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Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 12:18 AM
Number of posts: 74,622

Journal Archives

Mississippi Poison Calls Soar As Vaccine Skeptics Turn To Livestock Drug For COVID-19

Mississippi health officials are pleading with state residents not to take a livestock drug to treat COVID-19 as calls to poison control centers soar.

Fearful Mississipians skeptical of the safety of vaccinations are shockingly turning instead to swallowing ivermectin — generally used to eradicate or prevent parasites in livestock.

“Do not use ivermectin products made for animals,” Mississippi’s Health Department flatly stated in a Facebook post Friday. “Animal doses are not safe for humans.”

“I think some people are trying to use it as a [COVID-19] preventative, which I think is really kind of crazy, so please don’t do that,” Mississippi State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said at a press briefing Wednesday. ..............(more)


Woman on JetBlue flight from Boston fined $29,000 for refusing to wear a mask, punching passenger ..

Woman on JetBlue flight from Boston fined $29,000 for refusing to wear a mask, punching passenger in the face, FAA says

A pair of passengers flying out of Boston, accused of refusing to wear a mask, punching a passenger in the face and threatening to kill someone on board a plane, were among the 34 people who the FAA announced fines against on Thursday for unruly behavior on flights in 2021.

The latest round of fines, which totaled $531,545, pushed the total over $1 million in 2021 for unruly passengers.

Of the new fines announced on Thursday, $36,500 originated from passengers flying out of Logan International Airport in Boston. .........(more)


Detroit Lions great Barry Sanders symptom-free after testing positive for COVID-19

(Detroit Free Press) Even Barry Sanders couldn't outrun COVID-19.

The Hall of Fame running back announced Friday morning on Twitter that he has tested positive for the coronavirus despite being "double vaccinated" and routinely wearing a mask.

"I tested positive for COVID," Sanders wrote on the social media site. "I don't have any symptoms, but am staying in until I get the green light from the Docs." ..........(more)


To Trumpers, "critical race theory" is as bad as the Taliban -- and they're not kidding

To Trumpers, "critical race theory" is as bad as the Taliban — and they're not kidding
A Trump fundraising email compares American teachers to the Taliban. It's an explicit invitation to violence


(Salon) The Trump-controlled Republican Party, other American neofascists and the white right more generally are continuing their attack on the bogeyman and moral panic known as "critical race theory."

As I explained in an earlier essay for Salon the white right's fictive version of critical race theory has little if any substantive relationship to the specialized academic approach to the study of social inequality described with the same term. As I wrote, the right's version of critical race theory is "a type of racial bogeyman or psychological projection, a function of white racial paranoia about the 'browning of America' and the threat of 'white genocide'":

As the truism holds, history is written by the victors. To that end, in dozens of states across the country, the white right is engaging in an Orwellian campaign of rewriting school curricula to prevent the teaching of "critical race theory" -- which in practice means stopping any serious engagement with America's real and often uncomfortable history of racism and white supremacy.

The white right's campaign against the teaching of real American history involves actual thoughtcrimes."

The mainstream news media has largely moved on from this white supremacist attack on the country's educational institutions — and by implication, an assault on truth and reality itself. This is another example of a much larger problem with the mainstream news media in America: As an institution it is less interested in the truth and doing the work of pro-democracy journalism than in chasing the next shiny, horrible object and controversy. In turn, the American people en masse take their cues about what is "important" from the news media and other "opinion leaders" and agenda-setters.

Consequently, many Americans now view the white right's attacks on "critical race theory" as just another controversy among the country's political elites, rather than as part of a larger anti-democratic and white supremacist movement that poses an existential threat to society. ................(more)


Woman charged with hate crime against Asian neighbor tried to run over victim's husband

On Thursday, The Daily Beast reported that a Jan Myers, a Washington state woman already facing hate crime charges against her Vietnamese neighbor, tried to run down her victim's husband in her car while awaiting trial.

"According to an arrest report, obtained by The Daily Beast, at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Myers 'screamed and yelled' at Thi Pham and her husband William Healy from her home next door to theirs in Shoreline, Washington," reported Andrew Boryga. "She then got in her car and approached Healy, according to the report, driving her car straight at him, and causing him to fear being hit."

Healy managed to get out of the way, however, and retreated safely into his house. .........(more)


Florida man arrested after trying to steal Snickers bar at knifepoint

Now a Dairy Milk bar I can understand

Florida man arrested after trying to steal Snickers bar at knifepoint

A Clearwater man is facing a charge of robbery with a deadly weapon after trying to steal a Snickers bar from a Largo WaWa gas station.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office arrested 49-year-old Erick Minto after responding to a call from the WaWa on Walsingham Road, where an employee was threatened over the chocolate, caramel, and nougat bar.

According to an affidavit from PCSO, Minto attempted by force to take a Snickers bar, “with intent to temporarily or permanently deprive” the employee of it, using a deadly weapon. .........................(more)


Barry County resident asks Whitmer to remove that a**hole sheriff Dar Leaf

Whitmer asked to remove sheriff probing 'election fraud' against 'society'

(Detroit News) Lansing — A Barry County resident says he's asking Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to remove his sheriff, Dar Leaf, contending the conservative officeholder has abused his authority in an investigation of unsubstantiated claims about the 2020 election.

Larry Osborne of Delton urged Whitmer's office to take action against Leaf this week, according to an email obtained by The Detroit News. Under state law, the governor can remove a sheriff under certain circumstances, including if the governor believes the person is "guilty of official misconduct or of willful neglect of duty."

"I would like to formally request that the governor remove Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf from his elected office," Osborne's message said. "He has and continues to abuse his power as sheriff and not effectively represent the citizens of Barry County."

Leaf, a Republican who was reelected in 2020, was a plaintiff in an unsuccessful federal lawsuit claiming there was "massive election fraud," and his office continues to probe unproven assertions about the vote. Leaf did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday. .................(more)


Proposed fines for unruly passengers top $1 million, FAA says

Thirty-four passengers accused of unruly behavior on planes are facing more than $500,000 in fines, bringing the total amount of proposed civil penalties to more than $1 million this year, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

In a typical year, the FAA sees 100 to 150 formal cases of bad passenger behavior. Since January, the FAA has reported nearly 3,900 incidents, including 2,867 cases involving passengers who refused to comply with the federal mask mandate on planes. Of the 34 new cases, 22 involved passengers who did not follow the mask mandate that the Transportation Security Administration extended to next January, according to the FAA. .......(more)


"...it's like a mid-life crisis for a lot of white males for whom they want it to be 1969 again."

Conservative brilliantly explains what is wrong with angry middle-aged white men

Tom Boggioni
August 19, 2021

During an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," conservative commentator and U.S. Naval War College professor Tom Nichols went into an extended explanation about the rising tide of angry middle-aged white men that helped fuel the rise of Donald Trump and why their reasoning is dead wrong.

Promoting his book, "Our Own Worst Enemy: The Assault from Within of our Modern Democracy," Nichols explained that they are wallowing in "poisonous nostalgia" because they believe the world is coming apart before their eyes.

"We want to believe things are not our fault and things are so terrible and we would do better and wouldn't have to be so angry if things weren't so awful all the time," he told host Joe Scarborough. "Every age has its advantages and disadvantages. but the notion that somehow in 2021 -- when we're living longer, healthier, the world is mostly at peace, whether people want to believe that or not, it's true -- people want to believe this is the worst time ever. and it's a poisonous nostalgia that looks back and there's no way a democratic government can keep up with that unless they can invent a time machine."


MSNBC contributor Katty Kay asked, "As we know the country is becoming less white, probably faster than we realized. To what extent is that feeding this sense of nostalgia amongst certain groups of the population? Particularly amongst white men who benefitted when it was white men who were running the show unquestionably? Is it overly simplistic to say that's driving some of the people out there saying things aren't as good for me as they used to be?"

"No," Nichols replied, "I think that's directly a cause of a lot of this. And, you know, again, there are some of these stories from my own hometown where people that I grew up with who are now prosperous. I had a friend who, you know, working-class guy I went to school with since we were small children, spends his weekends on his boat, and he says everything is changed, it's awful."

"What he means is the street we grew up on, we had a neighborhood barber, candy store and diner, and one of them is an antique shop now, another is a Spanish storefront church, and the library is closed," he elaborated. "He just wants it to be -- it's like a mid-life crisis for a lot of white males for whom they want it to be 1969 again. I think that the problem of becoming a minority is really anxiety-producing for a lot of them. But again, the answer to that is more democracy, not some kind of illiberal backlash and trying to turn the clock back by force. But they've been told by politicians and political entrepreneurs that with just enough willpower and rage and anger and resentment they can turn the hands of time back and, you know, make it 1965 again." ..............(more)


'Unruly' passengers arrested at Nashville airport after reportedly refusing to wear masks

NASHVILLE — Two people were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after reportedly refusing to wear masks aboard flights at Nashville International Airport.

One passenger disrupted a Spirit Airlines flight Monday by refusing to wear a mask and calling the flight crew "vulgar names," an arrest affidavit showed. They were denied any further travel with the airline and stayed overnight at the airport while awaiting an American Airlines flight. The person again refused to wear a mask at a checkpoint Tuesday and on board the aircraft and was arrested, the affidavit stated.

In a separate incident, another person reportedly became "unruly" when asked to wear a mask on a Southwest Airlines flight on Tuesday, records show, causing the aircraft to return to the gate. The person smelled of alcohol, was cussing loudly and was initially aggressive toward officers before being arrested, according to an affidavit. .........(more)


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