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mother earth

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Member since: Wed Nov 10, 2004, 05:08 PM
Number of posts: 6,002

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The Corporate Media Misfire on Donald Trump & the Bernie Sanders Solution

Published on Aug 24, 2015

The corporate media pundits have been utilizing the candidacy of Donald Trump as a distraction from the grassroots revolution of Bernie Sanders. And, they have unleashed a monster. Sane Progressive calls out the media strategy behind this disaster and implores the right and left to unite behind the one candidate who will serve us all. Time to stop hurling stones at each other and perpetuating the division that keeps us all oppressed.


She's got a great series of videos going...I'm enjoying these, how about you? I think she knocks it outta the park, spot on.

There really is a populist/progressive social movement starting up, I'm loving every moment, and I know this is just the beginning. There is a long road ahead when you are fighting an entrenched, corporate system bent on taking our voices & replacing everything we hold dear with their vision of America.

Sane Progressive on 'Republican Troll' Narrative to Squash Legitimate Political Debate

Published on Aug 20, 2015

The Hillary Clinton campaign and supporters have issued a remarkably anti-democratic talking point that has taken hold across social media sites. They are purporting any critique or criticism of Clinton's record is bashing and divisive. Additionally, it asserts that those are challenging her record on the merit are not progressives or Democrats, at all. We are smeared as undercover Republican Troll Political operatives who are being sent out to divide the party. This is not only false, it is insulting to those of us who believe that a MANDATORY part of the primary process is investigating candidates and sharing relevant information with fellow liberals. The fact that her record reads as a betrayal to liberal values and policies, so much so that it reads as a smear, is not the fault of the messenger who point it out but of the politician who enacted those betrayals. This is typical smear/kill the messenger to silence legitimate debate. It has no place in a democratic process. It is manipulative. Hell, it is downright Orwellian. And, in a time when Social Media is the last outlet citizens have to counter the falsehoods of the corporately owned television, radio, and news publications, it can't be allowed to stand.

Any of this sound familiar?

Bernie Sanders Supporters, You say you want a Revolution?

Published on Aug 22, 2015

Bernie Sanders has called for a POLITICAL REVOLUTION. Sane Progressive takes a look at what that really means and what it will require to seriously respond to such a solemn challenge. Much more then is being currently discussed right now.

This is exactly how I feel. We are fighting an entire system, remember that.

Banking Terrorists Declare War On Global Economy

Sam Seder talks with Max Keiser on the economic terrorists...yeah they are the real ones & no one is stopping them.

What If The "Crash" Is as Rigged as Everything Else? Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds

August 26, 2015

Take your pick--here's three good reasons to engineer a "crash" that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

There is an almost touching faith that markets are rigged when they loft higher, but unrigged when they crash. Who's to say this crash isn't rigged? A few things about this "crash" (11% decline from all time highs now qualifies as a "crash" don't pass the sniff test.

Exhibit 1: VIX volatility Index soars to "the world is ending" levels when the S&P 500 drops a relatively modest 11%. The VIX above 50 is historically associated with declines of 20% or more--double the current drop.

When the VIX spiked above 50 in 2008, the market ended up down 57%. Now that's a crash.



In the game where everything is rigged, EVERYTHING is deliberate. Apparently, Charles is familiar with Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine.

Smoke and Mirrors of Corporate Buybacks Behind the Market Crash

Published on Aug 25, 2015

Michael Hudson, the author of Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Destroy Global Economy, says the stock market crash on Monday has very little to do with China and all to do with short-termism and buybacks of corporations inflating their own stocks.



Michael Hudson explains the latest "crash", as usual he lays it out so we can all understand. It may be the popular thing to blame China, but guess what? It's not them. As we've come to expect there's a lot of corruption via the banksters' & corporations' manipulations. We are not in recovery, we are in realization of how corrupt & phoney & enabled the whole damned system is. When fines instead of prison is all they face, who care about law?

Computer Voting and Stealing Democracy (TRNN)

Published on Aug 25, 2015

Larry Wilkerson says, that computerized voting has increased the capacity of cheating with precision, consistency and efficiency without any forensic evidence.



We've always had cheating, even Wilkerson admits it's something the GOP loves. Cheating runs rampant, is more sophisticated now, without any trace, how convenient. Please give him a listen.

Keiser Report, Episode 801

Published on Aug 25, 2015

In this special episode of the Keiser Report from Miami, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert ask Reggie Middleton whether Miami really is the fraud capital of America. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Steve Dibert of MFI-Miami.com about mojitos, fraud arbitrage and whatever happened to Mers.


Max touches on much more & absolutely nails it, I always look forward to his show & his take.

Clinton Emails and The Privatization of Mexico's State Owned Oil and Gas Company (2 parts)

Published on Aug 13, 2015

Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog.org says the emails confirm that Clinton's State had a role in breaking up the state-owned oil and gas company, Pemex, paving the way for international oil to wreak the benefits of off shore drilling.


Published on Aug 17, 2015

Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog.org discusses Hilary Clinton's role in breaking up the state-owned oil and gas company Pemex as well as her climate track record in the context of her State Department tenure.


Prof. Richard Wolff: Global Capitalism: August 2015 Monthly Update

Published on Aug 13, 2015

Capitalism, the Vanishing Middle and the Poor

Judson Memorial Church
Assembly Hall
239 Thompson Street at Washington Square, Manhattan

Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work, Left Forum, and Judson Memorial Church

These programs begin with 30 minutes of short updates on important economic events of the last month. Then Wolff analyzes several major economic issues. For this Aug. 12, these will include:

1. Puerto Rico joins Detroit, Greece, etc. on capitalism’s list of victims
2. Why workers’ coops are key to the new “socialism for the 21st century”
3. Today’s assaults on workers’ pensions: analysis and real opposition

Bio: Richard D. Wolff is a Professor of Economics Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and currently a Visiting Professor of the Graduate Program in International Affairs at the New School University in New York. He is the author of many books, including Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism, and Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA.
Wolff hosts the weekly hour-long radio program Economic Update on WBAI, 99.5 FM, New York City (Pacifica Radio). More: http://rdwolff.com/content/about


For more info or donations: http://www.democracyatwork.info/

Professor Wolff's Podcast: http://www.truth-out.org/economic-upd...

Note: Used by permission of Prof. R.D. Wolff.

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