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Matt Gaetz, "My generosity to ex girlfriends." In other words the story is true.


Go Joe. It looks like he has killed the Keystone Pipeline. Yahoo News.

In his order revoking the permit, Biden argued that construction of the pipeline would run counter to the goal of transitioning the U.S. to green energy and combating climate change. Despite the new lawsuit and years of back-and-forth jockeying, most experts say this latest move likely marks the death knell for the Keystone XL pipeline.

Biden’s decision to shutter the Keystone XL pipeline was celebrated by environmentalists, who had for years warned of the dangers posed by Canadian tar sands oil — which takes substantially more energy to extract and is much more difficult to clean up if spilled than traditional crude. Many Native American groups applauded Biden for blocking a project they believe would have impacted their drinking water and violated tribal sovereignty.

A number of energy analysts argued that canceling the pipeline made economic sense as well. In the 12 years since Keystone XL was first proposed, the global price of oil has been cut nearly in half, making it unnecessary for the U.S. to purchase comparatively expensive Canadian imports, they argue.

First proposed in 2008 by the Canadian oil company TC Energy, the 1,200-mile Keystone XL pipeline would carry more than 800,000 gallons of crude per day from oil fields in Canada to Nebraska, where it would connect with existing pipelines that feed refineries on the U.S Gulf Coast. Former President Barack Obama canceled the pipeline in 2015 after years of intense opposition from environmentalists and Native American activists. The Trump administration later reversed that decision in 2017, but legal challenges delayed the start of construction until last summer. By the time the project was scrapped, only about 90 miles of pipeline along the U.S.-Canada border had been built.


BTW "the oil" that they harvest from the tar sands is "bitumen" and it is nasty a gooey tar substance
that has to be heated to make it flow in a pipeline, is all but impossible to clean up if it is spilled (some
spilled in a Michigan River 10+ years ago and it is still not cleaned up, and the forests in Canada where they
mine the tar sands are important as is too.

Isn't the Ever Given hauling cocaine and young women from Asia for human trafficing for ...

... Elaine Chao's family's shipping business?

Just asking a question.

The perfect breakfast.

Last night's jambalya.

Please tell me why the border crisis of the young people coming to America from Central America ...

... is President Biden's fault? The conditions in many areas in Central American countries are
brutal and people are fleeing for their lives because of gangs, the drug trade, and poverty. I
have some friends who are currently hosting a brother and a sister 11 & 14 who had to flee their
home town after their father was murdered by a gang trying to shake him down for money which
he did not have and so along with their mother they walked all the way (the length of Mexico)
to the U.S. border at which the mother was separated from her children. They can not go back
to their hometown because they will be killed and or the mother and daughter will be trafficked by
the gang that killed the father there. The conditions that make people flee their central American

sorry to

Meet the Okilly Dokilly Metal Band ... A Ned Flanders Tribute Band

The Phoenix metal band dedicated to Ned Flanders, Okilly Dokilly, appeared during the closing credits of a recent 'Simpsons' episode.

It was Sunday night and the closing credits of the 659th episode of The Simpsons were suddenly interrupted. The standard black screen disappeared and was replaced by five adult men tearing through a brutal heavy metal track, guzzling white wine and smashing glasses and instruments while dressed as Ned Flanders. Devout Simpsons fans with astute ears might’ve even recognized the lyrics the frontman was barking, “You only live once/give me a white wine spritzer.”

The closing credits clip wasn’t some elaborate prank concocted by The Simpsons’ writers and producers, but a music video made by the band Okilly Dokilly for their song “White Wine Spritzer” off their 2016 debut album, Howdilly Doodilly. Formed in 2015, Okilly Dokilly proudly claim to be the world’s first (and only) “Nedal” band — a metal outfit that pulls most of its lyrics from the mouth of Springfield’s most pious denizen, Ned Flanders (“White Wine Spritzer,” for instance, comes from a Season 10 episode where Homer convinces Ned to let loose in Vegas and the two end up marrying cocktail waitresses).

“We saw the video and knew they had to be on the show,” longtime Simpsons showrunner Al Jean tells Rolling Stone. “We do not endorse their message of indiscriminate drinking of white wine spritzers.”

What started as a joke between friends four years ago has now become official Simpsons lore (and maybe even canon, a la Armin Tamzarian). Just hours after the episode aired, Okilly Dokilly shared the news with a sold out crowd at their Chicago show, and the morning after, the band’s frontman, who goes by the stage name Head Ned, says he’s still in shock.


Why do so many Americans have to die needlessly?

Guns & Republicans.

Our gun laws are insane and because of Trump and the Republicans who let Russia install him
we are closing in on 30,000,000 case of C-19 and 550,000 deaths from C-19.

There is a new Sheriff in town called Joe Biden. He doesn't owe money to China or for that ....

... matter nor does he owe money to Russia and or Saudi Arabia too. Unlike Trump (see Steele Dossier)

Joe is going all Quad Squad on China


Hong Kong (CNN)US President Joe Biden's administration entered the White House this year aiming to unite allies in efforts to contain China's territorial claims across the Indo-Pacific.

On Friday, Biden takes his biggest step toward that goal so far, bringing together a virtual gathering for leaders of the Quad -- the loose alliance of the United States, Japan, India and Australia that Beijing has called emblematic of a "poisonous" Cold War mentality.


The Quad, or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, is an informal strategic forum, featuring semi-regular summits, information exchanges and military drills. While not a formal military alliance like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), it is seen by some as a potential counterweight to growing Chinese influence and alleged aggression in Asia-Pacific.

While members have emphasized the more benign aspects of the relationship, such as recent cooperation on the coronavirus pandemic, the potential for military encirclement by the Quad countries has not gone unnoticed by Beijing.

US, China spar in first face-to-face meeting under Biden

Biden says Putin has 'no soul' and will pay a price for election interference


President Bad Ass Obama


Never forget Russia is one of the big backers of spreading the QAnon crap.

Russia's attacks on us in 2015 and 2016 never stopped. Those QAnon shits who attacked the US Capitol
on 1/6/21 in order to overthrow our government were being spoon fed misinformation from Russia via
the internet and hate talk radio and TV. This latest Trump/Russia is nothing new.

We need to see the Mueller report and get after all those traitors to America such as Trump, Rudy, Manafort,
Fox News, Ron Johnson, and so on.

From August 2020
Russian-backed organizations amplifying QAnon conspiracy theories, researchers say

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Russian government-supported organizations are playing a small
but increasing role amplifying conspiracy theories promoted by QAnon, raising concerns of
interference in the November U.S. election.


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