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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
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Why these elections in 2022 are like the 2014 off year elections

Leading up to the 2014 elections it was all ebola all the time and after those elections you almost
never heard one word about ebola and in 2022 it was all inflation all the time and I'm willing to bet
you will not hear anywhere near the coverage of inflation that we heard prior to the '22 elections.

Republicans and the really rich own much of the media. End of story. Or at least that is what I
think but I am:

This is what liberation looks like. Kherson, Ukraine is now free!

A must see picture of President Joe speaking to Asian leaders in Phnom Penh ... thanx to Omaha Steve


Best President of my lifetime, he makes me proud, and he flat out "gets it" too.

I look forward to continuing our work together with ASEAN and with each one of you to deepen peace and prosperity throughout the region to resolve challenges from the South China Sea to Myanmar and to find innovative solutions to shared challenges, Biden said, citing climate and health security among areas of collaboration.

Look, I know that I'm moon barking ADD bat crap crazy but I just had this scene in my mind.

Scene: Opening day of the US Senate 2023

John Fetterman is one really big and strong man almost like he is out of WWE wrestling and so
what if he dressed up as a Fed, "HE IS DA MAN" big time wrestling character in tights, a cape,
and big ass black leather boots and he struts into the senate chamber with banners and some kind
of light show and then picks up Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and one of the other douche bags and
throws them into a big wrestling "ring" and then does a flying dive on all 3 @ once from the
ropes. After which he takes the mic and looks into the camera (tight shot) and says, "There
is a new sheriff in town so stop the crap, let's all get to work, and that means you too Mitch."

Real life heros. They went to Ukraine and risked their lives to help out the people there.

Malcom Nance

Dr. Irwin Redlener

https://irwinredlener.org/ukraine-childrens-action-project The Dr's charity to help the children of Ukraine.

OH '22 statewide results explained ... and this is from somebody who really is in the know. (not me)

Nan Whaley was so bad that she dragged down Tim Ryan, the 3 sisters running for the OH Supreme Court,
and other statewide races too.

Whaley is more of a ceremonial mayor of Dayton and the real managerial work is done by a city manager, she ran
a really bad campaign, come election day she was 30 points down, and when the national the national networks
came on @ 7:30 they were calling the race for DeWine @ 7:31. DeWine's winning was so big that lots of his voters
voted a straight ticket down ballot and that was it for the other candidates. OH has long history of people splitting
their votes example people have voted for a republican as governor but then voted for a democrat as senator
(example Sherrod Brown) but the cosmic black hole caused by Whaley was just too much to overcome.

DeWine got about 63% of the vote.

Whaley got about 37% of the vote.

Vance got about 53% of the vote.

Ryan got about 47% of the vote.

4 more things:

Ohio in many places is like N. Alabama and we have a lot of racist MAGA types.
The Ohio Democratic Party is like a limp groom on the wedding night in many cases.
The state is so highly gerrymandered that the congressional races are over before they start.
DeWine had media and social media spots taking credit for the new microchip plant that was
a result in a large part because of President Biden's work. (the chips act which the GOP was against)

I give up. The fascism is here.

At the end of the day more people will have voted Democratic and the vast majority of Americans support their ideas and yet the Republicans will take control back of the House, maybe the senate, and they will shut down the House investigation into the biggest criminal in American history. The trillions from the fossil fuel industry is paying for all this shit too.


Presidents Obama, Clinton, and Biden told us that democracy was at stake too.

@ a friend's house and saw the start of CBS' nightly ..

... and the story was about how big the Republicans are gonna win and how come it is all President Biden's fault.

Can we win this day for my friend Kathy from Columbus?

We are gonna crush 'em today. And this win will be for a long time friend and wife an old friend who despite dying from
breast cancer had her husband drive her to early voting 4 days ago where they voted from their car. She slipped into a
coma last night and I doubt she will wake back up. But if she does I want her to see that a blue wave has washed our
nation clean.

Please think good thoughts about my friend Kathy from Western Michigan and Columbus. She is one of the good ones.

Nancy Pelosi, "People say to me, 'What can I do to make you feel better?' I say: 'Vote!'"


Thanx to DUer bigtree for posting.

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