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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 53,009

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US Christian group (ICOC) accused of covering up sexual abuse of minors

US Christian group accused of covering up sexual abuse of minors
Lawsuits claim International Churches of Christ leaders failed to report as well as plotted to conceal abuse of women and children


“What happened to your girls isn’t that big of a deal,” a church elder allegedly told a mother of two young girls who were sexually assaulted on church grounds, according to a February filing. “Most girls have been molested by the time they reach 18.”

Five women filed a complaint in December that said the ICOC failed to stop convicted pedophile and church member David Saracino from sexually assaulting them when they were between the ages of four and 17.

Anyone else surprised?

Assuming no widespread violence/protests or coup-ing....

Think that would deflate traitor trump’s ego and eventually he’d slink away?

Anyone still with a perfect March Madness bracket...

Get to Vegas. Now!

Buy powerball tickets!

OMG! China is providing weapons to ... China!!

Kellyanne: People should know the news today. The White House won't tell them. It was revealed that China is sending body armor and other weapons of war to China

cuckoo. cuckoo. cuckoo.

Maybe she’s a few boxes in with Judge Jeanine

Thread on Biden re: Willow drilling (Biden had no leverage re Willow. Lease was signed decades ago)


Biden had no leverage re Willow. Lease was signed decades ago; courts overturned drill bans.

He could have challenged in court and delayed it 6mos, or he could negotiate and make it less bad.

He made it a LOT less bad.

You’re not an environmentalist if you’re mad about that.

Link below detailing how Biden slashed Willow by 40% while permanently protecting sensitive land.

All this on top of passing IRA and Infrastructure, representing the largest climate investment in world history.

This is an environmentalist president.

Interior Department Substantially Reduces Scope of Willow Project
Drill Pads Reduced by 40%; ConocoPhillips to Relinquish Rights to 68,000 Acres of Existing Leases

From that DOI link
The Department is substantially reducing the size of the project by denying two of the five drill sites proposed by ConocoPhillips, which is seeking to develop oil and gas leases it acquired beginning in the late 1990s. The company will also relinquish rights to approximately 68,000 acres of its existing leases in the NPR-A, including approximately 60,000 acres in the Teshekpuk Lake Special Area.

A different take on shopping at WalMart?

Many complaints exist all over about WalMart in general. I've been in some pretty sketchy stores and I've been in danged nice brand-new ones. It all depends upon the location of the store. A new one by me in the middle of all western Orlando suburbs. Cheapest houses are in the $300k range. and I mean cheapest.

But, fwiw, I had a GREAT experience there the other day.

I was looking for the plugin scent things and I kept thinking "plug-in candle". I asked a woman for assistance but she didn't understand English very well. She brought out her phone and opened a translate app and I spoke in "plug in candle" and she (mind you, she was also pushing a heavy cart of boxes she was unloading and she pushed the cart with us the whole way instead of leaving it where it was) took me to where the candles and oils were and I knew that wasn't it.

For some reason, Glade or Renuzit or whatever their names are were eluding me but I finally pulled up a picture of what I wanted and she took me all the over to the grocery side where all of those are kept (pushing that heavy cart along the way again)

I thanked her profusely.

There are some people who just really care to help

Smith and Wesson Tweets pic of "tactical athlete". It's a Proud Boys domestic terrorist!


So Smith and Wesson locked down comments on this tweet but didn’t delete the tweet

Sure looks like @Smith_WessonInc supports white supremacist groups and domestic terrorists
GEMTECH® innovation, Smith & Wesson® manufacturing.
Perce|eption Brand creates apparel + goods for the tactical athlete. https:// perceeptionbrand. com


BAY RIDGE, Brooklyn (WABC) -- Multiple people were struck and injured by a U-Haul truck in Brooklyn and police now say the driver was demonstrating irrational behavior before the incident.

The suspect is a 62-year-old homeless man that may have been living in the U-Haul truck, according to police.

When they attempted to pull him over he told police that he wanted to die and fled the scene driving onto the sidewalk

He struck multiple pedestrians at different locations in Bay Ridge near 5th Avenue and Bay Ridge Parkway by a U-Haul

I ate a kid's meal at McDonald's yesterday

His mom got really angry at me

Gov moRon DeFascist really trying to stick it to Reedy Creek (Disney)

Here is what we know
The bill proposes a “Board of Supervisors” that will consist of five members “appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate.” It also states that no person who has worked with/for a theme park or entertainment complex “within the past 3 years” can serve on the board.

It clearly states, “Reedy Creek Improvement District is not dissolved as of June 1” but will continue in “full force” under its new name.

The governor appoints all 5 board members.

The current board has 5 members: Donald R. Greer, Leila Jammal, Jane Adams, Laurence C. Hames Maximiano Brito, and they all have terms that expire in May 2025 except Brito (May 2023).

The bill also states, “members may not serve more than 3 consecutive terms.” Current board member Greer has been on board since 1975.

For a transitional period of no longer than two years from the effective date of this act, the district may continue doing business using “Reedy Creek Improvement District” as a fictitious name to provide sufficient time for the district to make the necessary change.
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