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Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 12:18 AM
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This is your brain on lies: Why liars get better at lying with practice

This is your brain on lies: Why liars get better at lying with practice
From pathological liars to Trumpian gaslighters, brain studies show practice makes perfect

NOVEMBER 22, 2020 3:00PM

(Salon) The last five years have been a master class in gaslighting. For those of us who came into the Trump Era with some personal experience with narcissists, emotional abusers and flat out liars, it has been a jarringly familiar time.

For those who previously had the luxury of expecting honesty of others, this has been a sharp learning curve. We all now know exactly what it feels like to be on the receiving end of untruth so blatant and shameless it makes us question ourselves. We know what it's like to hear a falsehood repeated so insistently it almost becomes convincing. We get it from the highest levels of government, from cable news networks, from our radicalized relatives and neighbors. And we know the confusion, self-doubt and fear that come with long term exposure to what liars like to call "alternative facts."

It feels pretty crappy. But what does it feel like for the liars? How can they keep spinning their BS with such shocking ease and conviction?


But toxic people, people with antisocial personality disorder, people with pseudologia fantastica (a.k.a. pathological liars) lie for other reasons, and they do it a lot. They lie to gain control in their relationships. They lie to self exonerate and to justify their behavior. And the more they do it, the better they get at it, and the bigger their lies can become.


The other key component of chronic lying is that it often resides in the same neighborhood as delusion. Individuals with delusional disorders have "fixed beliefs that do not change, even when presented with conflicting evidence," and oh boy, there is no shortage of a spectrum of unchanging fixed beliefs here in our country right now. This is why gaslighting is so persuasive. It's the blatant, brazen confidence that only people who really put in their ten thousand hours of bald faced lying and genuine dissociation from reality can deliver that sells it. ........(more)


Looks like Jarvanka are trying to find a way back to society post-election

Ivanka Trump is among a growing number of President Donald Trump’s close advisers who want nothing to do with his legal efforts to subvert the results of the Nov. 3 election, according to a new report.

These advisers may publicly act as though they believe Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani can pull some kind of courtroom miracle to prove widely debunked claims of election fraud, Axios reported.

“But talk to them privately, and many say Rudy Giuliani and his team are on a dead-end path,” Axios writers Jonathan Swan and Alayna Treene said.

“Even Jared and Ivanka think this is going nowhere,” Swan and Treene said, citing people who have spoken to Trump’s daughter and son-in-law, Jared Kushner. .......(more)


Trump tweets undermine Michigan leaders; images show Chatfield drinking at Trump hotel

(Detroit Free Press) Public skepticism that Michigan's Republican legislative leaders focused on COVID-19 assistance during a Friday meeting with President Donald Trump was only amplified Saturday, when Trump's tweets implied the election was also a topic of discussion.

Photographs of House Speaker Lee Chatfield drinking and sitting, unmasked, with others at the Trump International Hotel — and the lawmakers not elaborating on what, if anything, the president asked about Michigan election results — also drew the ire of people already dubious that the president did not try to persuade the lawmakers in his ongoing efforts to undermine the will of voters.

Chatfield, R-Levering, and state Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, met with Trump Friday afternoon at the White House. After the meeting, the pair issued a statement that said, in part, "we have not yet been made aware of any information that would change the outcome of the election in Michigan."

President-elect Joe Biden earned approximately 154,000 more votes in the state than Trump. .................(more)


Trump's monumental sulk: president retreats from public eye as Covid ravages US

Trump's monumental sulk: president retreats from public eye as Covid ravages US
Two weeks after his defeat, Trump has gone from always present to effectively missing, behavior that many say is unprecedented and dangerous

David Smith in Washington
Sat 21 Nov 2020 03.00 EST

(Guardian UK) There was one thing that even Donald Trump’s harshest critics were never able to accuse him of: invisibility.

The outgoing US president held endless campaign rallies, verbally sparred with reporters on the way to his helicopter and spent so long on the phone to Fox News shows that even pliable hosts had to gently but firmly hang up. He was the master of saturating every news cycle with his voice and image.

Yet two weeks after his defeat by Joe Biden in the election, Trump has effectively gone missing in action. Day after day passes without a public sighting. He does not hold press conferences any more. He has even stopped calling into conservative media.

For critics, it is evidence of a monumental sulk as Trump contemplates his imminent loss of power and exit from the White House. In their view, it is also a staggering abrogation of responsibility as the coronavirus pandemic surges to new highs, infecting more than 158,000 Americans – and killing in excess of 1,100 – every day. ............(more)


Trump admits Michigan rep/sen met to discuss coup

(Detroit Metro Times) On Friday, Michigan state Senate Majority Leader and House Speaker Lee Chatfield agreed to meet at White House at President Donald Trump's behest, a move that was met with intense backlash.

Since losing the election, Trump has for weeks alleged widespread voter fraud in Michigan, a state he lost to Joe Biden by about 150,000 votes. He has not yet produced any evidence of this alleged fraud, but he and his supporters have pointed to typical and minor discrepancies with the vote tally in Detroit as proof that something must be amiss.

Shirkey and Chatfield have defended their decision to meet with the President in a statement, and downplayed that discussing overturning the results of the 2020 election was on the agenda. They claim to have gone to the White House primarily to discuss federal coronavirus aid for Michigan.

Tucked in the fifth paragraph is a passing mention to investigations into Michigan's elections:

“The President of the United States extended invitations to us on Wednesday evening. We each accepted his invitation as we would accept an invitation from any sitting President if asked to meet at the White House. We were proud to be joined by our colleagues to represent Michigan in our nation’s capital.

“We used our time in the White House to deliver a letter to President Trump making clear our support for additional federal funds to help Michigan in the fight against COVID-19. We have since sent the same correspondence to congressional leaders.

“Months ago, Michigan received funds through the federal CARES Act, and we used that funding to quickly support front line workers, improve testing, ensure adequate PPE, provide additional support to out-of-work Michiganders, and deliver assistance to local businesses that are struggling through no fault of their own. We once again face a time in our state when additional support would go a long way to help those same residents who need our help.

“We highlighted our commitment to appropriating further federal dollars to Michiganders most in need as we continue to deal with the impact of COVID-19. We also emphasized our commitment to fiscal responsibility in the state budget as we move forward.

“The Senate and House Oversight Committees are actively engaged in a thorough review of Michigan’s elections process and we have faith in the committee process to provide greater transparency and accountability to our citizens. We have not yet been made aware of any information that would change the outcome of the election in Michigan and as legislative leaders, we will follow the law and follow the normal process regarding Michigan’s electors, just as we have said throughout this election.

“Michigan’s certification process should be a deliberate process free from threats and intimidation. Allegations of fraudulent behavior should be taken seriously, thoroughly investigated, and if proven, prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And the candidates who win the most votes win elections and Michigan’s electoral votes. These are simple truths that should provide confidence in our elections.”

The two Congressmen admit they "have not yet been made aware of any information that would change the outcome of the election in Michigan and as legislative leaders, we will follow the law and follow the normal process regarding Michigan’s electors, just as we have said throughout this election." But that they went to the White House to discuss COVID-19 — and alleged election fraud was just a minor itinerary item — seems highly unlikely, however. .............(more)


Kelly Loeffler marketed derivatives during Great Recession at world's most notorious tax haven

(Salon) Months after the Great Recession brought the global economy to its knees, a financial management company called International Exchange (ICE) created a way for the world's biggest banks to keep trading in the very financial instruments that contributed to the crisis in the first place.

To help those clients duck U.S. tax laws, ICE created an offshore entity in the Cayman Islands, and registered it in a building known as Ugland House — one of the most notorious locations for offshore tax shelters.

Salon reported in September that Sen. Kelly Loeffler, the ultra-wealthy unelected Georgia senator who faces a heated runoff this January, helped establish and market that tax dodge and give the banks a new lease on derivatives trading. In 2009, Loeffler was the top communications and marketing officer at ICE, and had been married to the company's founder and CEO, Jerry Sprecher, for several years. They bought a $10.5 million mansion that year.

(Sprecher is the chair of the New York Stock Exchange, of which ICE is the parent company. The couple is worth between $800 million and $1 billion, per Forbes, an extravagant amount that has made Loeffler a target of political rivals.)

Though ICE pushes back against the notion that its clearinghouse allows companies to avoid U.S. taxation, the new disclosure of its use of Ugland House — for years pilloried and parodied as one of the most egregious examples of an offshore tax dodge in the world — sharpens questions about the company's true intent. ...........(more)


Rudy Giuliani's quixotic frenzy has observers wondering if he may need Trump's protection

(Salon) Erstwhile LifeLock spokesperson Rudy Giuliani on Thursday emceed a 90-minute Trump campaign press conference at Republican National Committee headquarters, where he and Sidney Powell, the red-pilled lead lawyer for Michael Flynn's defense team, espoused outright lies and fringe conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump's electoral loss under high-powered media lights.

At one point, brown-tinged liquid inched down Giuliani's cheeks after hair coloring appeared to sweat off the man formerly known as "America's mayor."

There is no evidence of voter fraud in the presidential election, according to election officials in every state. President-elect Joe Biden won with a record-setting 80 million ballots, posting a margin of victory of nearly six million votes over Trump.


CNN analyst Joe Lockhart suggested that Giuliani, who has over the last two years aligned himself with foreign agents and indicted felons, might need Trump's protection.

"One explanation of why Rudy is doing what Rudy is doing? He needs a pardon and he's trying to earn it," Lockhart tweeted.

A CNN report on Thursday included a passage indicating that Giuliani had recently come under renewed federal scrutiny. .............(more)


The 'market' won't save us from climate disaster. We must rethink our system

(Guardian UK) The massive wildfires that have been rampaging across the American west this year are not purely natural disasters. They are partly products of the unnatural disaster of climate change – “unnatural”, in that the ultimate responsibility for global warming belongs not to physics but to our economic system. Nicholas Stern, the former chief economist of the World Bank, calls climate change the “greatest and widest-ranging market failure ever seen”. Sadly, climate change is only one – albeit a whopper – of the countless market failures that degrade our lives.

Though it sounds like a generic phrase, “market failure” is actually a technical term. It doesn’t refer to scams like insider trading or corporate fraud. A failure occurs when the marketplace allocates resources in a way that does not optimally deliver wellbeing. We understandably focus a lot of attention on the depredations of greedy tycoons and corporations, but many of the most consequential market failures stem from innate characteristics of our current market system.

Many of us probably already have a gut feeling that our current market system often fails. In order to build a more sustainable, just and prosperous economy, however, it’s vital that we better comprehend the shortcomings deep in the market’s DNA. Greater awareness would reduce blind faith in the market and enable people to see the market for what it is: a tool. It can be an excellent tool when used for the right job, but relying on the market to deal with something like climate change is like trying to pound nails with a saw.

One major inherent flaw involves communication. In an ideal version of the market, continuous indirect communication between consumers and producers leads to the best allocation of society’s resources. Consumers make their desires known by the prices they’re willing to pay, and producers convey their costs by the prices they charge. ..............(more)


"It means absolutely nothing" - the Wayne County Repug assholes' affidavits to rescind their votes

(Detroit Free Press) Both Republican members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers signed affidavits late Wednesday saying they want to rescind their votes to certify the county's election results.

It is not clear what effect, if any, the affidavits have.

"It means absolutely nothing," said Jonathan Kinloch, a Democratic member of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, who said the affidavits are a ploy to be used in an existing or future lawsuit.

Kinloch said the board even approved a second motion waiving reconsideration of the certification. "We had a definite deadline of 14 days to certify, and they knew that. This is now out of our purview," he said. .........(more)


New legal filing asks court to allow Trump campaign to count Pennsylvania's mail-in-ballots

President Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign has issued a new legal filing asking the court to allow them to personally count the mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania.

“Due to confusion caused by the withdrawal of Plaintiffs’ lead counsel on Friday, Nov. 13, the Amended Complaint filed on Nov. 15 inadvertently withdrew numerous allegations contained in the original Complaint regarding the preclusion of observers at the canvassing of mail votes and the subsequent improper counting of mail votes in the seven Defendant County Boards of Election,” the court document states.

“Moreover, with the appearance of new counsel, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the Scaringi Firm, and new factual developments, the Campaign intends to file a second amended complaint to make clear that there was intentional misconduct by the Defendant Boards of Election, which deliberately excluded Republican/Trump observers from the canvassing in order to facilitate counting mail ballots which did not comport with the signature, date, and other requirements of Pennsylvania law,” the document continues. .............(more)


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