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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
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On this day may I post this? A childhood friend's older brother. He was 3 weeks short of 19.


Kos: Proud Boy who hid ax handle in American flag argues he'll lose disability pay if he's in jail

With the help of online sleuths and boatloads of video and social media evidence, the arrests and charges keep rolling in. But as hearings begin and court dates are set, plea deals are bandied about and defenses and bonds are debated. One group of bigots that was well-represented in Washington, D.C., that fateful day is the so-called Proud Boys. The Proud Boys have enjoyed incredible immunity from law enforcement over the past few years. In recent weeks, many of these bigoted boys have been arrested and each and everyone of them has given a sob story about why they shouldn’t be in jail for breaking all the laws. One particular Kansas Proud Boy, William Chrestman, who was recorded wielding an axe handle and threatening a federal law enforcement officer, is freaking out because he is stuck in jail.

Chrestman, a 43-year-old unemployed union sheet metal worker, was reportedly arrested alongside fellow Kansas residents Louis Enrique Colon and Christopher Kuehne back in February for their part in the insurrection. The charges, according to the Kansas City Star, included “conspiracy, civil disorder, obstruction of an official proceeding, knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.” Chrestman had the distinction of additional charges for carrying the deadly weapon and threatening law enforcement.


But that isn’t all. According to Chrestman’s legal counsel, he has been receiving disability insurance and medical care by way of the Department of Veterans Affairs. According to the Star, Chrestman also has a family and his detention means that his benefits are up in the air. “The residence he shares with his common-law partner … and their six children is in danger of foreclosure, placing the whole nuclear family in jeopardy of homelessness.”


Why Chrestman’s fellow conspirators have been let free on bond remains a mystery. According to the federal affidavit against Chrestman and the men, they acted “in concert to prevent law enforcement officers from controlling the crowd by obstructing metal barriers,” and also “appeared to gesture and communicate to one another both before and while inside the Capitol in an apparent effort to coordinate their efforts.” Oh yeah, and Chrestman wrapped his axe handle in an American flag to allegedly hide it while he was pantomiming peaceful protest.


In Fox News' America Yesterday, "Tennessee woman drives into vaccination tent to protest."

Tennessee woman drives into vaccination tent to protest
May 27, 2021
Associated Press

MARYVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A police report says a Tennessee woman has been charged with reckless endangerment for driving through a COVID-19 vaccine distribution tent as a form of protest.

According to news outlets, a Blount County deputy who witnessed the event Monday at Foothills Mall in Maryville said more than a dozen people were inside the tent, including health workers and National Guard personnel.

Several said multiple people were almost hit.

The deputy arrested 36-year-old Virginia Christine Lewis Brown.

She told him she drove through the site to protest the vaccine and was only traveling 5 miles per hour.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether Brown has an attorney.


Much credit for the vaccines goes to Bill Clinton and his team for their Human Genome Project*.

https://dnalc.cshl.edu/view/15071-The-Human-Genome-Project-Bill-Clinton.html The Big Dog Speaks.
(by God is he smart)

* Or their backing of that research which now helped in the speed in developing the vaccines.

I will still die mad at what happened to Hillary in 2016 because if she had been rightfully installed
into the White House we and the World would neverhave had to go through this C-19 nightmare.
President Obama and his team left the people, the protocols, and materials in place to tackle the
virus from the start.

BTW big props to the DUer who first posted this knowledge of Bill Clinton and the Human Genome

More Americans died in less than one year to C-19 than in all of WW II*. Joe Biden** has crushed...

... it in under 6 months. Still we have lots of work to do, some people are still going to get sick and some will die, we still have to deal with the anti mask/vaccine idiots, and we need to still listen to the experts but this was and still is an outstanding job on Joe's part.

* 405,399 (wiki)

** And his corona virus team.

And now Joe is along with some really good people is working on climate change.


We can tackle the climate crisis head-on with a new Civilian Climate Corps. The American Jobs Plan will invest $10 billion to put Americans to work conserving our public lands and waters, bolstering community resilience, and advancing environmental justice.

Best POTUS job I have ever seen. Go Joe Go!

The wackaloon's* traveling road show

* Wackaloon is owned by Duer thenelm1

Smile Time DU

"Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. is coordinating his probe with New York Attorney General
Letitia James in their overlapping inquiries."


From Duforsure. "They got the goods on him and others or they wouldn't have called for a grand jury, especially for him."

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene went "there." Mask mandates are like the Holocaust.

She should be removed from office tomorrow. But the GOP will do nothing and let her stay.


How to win big in 2022

Have Joe, the K-Bomb, and other democrats keep up the good work they are doing right now.

Make sure the American people know who helped them out and stopped the pandemic. Biden and
company need to take credit for the good things that they got done and will get done.

Make sure the American people know who didn't help them and tried to hurt them.

Make sure the American people know who worked with Russia, killed >750,000 people, and supported the
violent overthrow of our Constitutional democracy. Trump is crook and if the republicans want to hitch
their wagons to him fine.

GOTV and challenge all the republicans voter suppression laws .... they are unconstitutional.

My neighbor Andi, "There's always room for somebody," she said. "There's enough love to go around."

I am so proud of my neighbor and her family. I make 'em some meals @ times. The kids and their mother walked the
length of Mexico to escape the violence that killed their father.

'A soft place to settle': Clintonville family fosters unaccompanied minors from Honduras

At first, Andi Mocharski was intimidated by the idea of fostering older children, especially those who weren't fluent in English.

The Clintonville mother of four adopted children had only ever fostered younger kids who grew up speaking English, and the ones she was about to welcome into her home were a 10-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy from Honduras.

But it was more than that: They were unaccompanied minors who crossed the U.S-Mexico border alone. Their mom was still living in a camp there, and their father had been murdered.


The kids oohed and aahed over the holiday turkey, reveled in hiking at Hocking Hills and found joy in the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and the Franklin Park Conservatory.

They jumped on the family's trampoline, went to the local skatepark and dressed up with Mocharski's children — Jack, 7; 12-year-old twins Noah and Adam; and Caroline, 16 — asking Mocharski to draw lightning bolts on their foreheads and saying spells, magic wand in hand, just like Harry Potter.

Ch 6 in Columbus will have a special on them tomorrow night @ 6 PM.

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