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Global Agribusiness is Devouring the World's Last Forests. We Need Local Food Systems, Now.

from In These Times:

Global Agribusiness is Devouring the World’s Last Forests. We Need Local Food Systems, Now.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published by Mongabay News and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.

It was the middle of the afternoon in one of the world’s largest metropolises when the sky went black. Thousands of miles away, tens of thousands of fires raged, plunging Sao Paolo into darkness. For some, the blackout of Brazil’s largest city was a sign of humanity’s destructive course. A month later, across the globe in Indonesia, entire villages were swallowed by blood-red skies. Reports likened the Mars-like scenes to something from an apocalyptic film.

Last year in Brazil, fires set by illegal loggers and ranchers – and encouraged by neo-fascist President Jair Bolsonaro – were the worst in a decade. The burning Amazon sparked international protests and condemnation. Over 40,000 fires ravaged the lungs of the earth, blazing the path for soy and cattle production to expand ever deeper into the forest.

In Indonesia, palm oil companies that routinely drain peatlands and raze forests were once again guilty of burning large swaths of land for plantations. One report stated that 900,000 people suffered respiratory problems caused by smoke from the blazes.

All told in 2019, nearly 10,000 square miles of forests were destroyed between the Amazon and Indonesia. The impacts have been dire: increased greenhouse gases emissions, greater encroachment on Indigenous Peoples’ lands, and further destruction of endangered species habitat. .................(more)


The Head of the South Dakota AFL-CIO Routinely Posts Ultra Right-Wing Memes on Facebook

(In These Times) Duwayne Wohlleber is the president of the South Dakota AFL-CIO, a role that makes him, in effect, the highest-ranking labor leader in the state. Wohlleber is also fond of posting right wing memes on Facebook—recently, celebrating the Confederate flag, praising law enforcement, and joking about shooting “rioters.”

South Dakota, where less than 7% of workers are represented by unions, has one of the lowest union densities of any state outside of the South. Like most places in America, union strength has been declining there for years, particularly in industrial jobs. It is not as though there is not a pressing need in South Dakota for stronger organized labor and the workplace protections it provides. The Smithfield pork factory in Sioux Falls became national news this year when it was struck with a severe (and deadly) coronavirus outbreak, a harsh example of what is at stake when it comes to workplace safety.

Though South Dakota is 85% white, the Smithfield workforce is full of immigrants from all over the world. Black Lives Matter protests have happened in Sioux Falls this month. It is fair to ask whether Duwayne Wohlleber is the best person to be the face of the state’s labor movement. Screenshots from Wohlleber’s Facebook page, provided to In These Times, show that he frequently posts right wing content, including many recent posts that decry that anti-racism protests that have been ongoing for the past several weeks. ............(more)


Lindsey Graham catches the vapors over the prospect of D.C. statehood

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WCBD) – On Monday, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) commented on recent legislation passed by the House of Representatives that would grant statehood to Washington, DC.

The legislation would “elevate DC to a state and provide its residents with two voting members in the US Senate.” Graham said that these two members, whom he assumes will be Democrats, would “(cancel) out the votes of a state like South Carolina with two Republican Senators.”

Graham described the move as “a brazen power grab by the Democratic Party to change the makeup of Congress in a manner that is detrimental to South Carolina and every other state.” He said that DC was “established as a neutral venue to conduct the affairs of the nation,” and therefore, “the effort, on its face, is unconstitutional.” ............(more)


Fox News host: Trump is bleeding support and 'might drop out of the race'

(Raw Story) Fox News host Trace Gallagher suggested on Monday that President Donald Trump “might drop out” of the 2020 presidential race.

Gallagher made the remarks after a Fox News report speculated that Trump could exit the race “if his poll numbers don’t improve.”

“President Trump’s poll numbers declining in recent weeks amid criticism of his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic,” the Fox News host said, “which is leading some speculation that if his support keeps falling, the president might drop out of the race.” .....(more)


Who has had a covid antibody test?

Little signs lead me to believe I might have been infected back in February, so I'm going to get one this week.

Cue the orchestra......

Exclusive: NRA has shed 200 staffers this year as group faces financial crisis

(Guardian UK) After spending over $30m to help elect Donald Trump in 2016, the National Rifle Association faces a deepening financial crisis with over 200 staff layoffs and furloughs in 2020, according to three NRA sources, gun analysts and documents.

The situation is likely to hinder efforts by the gun rights group to help Trump and other Republicans win in November’s election.

The 200-plus layoffs and furloughs, which have not previously been reported and were mainly at NRA headquarters in Virginia, were spurred by declines in revenues and fundraising, heavy legal spending, political infighting, and charges of insider self-dealing under scrutiny by attorneys general in New York and Washington DC, the sources say.

“The widespread Covid layoffs and furloughs have further harmed both the NRA’s legal capacity and political influence beyond what was already a troubling deterioration,” said one NRA official who requested anonymity to discuss internal matters. The official added the outlook this year for NRA political spending was “deeply concerning.” ............(more)


Tom Cotton says Wyoming is more American (hint hint) than Washington D.C.

(CNN)Sen. Tom Cotton argued on Thursday that Wyoming, which he called a "well-rounded working-class state," is more deserving of statehood than the District of Columbia, even though the nation's capital has more citizens.

"Wyoming is smaller than Washington by population, but it has three times as many workers in mining, logging and construction, and 10 times as many workers in manufacturing. In other words, Wyoming is a well-rounded working-class state. A new state of Washington would not be," the Arkansas Republican said on the Senate floor.

Advocates of DC statehood point to the fact that residents pay taxes to the federal government but don't have representation in the US Senate and only have one non-voting delegate representing them in the US House. But Cotton argued that Democrats are only pushing for DC statehood so they can "have two new Democratic senators in perpetuity" and to "rig the rule of our democracy." .........(more)


Violence by far-right is among US's most dangerous terrorist threats, study finds

(Guardian UK) Violence by far-right groups and individuals has emerged as one of the most dangerous terrorist threats faced by US law enforcement and triggered a wave of warnings and arrests of people associated with those extremist movements.

The most recent in-depth analysis of far-right terrorism comes from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

In a report released last week, the Escalating Terrorism Problem in the United States, CSIS analyses 25 years of domestic terrorism incidents and finds that the majority of attacks and plots have come from the far right.

The report says “the majority of all terrorist incidents in the United States since 1994, and the total number of rightwing attacks and plots has grown significantly during the past six years”, with the far right launching two-thirds of attacks and plots in 2019, and 90% of those in 2020. ...........(more)


'The Confederacy of California': life in the valley where Robert Fuller was found hanged

'The Confederacy of California': life in the valley where Robert Fuller was found hanged
Racism has been sewn into the fabric of southern California’s Antelope Valley for generations. But a national reckoning with police brutality offers hope

Vivian Ho in Antelope Valley, California
Sat 27 Jun 2020 06.00 EDT

(Guardian UK) In a corner of desert country at the northernmost edge of Los Angeles county, Black boys have grown up watching their fathers handcuffed by sheriff’s deputies during routine traffic stops. Black girls have had racial slurs shouted at them from passing cars and been warned not to go out by themselves at night.

They have stood in line at the grocery store alongside white men with swastika tattoos. They have organized to protect themselves when they felt no one else would. They have learned which streets to not drive down to avoid law enforcement traffic stops. Some have stopped driving at night al together.

“The Confederacy of southern California is the Antelope Valley,” said Ayinde Love, a longtime Lancaster resident and organizer.

When the body of Robert Fuller, a 24-year-old Black man, was discovered hanging from a tree near Palmdale city hall earlier this month, it plucked at a trauma that had been etched into the Black community for generations. Just over a week before, the body of Malcolm Harsch, a 38-year-old Black man, had been found hanging from a tree just 50 miles east. Together, Fuller and Harsch’s deaths ignited a firestorm of fear in the region, of white supremacist hate group violence and police conspiracy, during a time of racial reckoning nationwide.


In 2015, the US justice department settled a lawsuit against Lancaster, Palmdale and the Los Angeles sheriff’s department for targeting black people with discriminatory enforcement of the federal housing choice voucher program. The investigation that preceded the settlement found that deputies in Antelope Valley engaged in a pattern of misconduct that included pedestrian and vehicle stops in violation of the fourth amendment, “stops that appear motivated by racial bias”, unreasonable use of force and discrimination against residents on the basis of race. A review of use-of-force cases from 2010 to 2011 in which the only charge was obstruction-related – resisting arrest – found that 81% involved black or Latino subjects. .........(more)


This story is monumental and needs to be shouted from the mountaintops.

(Guardian UK) Outrage has greeted a bombshell New York Times story that says American intelligence officials believe a Russian military intelligence unit offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing foreign soldiers in Afghanistan, including targeting Americans.

The story, citing its sources as unnamed officials briefed on the matter, said that the US had come to the conclusion about the operation several months ago and and offered rewards for successful attacks last year.

The Times wrote: “The intelligence finding was briefed to Trump, and the White House’s National Security Council discussed the problem at an interagency meeting in late March.” However, despite drawing up numerous options by way of a response, the White House has not taken any action.

As the news broke it triggered a fierce response from top Democrats, especially those who have long pointed to what they say is Trump’s overly close relationship to Russia’s autocratic leader, Vladimir Putin. ...............(more)


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