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mother earth

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Member since: Wed Nov 10, 2004, 05:08 PM
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From Baltimore to Bernie: Why the Mainstream Media Will Always Fail (Majority Report)

Published on May 6, 2015

The Young Turks and Turner Movie Classics host Ben Mankiewicz explains why the MSM always fails in covering Police brutality and poverty. Why cable news fails again and again. How we can cover Bernie Sanders and fight against media narratives that don’t take him seriously. The Clinton machine and why isn’t Jerry Brown running for President?…

Filling in for Sam Seder: Majority Report contributor Michael Brooks

This clip from the Majority Report, live M-F at 12 noon EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM

Posted by mother earth | Sat May 9, 2015, 06:41 PM (0 replies)

I've no doubt she has some small donators who work for corporations. My link is not bullshit, it


If HRC had a grassroots movement going, no doubt, we'd hear ALL ABOUT IT.

Bernie, however, does. His millions made in 3 days came from small donations.

You cannot argue big money is buying the election, on both sides, billions of dollars are set to be spent, while poverty and income inequality grows at staggering rates due to the corporate influence in gov't and politics. SCOTUS has enabled this, it is about Citizens United, and with TPP in the balance, TSIHTF.

You are trying to wash this abomination of power and influence away, simply by stating these are small donors who are simply employed by powerful vested interests, corporations. This is where we part ways.

If you are going to embrace a corporate candidate, at least acknowledge it. She is not being funded by tiny donations by the middle class and impoverished because they believe in her, heart and soul. She is being funded by big money, plain and simple. Hey, we could do worst, we could get a GOP'er, but at least we can both acknowledge where that money comes from, wouldn't you agree?

I know it is hard, but in this election, big money is buying the candidate, on BOTH sides. For some reason, it isn't Bernie, and that tells me all I need to know.

As for caps on donations, they no longer exist:
Supreme Court Strikes Cap on Political Donations

Decision, split 5-4, will allow individuals to donate as much as they want overall
Posted by mother earth | Thu May 7, 2015, 06:12 PM (1 replies)

Warren Support Shifting to Bernie Sanders, Sanders Not Just About Influencing Issues


Though we wish it could be so, Elizabeth Warren is not running for president. The dominant narrative has already become: Warren’s supporters will now have to settle for trying to exert influence on Hillary Clinton. Not so fast, narrative!

Elizabeth Warren Is Right About Everything

This afternoon, Massachusetts Senator and presidential non-candidate Elizabeth Warren spoke to a…(Read more: http://gawker.com/elizabeth-warren-is-right-about-everything-1696835237)

If you are a person who cares about economic inequality, and the inordinate influence of money on our democracy, and Wall Street’s unaccountability and plunder of public resources—a well-informed person, in other words—you were probably disappointed to learn that Elizabeth Warren would not be running for president, because she is the strongest mainstream political voice in America who speaks out intelligently in favor of addressing those very issues. Some would have you believe that Warren’s decision not to enter the race means that those of you who believe in the causes that she champions should not slide over into the camp of The Inevitable Nominee Hillary Clinton, who will reward you with, perhaps, a gentle leftward nod and wink during the course of her staunchly centrist campaign.

“There are frequent references to a Warren wing of the Democratic party and to the need to appeal to it,” Bloomberg writes. “Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, is openly courting her.” In the New Yorker, Ryan Lizza says that “Clinton has taken notice” of Warren, already making overt efforts to enfold her in the comforting embrace of Planet Hillary.

I say to everyone who supports Elizabeth Warren’s eminently reasonable positions on issues of basic fairness: hope is not lost. You do not have to throw up your hands in despair and slide your support over to Hillary Clinton. The inevitability of Hillary Clinton’s triumph is a facade, manufactured by a team of political consultants for the purpose of making her victory easier by encouraging any and all opponents to give up and fade away. There is absolutely no reason that progressives should lay down and surrender to Hillary Clinton—who is a calculating and talented politician who is better than a Republican, but who cannot be called a progressive if that term is to mean anything. Even as Hillary Clinton mouths platitudes about fighting inequality, her own legion of Wall Street backers does not take any of it seriously. “She’s not saying that a hedge fund manager shouldn’t be making what they’re making,” one financier shrugged to Politico. “Just that someone in another job shouldn’t be making 300 times less.”

In fact, a hedge fund manager shouldn’t be making what they’re making. If you have enough of a sense of justice to understand that, there is no reason for you to feel that your vote is already a foregone conclusion, a year and a half before the actual election. Even without Elizabeth Warren, there is a candidate in the race who represents true progressive ideals. That candidate is Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders favors strong progressive taxation to fight the ongoing trend of massive accumulations of wealth among a tiny elite.

Bernie Sanders favors an expanded social safety net to protect the poor.

Bernie Sanders favors a single-payer public health care system for all.

Bernie Sanders favors breaking up the “Too Big to Fail” Wall Street banks that pulled the world into a global recession in 2008.

Bernie Sanders favors a $15 per hour minimum wage.

Bernie Sanders favors stronger support for organized labor.

Bernie Sanders also favors legalizing marijuana, by the way.

Compare the positions of Bernie Sanders with those of Elizabeth Warren. Anyone who feels strongly about the economic and social causes championed by Warren will have little choice but to recognize that Bernie Sanders fully embraces most of the same causes, and the same policy solutions. There is no need to make some emotional, over-the-top, campaign ad-style plea here. Look at what the candidates believe. Vote for the candidate who represents what you believe.

Three and a half decades of rising inequality must stop, or else. Bernie Sanders should have the support of everyone in this country smart enough to understand that. Everyone including Elizabeth Warren.

Once you realize how very much support was evident for a Warren run, it is no longer a case of Bernie Sanders swaying the inevitable nominee during the campaign season, hell no...it is far more...all of that Warren love is now Bernie Sanders love...and it is just in the beginning stages. To know Bernie Sanders and what a fighter he is, is to love him, and those of us who already do know his stances on the issue couldn't be happier. I'm thinking Elizabeth Warren agrees wholeheartedly.

How did we get the 99% vs. the l%? Why Monetary Reform Must Become Your No. l Issue

Published on Sep 29, 2013

Joe Bongiovanni discusses our monetary system and why fixing it is the single most important issue facing people and the planet. Joe explains how money is created as debt by private banks and how that system heavily favors principles and values that are in direct opposition to those who seek a more just and sustainable world. We are all playing by monetary rules that were written by our opponents. It's a game we are bound to lose unless we change the rules.

For more information on HR 2990 visit: http://www.monetary.org

Joe Bongiovanni will be speaking about The NEED Act and Radical Monetary Reform at the New School in New York City on October 30th 2015. Join us in person or on livestream.
Posted by mother earth | Sun May 3, 2015, 11:37 AM (1 replies)

How Things Could Develop (if they stay in Euro with a default)

While the risk of Greece missing a debt payment in coming weeks is rising in the absence of an agreement with creditors, this may not necessarily lead to default, or euro exit, at least not immediately, analysts say.
•Some officials already alluded to this possibility, with ECB’s Constancio telling European lawmakers a default doesn’t automatically mean Greece must give up its euro membership, and economic affairs commissioner Moscovici ruling out preparing plan B in case of Greek failure.
•Greece can continue on without a deal until possibly late July when ECB loan repayments come due, analysts from HSBC to BofAML say; capital controls and a parallel currency may allow the country to carry on for a few months before reality sinks in.
•Here is a potential sequence of events:



The other thing that no one seems to mention, while everyone waits on more news, is the fact that it isn't only Greece that has unsustainable debt, as the year progresses and as this story progresses, we all know other EU nations are taking note for good reason.
It seems that the EU is in survival mode, time for the powers that be to realize it is time for they, themselves to reform, not Greece alone, the EU together, a unified Europe, with shared prosperity that honors humanity, nothing else is sustainable. All the things they laugh at Syriza for, are the very things that hold promise.
Posted by mother earth | Sat May 2, 2015, 08:38 PM (0 replies)

The only thing I've learned is, it isn't a deal, until it is a deal. There's too many differing

opinions and articles and none of them seem to be reporting objectively. If one, however, follows and takes Varoufakis at his word, reform will come, and it will be humane reform, which is why he is greatly admired. He is a man of vision. Greece is in incredible hands, whether it realizes it or not. I am completely envious & see it as hopeful for the rest of the world.

Listen to Varoufakis from 15/05/2013, 18h, cinema Europa, Hall Müller, Zagreb, Croatia .

My answer will come in three points [correction] in three parts.

Firstly forget Greece for just one second. If the Eurozone collapses, we are all going to be embroiled in the post modern 1930’s. If the Eurozone crashes and burns, I mean, I personally campaign against the Euro in the 1990’s. But we created it. So there are irreversibilites. If we give up the Euro, we are not going to go back to where we would have been if we didn’t have it. So it is one thing to say ‘we shouldn’t have it’ it’s quite another to ‘say we should get out of it’. Right?

And if the Euro, the way it was constructed, and the way that financialization proceeded during the golden age in those eight years, pretty good years of the Euro, and then ‘crush and burn’ and all that after that – with that history behind us, if now the Euro goes, we are going to have an massive depression in Germany, and stagnation in the rest of Europe. The global economy will not be able to take that shock, China is going to go into reverse, Brazil is going to see all the improvements in poverty rates and so on, go to smithereens, and therefore the global economy is going to be detrimentally effected if the Eurozone goes and that’s from the international perspective.

Now, let me speak from a Greek perspective. What we have done, as a ….what the Greek state has done, what the successive three different governments have done, since the debt crises, the debt exploded in early 2010, was a crime against humanity. So, I don’t defend the fact that we stayed in the Euro, following the prescriptions that were coming to us from Brussels and Frankfurt and so on, my proposal was, that Greece should simply announce that it is defaulting, just like Argentina did, within the Euro, in January 2010, and stick the finger to Germany and say “Well, you can now solve this problem by yourself”. Right?

Why am I not – why was I not supporting the idea, that we make an announcement that we are returning to the drachma.

In other words, why am I buying half of the Argentinean strategy, but not the other half?

Yes to the default, no to creating our own currency.

Well Argentina because had the peso Argentina – it had the currency that it could devalue.

It had a peg 1 to 1 between the peso and the U.S. dollar but it had the peso, Argentinians had the peso in their pockets. They had – the banks were stuffed with pesos — the ATMs would give you pesos.

And it was simply a matter of saying ‘well from now on we will devalue it’, but when you don’t have a currency, you can’t devalue it, all you can do is you can announce that you know in 8 months, we are going to have a currency, which by the way we’re going to devalue.

Now this, can you imagine —- a preemptive announcement of a devaluation 8 months before it happens, this is a recipe, is a recipe for having all wealth liquidated and leave the country unless then of course we have armed guards at the borders to stop people from bringing – taking their money out, but did would mean did we would have to get out of the European union.

And don’t forget that Greece doesn’t have something else that Argentina had. Argentina at the moment when it was defaulting and sticking the finger to the IMF, which I really applaud them for and I love them for it, okay?

Ah…they had large tracts of land capable of producing millions of tons of soya beans that China wanted to buy at that moment did; Greece does not have anything of this sort.

So if we given that we didn’t have a readymade export market, and we didn’t have a currency to devalue, it would be suicidal to get out of the drachma, in to the – what we should do, we should create circumstance of plan B, we should start the process of thinking of creating a currency in case we needed because – for —- not just because we may choose to leave the euro but because the euro may not exist after a while, if Germany leaves, I think because that is more likely for me as far as I’m concerned that Germany would depart from the euro, okay.

Now, just to finish off, I don’t have a dogmatic position on whether one should leave the euro or not. For me the question of costs and benefits of human suffering it is very simple.

Cyprus, this is what I’m going to go next week to Nicosia to argue should get out of the euro today; because they’re already out of the euro, they’ve already suffered the cost effects, they have capital controls, they have a destroyed banking system, why have the Troika visits on top of that, but Greece has not had that, yet.

So I think that from an internationalist and a Greek perspective and the European perspective, the most effective radical policy would be for a Greek government just rise up or a Greek Prime Minister or Minister of Finance to rise up in a coffin in the euro group — whatever and say folks we are defaulting, we shall not be repaying next May the 6 billion that supposedly owe – we owe the European Central Bank, my god, you’re not have a destroyed economy, which is borrowing from the European Stability Mechanist to pay it to the European Central back is not just idiotic, but its the epitome of misanthropy. Say no to that, but why you step out, put them in front of their contradictions, make them face the contradictions of the euro zone themselves because the moment the Greek Prime Minister declares default within the eurozone all hell will break loose and either they will have to introduce these shock absorbers, or the euro will die anyway, and then we can go to the drachma.


He is a man born for this time in history. Shock doctrine (Naomi Klein) has been playing out globally, it is time to see what the solution will be and what reform, if any, will follow.
Posted by mother earth | Sat May 2, 2015, 07:56 PM (0 replies)
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