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Botany's Journal
Botany's Journal
October 1, 2018

Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick to be excluded from FBI investigation


The FBI will not interview Julie Swetnick, the third woman to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, according to multiple reports and the Republican senator Lindsey Graham, highlighting the narrow scope of the agency’s supplemental investigation into Donald Trump’s supreme court nominee.

After NBC News and the other outlets said Swetnick would not be questioned, the White House, which has stood by Kavanaugh through the fallout from an explosive Senate hearing on Thursday, denied it was limiting the investigation.

On Saturday Donald Trump said on Twitter he wanted the FBI “to interview whoever they deem appropriate, at their discretion”


Swetnick has claimed, in a sworn statement, that Kavanaugh and Judge engaged in lewd behavior with young women at high school parties, and alleged the two placed drugs or alcohol in punch in order to inebriate women so they could be “gang raped” by other partygoers.

BTW the right is conducting a b.s. smear campaign against Ms. Swetnick right now. Now why do my
spider senses tell that these are b.s. charges? Because if they were true Ms. Swetnick would not have held
and still have all the top level security clearances* she was granted.

* https://heavy.com/news/2018/09/julie-swetnick-work-history-security-clearance/
September 30, 2018

Why do we allow prescription drugs to be advertised and marketed?

I have faith Drs., nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, and mental health professionals to diagnose
any problems and prescribe the correct medications. Hawking them on TV is just wrong and I
think we are the only country in the world that allows this crap.

BTW the commercials are really over the top too. I never realized that having metastatic breast
cancer, chronic obstructive lung disease, ulcerative colitis, plaque psoriasis, stage 4 lung cancer,
heart problems, type 1 diabetes, and dementia was such a good time because the ads sure make
them look like a party.

September 28, 2018

Trump orders FBI investigation into Kavanaugh

Source: NY Post

President Trump said Friday he will sign an order authorizing an FBI background check into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

“I’ve ordered the FBI to conduct a supplemental investigation to update Judge Kavanaugh’s file. As the Senate has requested, this update must be limited in scope and completed in less than one week,” the president said in a statement.

The statement came after the Senate Judiciary Committee said it would ask Trump to open a supplemental background investigation of Kavanaugh over allegations of sexual assault, which he denies.

Read more: https://nypost.com/2018/09/28/trump-orders-fbi-investigation-into-kavanaugh/

September 28, 2018

Kavanaugh quote from 9/27/18 I just heard it on MSNBC about 1/2 an hour ago

"No witnesses who were there will say that I was there."

Is it just me or was that a big tell?

September 27, 2018

I'm listening on NPR

Was Kav crying?

September 27, 2018

What is it with these maps?

They have nothing to do with the attack.

They have nothing. So how come you don't know the name the person who
gave you a ride home.

September 27, 2018

Dr. Ford, Epinephrine and norepinephrine

Dr. Ford, Epinephrine and norepinephrine have locked the memories in my neurons.

Indelible into my hippocampus.

September 27, 2018

Silent hugs to Dr. Ford thread. She is a hero.

Loves me some strong women.

September 26, 2018

King Solomon of Saudi Arabia

Did I just hear that?

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