts to find parents, many of whom are in remote Central American communities, and help them return to the United States, where they will get at least three years of legal residency and other assistance.

“We recognize that we can’t make these families completely whole again,” said Michelle Brané, executive director of the administration’s Family Reunification Task Force. “But we want to do everything we can to put them on a path towards a better life.”

The new program, which includes a contract with the International Organization for Migration to help with the often-complex task of getting expelled migrants back to the U.S., is a reflection of just how difficult it has been for President Joe Biden’s administration to address a chapter in U.S. immigration history that drew widespread condemnation.


Posted by babylonsister | Tue Sep 14, 2021, 06:59 AM (1 replies)
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