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Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 12:18 AM
Number of posts: 74,622

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'You ruined my day, bro!' Drunk airline passenger whines about being arrested after punching a cop

According to TMZ, an intoxicated man was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after getting into a fight with police when he was denied boarding by Delta Air Lines.

"Police were called and they tried escorting him out of the terminal, but when they all got to the bottom of the escalator, he attacked an officer," said the report. "The man struggles with LAX police officers for several minutes as they try subduing him."

The incident reportedly occurred on Thursday night.

"I'm not going to comply until you tell me why," the man says in the video. "... because of people like you. You ruined my f*cking night, dude. You ruined my whole f*cking day, bro. Now I have to travel a whole other day." .............(more)


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