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Florida principal who fought DeSantis over weakening Covid rules in schools dies from virus

Source: Yahoo News/Independent

A Florida school principal who challenged the push for reopening schools after a Covid surge in the state in 2020 has succumbed to complications from long Covid.

Jimbo Jackson, 55, was serving as the head of Fort Braden School when he tested positive for the virus in July 2020 and had seen the death of two employees from Covid in the school premises.


The principal had strongly contested the push for reopening schools by governor Ron DeSantis in 2020 and said those attending school - "our students, staff and personnel" - were not a "gamble" he was willing to take.

As a school leader, he had said he could not "continue to see my school family mourn our friends and then tell them that he can keep them safe when they come to school".

"That would certainly be a lie and a slap in the face to the Byrd and Bradwell families [the school employees who had died from Covid] as they grieve and plan memorial services for angels gone too soon," the principal had said back then.

Read more: https://news.yahoo.com/florida-principal-fought-desantis-over-095142584.html

Jimbo Jackson, 55, was serving as the head of Fort Braden School.

Republicans and their ideas kill people be it with C-19, guns and gun laws, health care or lack there of,
unneeded wars, coal mines, and their environmental policies.

I live in Clintonville (Columbus) OH and we had somebody shot and killed about 3 blocks from ....

... where I live a few months ago. (The shooting was at the corner of Weber and Indianola.)

This statehouse shooting* can be added in with the Linden area shooting of 2 .... one dead and
the other is in critical condition, a 62 year old man was shot killed on the north east side of the city,
and 2 people were shot and killed in Galloway, OH just south and west of Columbus. The Galloway
shooting has now been followed up by another killing a few hours ago and in the suburb of Reynolds-
burg somebody just died from a drive by shooting 3 or so days ago.

This is madness. The senate needs to pass 127 now!

It is the guns. End of story.

* Officers respond to fatal shooting on Ohio Statehouse property
COLUMBUS, Ohio — A person was shot and killed at the corner of Broad and High streets on the grounds of the Ohio Statehouse, according to law enforcement.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, law enforcement officers found the victim Sunday at approximately 10 p.m. on the northwest corner of the Statehouse grounds.

Columbus police officers and Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers responded to gunshots and found a male victim wounded.

Authorities tried life-saving measures, but that victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Law enforcement did not immediately identify the victim.

Read more: https://spectrumnews1.com/oh/toledo/news/2022/05/30/officers-respond-to-fatal-shooting-on-ohio-statehouse-property

So was it Federal Agents who killed the shooter Uvalde, TX and not the local police?

And they did that after the local police had tried to stop them from going into
the school and confronting the shooter?

And where was this Uvalde SWAT team?

Time for the senate to pass H.R. 127. The House passed it in April of '21... background checks, ...

.... assualt weapons, magazine capacity, and registration

Time for the senate to pass H.R. 127.


Shown Here:
Introduced in House (01/04/2021)

Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act

This bill establishes a process for the licensing and registration of firearms. It also prohibits the possession of certain ammunition and large capacity ammunition feeding devices.

First, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives must establish (1) a licensing system for the possession of firearms or ammunition, and (2) a registration system for firearms.

In addition, the Department of Justice (DOJ) must establish and maintain a publicly available database of all registered firearms.

Next, the bill creates licensing requirements for the possession of a firearm and ammunition. DOJ shall issue such a license if the individual is 21 years of age or older, undergoes a criminal background check and psychological evaluation, completes a certified training course, and has an insurance policy. It also outlines the circumstances under which DOJ must deny a license (e.g., the individual was hospitalized with a mental illness).

It also establishes additional requirements for an antique firearm display license and a military-style weapons license.

The bill generally prohibits and penalizes the possession of a firearm or ammunition unless the individual complies with licensing and registration requirements. Further, it prohibits the transfer of a firearm or ammunition to an unlicensed person.

Finally, it generally prohibits and penalizes (1) the possession of ammunition that is 0.50 caliber or greater, and (2) the possession of a large capacity ammunition feed device.

Trump lashes out at Kellyanne Conway and tells her to 'go back to her crazy husband'

Former president Donald Trump has lashed out at ex-counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway for acknowledging that his 2020 election loss was legitimate in her new book.


“The team had failed on November 3, and they failed again afterward. By not confronting the candidate with the grim reality of his situation, that the proof had not surfaced to support the claims, they denied him the evidence he sought and the respect he was due,” she wrote. “Instead supplicant after sycophant after showman genuflected in front of the Resolute Desk and promised the president goods they could not deliver”.

Ms Conway also wrote that she “may have been the first person” among Mr Trump’s confidantes “who told him that he had come up short this time”.


“Kellyanne Conway never told me that she thought we lost the election. If she had I wouldn’t have dealt with her any longer - she would have been wrong - could go back to her crazy husband,” he wrote, referring to George Conway, the conservative attorney and Trump critic to whom she is still married.

Mr Trump then repeated his oft-told lie that the 2020 election was “rigged” and claimed Democrats “used Covid to cheat and steal”, citing “massive and indisputable” evidence put forth in a recent film by convicted felon and right-wing propagandist Dinesh D’Souza.


Sen. Joni Ernst $3,125,000 in Russian/NRA* money.


* NRA Was 'Foreign Asset' To Russia Ahead of 2016, New Senate Report Reveals

Abbott & Cruz can not look Beto in the eye


Thanx to DUer Novara for posting this powerful image.

OH's Portman, "My Heart goes out to the families of the victims f this horrible tragedy in Uvalde."



I'm dying here ... watching a stream of my grand daughter's preschool graduation and I started

... to think of the kids and teachers in Texas. Fuck the NRA, fuck those bastards for blocking background
checks, and fuck those people who can't read the 2nd amendment.


sorry for all the edits and corrections to this post ... I'm a mess.

NRA Was 'Foreign Asset' To Russia Ahead of 2016, New Senate Report Reveals


The National Rifle Association acted as a "foreign asset" for Russia in the period leading up to the 2016 election, according to a new investigation unveiled Friday by Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore.

Drawing on contemporaneous emails and private interviews, an 18-month probe by the Senate Finance Committee's Democratic staff found that the NRA underwrote political access for Russian nationals Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin more than previously known — even though the two had declared their ties to the Kremlin.

The report, available here, also describes how closely the gun rights group was involved with organizing a 2015 visit by some of its leaders to Moscow.

Then-NRA vice president Pete Brownell, who would later become NRA president, was enticed to visit Russia with the promise of personal business opportunities — and the NRA covered a portion of the trip's costs.

In 2016 the NRA spent almost 1/2 a billion $s of almost all Russian money to install Trump and the many of the
current GOP senators. See The Moscow 8.

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