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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
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There is a sucker born every day. Trump Raises $56 Million So Far This Year

"Much of that money was raised through a sketchy recurring donation feature thatís been accused of scamming
elderly people into making large donations."

Trump Raises $56 Million So Far This Year, More Than Every Other GOPer

Even as some party members try to divorce themselves from former President Donald Trump, itís hard to deny heís the partyís leader. Trump raised a staggering $56 million online through his political committees, The New York Times reports, despite not being in office. Most of that money was raised through Trumpís joint committee with the Republican National Committee, though Trump raised $21 million for committees he directly oversees. Much of that money was raised through a sketchy recurring donation feature thatís been accused of scamming elderly people into making large donations. The money was collected through WinRed, the partyís preferred fundraising medium, beating every other Republican on the platform. In comparison, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), the next top fundraiser, raised $7.8 million online.


Provincetown, Mass. 800 cases of C-19 and 0 deaths

Vaccines work. End of story.

From Yahoo news.

Provincetown, Mass. 800 cases of C-19 and 0 deaths

Vaccines work. End of story.

She can fly ... congrats Ms. Lee

Both the comeback of the C-19 Pandemic and the 1/6/21 attack on the Capitol can be traced back to:

and others like him

and others like him

and others like him

Those chants of "fuck the blue fuck the blue" by Trump's thugs should be hung around Trump, ...

... Fox News, New Max, OAN, and those MAGA's necks.

Fox News is having to broadcast the 1/6/21. It doesn't get more real than this.

But I wonder if it will get to any of its viewers? I doubt it.

Capitol Officer Fenone's body cam video

Those were not tourists looking @ the Capitol but terrorists and thugs sent there by Trump.

House to hold hearings on the 1/6/21 violent insurrection @ the US Capitol. Fox News this AM

"A man in NYC was mugged."

Trump gave out the day, the date, the time, and the place on multiple occasions to invite his thugs
to that riot and Fox News* helped to foment and spread the "big lie" too.

Trump helped to pay for the violence using campaign funds.

Trump decapitated the D.C. National Guard prior to the riot.

Trump had the niece of his chief of staff fill out the paperwork for the permit to hold his pre-riot
pep talks.

When Mike Pence and Rep. McCarthy called Trump and asked for him to call off his thugs he refused.

After the violent attack on the Capitol which hurt >100 policeman, took the lives of 5 people, caused
>$30 million of damage, and God only knows what else Trump told his thugs he loved 'em.

Lock him up.

* The morning blond on Fox and Friends said this 1 or 2 days before the 1/6/21 riot. "A lot of people
still have questions about the election."

France Passes Law That Makes A Coronavirus Health Pass Required For Dining And Travel

All of America would go "The French Way.*" Be vaccinated or stay home.

* https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2021/07/26/1020669579/france-new-law-coronavirus-health-pass

PARIS ó France's parliament approved a law early Monday requiring special virus passes for all restaurants and domestic travel and mandating vaccinations for all health workers.

Both measures have prompted protests and political tensions. President Emmanuel Macron and his government say they are needed to protect vulnerable populations and hospitals as infections rebound and to avoid new lockdowns.

The law requires all workers in the health care sector to start getting vaccinated by Sept. 15, or risk suspension. It also requires a "health pass" to enter all restaurants, trains, planes and some other public venues. It initially applies to all adults, but will apply to everyone 12 and older starting Sept. 30.

To get the pass, people must have proof they are fully vaccinated, recently tested negative or recently recovered from the virus. Paper or digital documents will be accepted. The law says a government decree will outline how to handle vaccination documents from other countries.
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