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Guns kill more teens and kids in America than drugs or cancer, report finds

Firearm-related injuries claimed 4,300 young people’s lives in 2020
Guns now kill more children and teenagers in the United States than car accidents, drug overdoses or cancer, according to new research.

The stunning finding came after researchers analysed decades worth of mortality data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), says the The New England Journal of Medicine.

The study found that gun-related injuries in 2020 claimed 4,300 young people’s lives, which was a jarring 29 per cent jump from the year before - and more than twice as high as the relative increase when compared to the US general population.

They stated that firearm related deaths rising while motor vehicle crash deaths lowered, demonstrates how creating policies for injury prevention can reduce injuries and deaths — and, on the flipside, how a public health problem can be exacerbated in the absence of such attention.

Vehicles keep getting safer and guns keep getting more lethal. It doesn't have to be this way.

For those who say the Genie is out of the bottle and we can't do anything about gunz . . .

This once happened:

Yeah, those are nurses hawking cigs at a patient's bedside.

Just as we can't completely defeat child porn because everybody has an ink jet printer we do a fairly good job of limiting it. The same goes for ghost guns.

A gallows outside the window has a way of concentrating one's thoughts . . .

Just got this in my email in-box . . .

Of interest to me is the 'less than 30 minutes' to learn how to use a deadly weapon and all the laws that apply to it's use not to mention that it's recognized in more than half the states. Also 'Your Name Here'.

Yeah, so much for responsible gun owners.

Are we there yet??? Yes, dear, we are . . .

Gun violence has surpassed motor vehicles crashes as the leading cause of child mortality.
For more than 60 years, car crashes were the number one cause of death for people between the ages of 1 and 24. But since 2017,the top cause has been firearm injuries, according to an analysis of CDC data by Boston-based researchers. “The crossing of these trend lines demonstrates how a concerted approach to injury prevention can reduce injuries and deaths — and, conversely, how a public health problem can be exacerbated in the absence of such attention,” the authors write. “As the progress made in reducing deaths from motor vehicle crashes shows, we don’t have to accept the high rate of firearm-related deaths among U.S. children and adolescents.” Related from The Trace: In January, we reported on CDC data that found gun violence deaths eclipsed 45,000 for the first time in 2020, and that firearm injury was the 13th leading cause of death for all Americans — ahead of fatal car crashes for the fourth straight year.

At last we're here. For decades the gun culture has said that we should 'look over there' at auto deaths instead of gun deaths (and injuries) as if we can't walk and chew gum. Well, that argument is now gone. It isn't just that gun deaths are rising--they are!--but car deaths are falling because cars are more safe every year and guns are, well, guns. There are more than 40 mandated safety features in the passenger compartment of a car yet guns aren't required to have a manual safety to prevent accidental firing. Unless it's a military gun. Who would have thought that the entity charged with tearing things up and killing people would have a higher safety standard than the civilian market?

Not that the technology doesn't exist, the Armatix IP1 was introduced years ago and it surpasses the durability standard of the firearms industry, works in the rain, soaked in oil or blood and can only be fired by the one user. BUT the gunners found a weakness: if an assailant were to wrestle the gun from the user and had a large magnet that he held in his left hand which crossed over the pistol to the right side of the gun it would override the electronic safety, Total failure to the point that the one gun store that carried it got death threats!! Hmm, what is the likelihood of an assailant having a magnet and forcibly taking the gun then placing the magnet in the precise place while under duress and in a physical altercation so he could defeat the electronic safeguards and shoot you? So that's why we can't have nice things . . .

Still only a small group want less gun regulation, about 9% of voters. If you want your voice heard you need a megaphone made of MONEY. You and I can't do it alone. It takes many voices giving few dollars each. [link:https://blog.greatnonprofits.org/9-organizations-making-progress-towards-gun-control/|Talk to these organizations.
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