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Name: Dennis
Gender: Male
Hometown: Buffalo NY
Home country: US
Current location: Variable
Member since: Thu Nov 11, 2004, 07:38 AM
Number of posts: 10,622

Journal Archives

This is an important post regarding recent comments by Sanders and others that the base is split,

with many within the base unhappy with the rightward policies and appointments that have become common under Obama's leadership. Of course he had to fill appointments with Republicans and adopt policies created by the Heritage foundation, all for the same reasons he needs to employ the great wisdom of the Chicago school of economics and a more pragmatic view of ancient constitutional freedoms that simply do not apply to the new American century.
Why? because he is not a moonbat unkempt hippy that thinks even the lower classes matter as much as the producers that keep the party flush with donations and are the only hope if prosperity is to trickle down on our lessers, thereby raising their filthy little boats enabling them to get much needed baths and haircuts. .

There is no split. the base is behind our sagacious leader 99.9% of the time because they know he is smarter than all of us combined, the liars that claim any of the base is unhappy are not even part of the base!

What firebaggers like Sanders and the pathetic paleo-Democratic, Libertarian far left, Anarchists for Putin that have taken over this site need to understand is they are fake "Democrats" suffering from a clinically undetectable mental disorder called ODS, and as such, are not real Democrats, and certainly not his base

they are really mostly (nearly all in fact) libertarians registered as Democrats that only voted for him to advance a master plan the goal of which is to "bring him down" because ODS.

Their end game after bringing down the best President of all time (past and future) is to finally herald a new administration with a Rand as president (whom they love almost as much as Putin).

They are clever and embedded (many of them operating sleeper cells of so called "Democrats" for 30 or even up to 60 years).

Real Democrats like Obama, Baucus, anyone named Nelson, Rahm Emanuel, Lieberman (before the firebaggers forced him to run as a party of one) and Ed Rendell are under constant attack by racist libertarians that claim to vote for Democrats as a cover and who must be destroyed.

Their ODS inspired plot also includes discrediting great thinkers - true progressive thinkers like Milton Friedman and collaborative progressive thinkers like Will Marshall, Al From and others who were so pragmatic that they got an incredibly smart billionaire set of brothers named Koch to help fund their DLC. If billionaires as brilliant as they backed their progressive plans, all I can say is the DLC were top notch geniuses that had been working since the eighties to bring us a Democratic utopia of REAL liberal policies and we MUST carry their torch onward into the future.

The Paulite conspiracy runs so deep here at Neo-DU, that the only way to be sure of backing true Democrats is to check to make sure they are connected to the third way think tank, the progressive policy institute, are former DLC alumni, or in the case of posters on this site - Boggers in good standing with the group.

We true Democrats must have Obama's back no matter what he says or does!

We are NOT frustrated by revelations about the Obama administration's secret government spying programs or the president's support for military action in Syria and we support visionaries such as Summers and that hero Brennan just as we hope to do more for banks and for free trade. We promote kill lists and indefinite detention without rights because all these things are the true Democratic agenda and are all attempts to further the interests of the common working man and his right to be allowed to lose rights and job security in order to enable them to patriotically provide the US with the ability to be competitive on the global labor market and to also allow for a nation secure from the many domestic threats of the disgruntled far left and libertarian terrorists before they become organized. We want these things for our lessers because we love them and have their backs and know what's best for them.

If what is best for them is to reduce their earned benefits like SS and Medicare when they are whinny old farts that can't earn money for their betters anymore, we will support such cuts BECAUSE we love them and want to help them find ways not to be the useless takers that they are. The same for the poor that claim that cutting programs like food stamps will hurt them, in the reality based world if they are not hungry and useful to their betters then we have failed to help them find the bliss in working three min wage jobs to help an economy that is wisely designed to funnel cash to the only people with the ability to trickle success down upon them. I mean, how can we help them if we don't help the rich that may decide to help them at some point eventually?

In conclusion, 99.9% of true Democrats support President Obama on everything all the time and those that do not provide such complete and trusting blind support are not really Democrats or "the base", but rather ODS racist libertarians with an agenda going back to the days of that 'bagger FDR and his hatred of those financially secure enough to shower their wealth down upon us with their unfettered ingenuity. We have already paid a great price for the suffocating regulations that held back the prosperity of the nation until Rubin and Summers under the very liberal Bill Clinton removed the regulatory handcuffs that impedede the creation of true and lasting prosperity that only unfettered capitalism can provide.

Obama's true base loves him, support his every decision 100% and always will, do not believe the lies of the firebagging Putin lovers that not only never really loved him but actually hate him and always will because ODS and their worship of Randian libertarianism.

We need to stick together and go on the attack against what so many falsely see as his Democratic base, our numbers are small, but we are right, have the best funding, and will win in the end bringing to fruition our Progressive Koch inspired Democratic agenda that was so well articulated by our founding DLC heroes. We pragmatic few, ARE THE ONLY true base!

Lets rally! Lets Win!
Are you with me!!!!?

That's all I care about, the avoidance of more war, of more blood on OUR hands

the avoidance of More children killed by OUR chemicals in Syria like they have been killed in Fallujah - adding gasoline to a raging fire only sears more souls to the core. One cannot quench the thirst for peace by gorging vengeance with yet more blood. It is always the innocents caught between raging warriors that kill for power, vengeance, "face", or profit, always the children and families just trying to survive and love and grow that pay the most in pain, loss and death. Hawks do not save children, they execute them - in the end it matters little to the dead what "noble intentions" launch the weapons of destruction that consume their bodies, in the end all they know is suffering, mourning and death.

Let the hawks pretend they were dove's all along, let them stroke their "egos" with that absurdity rather than stroke them with blood.

We did not avoid the death carnival of choice that was Iraq quite so easily, if all it took to avoid all those people dying was to stroke Bush's ego with claims of his brilliance by his sycophants and the reluctant silence of myself concerning his lack of cloth's - I could have spent my wife's last two years of life simply loving and being loved by her rather than spending it with the two of us opposing an absurd war that our conscience demanded we oppose and hopefully stop.

Perhaps another couple will have a chance at a few more months of love together now, without the horrors of war driving them to waste that time trying to stop mad men from killing.

What matters the most is we have avoided some bloodshed, at least for now. I don't care that the Hawks dance and spin and dress as doves and even take credit for a course they did not argue for, I will hold my tongue and allow them to admire the nonexistent cloths "judiciously as they will" while the emperor creates yet another reality for them to admire as only they can.

Spin is meaningless, the lives spared are not. All we can do is loudly decry the hawks when they squeal again as the surely will, the voices of many that opposed the hawks was part of this chance at peace.

When they seek peaceful political solutions, no matter the reason, I will not argue with them. I will let them pretend whatever they need to if it serves MY agenda.... Peace.
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