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A very good boy doing security in D.C.


Taliban has a navy now

Taliban in Bamyan Province…

(These photos are real)

??? so many questions???



Journalists rally draws to a close...

Alright, rally was uneventful. I’d be willing to bet there more reporters than protesters. The few speakers hit the expected notes, talking about “political prisoners” and insisting they don’t condone violence and only want justice for those they claimed were unjustly imprisoned


Two dozen dumbass cosplayers who blew off history class surrounded by 50 photographers.

When the "cancelled majority" that allegedly got cheated out of re-electing the worst President in American history turns out to be two dozen dumbass cosplayers who blew off history class surrounded by 50 photographers.


Laura Loomer has COVID.

Because karma, as she most always does, delivers.

Hey Marco Rubio and Glenn Greenwald, This Is the Real Problem With Milley, Trump, & Nuclear Weapons

by David Corn September 18, 2021

A huge mushroom cloud rises above Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands following an atomic test blast conducted by the US military in 1946. AP

Some of us have worried about Donald Trump and nuclear weapons for years—long before this week’s dustup over the revelation in a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa that Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, believing Trump had become unhinged after the January 6 riot, took secret action to limit his ability to launch a nuclear strike. I’ve written repeatedly about the frightening prospect of having an erratic, psychologically damaged person, often driven by revenge, possessing the power to destroy the world on his own say-so. In August 2017, I asked in a headline, “Can Anyone Stop Trump From Launching Nuclear Weapons?” The answer: not without a full-scale military mutiny. Milley’s move—he told senior military officials in the Pentagon war room not to accept launch orders from Trump unless he was involved—was no mutiny. It did, though, violate the rules; he is not within the chain of command when it comes to pushing the nuclear button. If Trump—or any other president—decides it’s Armageddon time, that’s it. No questions asked. Ka-boom. Big time. Human civilization could be over. This is the true outrage, not Milley’s defiance of S.O.P.

So technically and legally he exceeded his authority. But what would you have him do? Stand by and watch a madman blow up the world?

The command and control system we have puts him in an impossible position: Follow the rules and see the world destroyed or break the rules and violate his oath of office. It’s the insane procedures we have that are to blame, not Milley. We have to change them.


Rubio and Greenwald are right that Milley crossed a line and engaged in a power grab. This does lead to an obvious argument: If the US military undermines civilian control regarding this matter, it could do so in many other ways. You know, the slippery slope. Yet there are no other matters quite like the decision to engage in nuclear warfare. It’s a slope all its own. A far greater threat to the nation than a military commander (in the final days of a presidency led by a deranged fellow) implementing against-the-rules safeguards to prevent nuclear war is the ongoing threat of a system in which one man, no matter his state of mind, can annihilate the planet. There is a 25th Amendment procedure to remove an unwell and potentially dangerous president, but it is a cumbersome process that probably could not be invoked quickly during a crisis. That leaves us with what we now can call Milley’s Choice. Until we address the profound underlying problem, the nation—and the entire world—will be at greater risk.


OC SoCal: Majority-Vietnamese precinct swung an average of 30% from Trump in 2020 to No on recall

With all in person votes now counted, the swing in Orange County's ethnic communities is even more stark.

Majority-Vietnamese precinct swung an average of 30% from Trump in 2020 to No on the recall.

Precincts with significant Korean-American voters swung an average of 7%.

Nice Map:

This quote from TFG brings back some rage

Trump flipped out on Paul Ryan for condemning white supremacists after Charlottesville. Trump was apoplectic, according to 'Peril'.

"These people love me. These are my people," Trump raged. "I can't backstab the people who support me."


MY STATE! California Democrats haven't lost a statewide race in 15 years

THAT's The Headline Folks!

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The results of Tuesday’s recall election in which California Gov. Gavin Newsom defeated an attempt to remove him from office look all too familiar to the state’s enfeebled Republicans — they were embarrassed again by Democrats, who haven’t lost a statewide race in 15 years.

The returns were incomplete Wednesday — about 26% remained uncounted — but Newsom’s 2.5 million-vote lead gave him an insurmountable lead. It was business as usual for him a day after his victory. He visited an Alameda County school to talk about the pandemic and investments in education, two key issues for him.

For the state GOP, it once again was a time to evaluate what went wrong. Despite pre-election polls showing high enthusiasm among Republican voters for an election that was driven by GOP activists, only 36% voted to remove Newsom. That preliminary result fell into a predictable range for statewide elections in recent years – an unwelcome sign for the party as it looks for a comeback.

When then-Democratic candidate Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump in California in 2020, he grabbed 63.5% of the vote, compared to 34.3% for Trump. It was similar in 2018 statewide races, when no Republicans seeking top offices were able to break 40% of the vote.


A picture worth a thousand words and likely thousands of lives :

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